K: The little angel will become the eighth king, the king of consumption!

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When you think of the letter K, what comes to mind? Just a letter, or a playing card? Neither? Then it must be the same as the little angel, thinking of anime~ a story that tells the story between seven kings.

Although the graphics, special effects, characters, and soundtrack of “K” are excellent, if you look at it for the first time, you will be completely amazed by its gorgeous packaging, and the little angel must mention its blinding CV lineup here, Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama, Mamoru Miyano, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuichi Nakamura, Kenjiro Tsuda, Takahiro Sakurai, Yui Horie, Miyuki Sawagi, Aya Endo… My day w(゚Д゚)w

But the plot was complained about by countless people…

BUT! NO MATTER WHAT OUTSIDERS SAY, THE LITTLE ANGEL JUST LOVES TO WATCH THIS FAN, AND MY KING ZHOU FANGZUN IS THE MOST HANDSOME! (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧ Fuhachi together!! ≡ Ω≡ la la-la, if you dare to spit on me, I will just… I won’t recommend discounted goods to you! It’s painful not to buy, buy, buy! Don’t become me, the subordinate of the king of consumption! (,,• ₃ •,,)

1【K】Dynamic Reading Watch Izonasha Waterproof Watch

The personalized rotating compass display design gives the watch a flexible beauty. The three-layer visual rotating compass design displays hours, minutes and seconds, such a simple style, combined with anime elements, makes the watch look more avant-garde and trendy. And completely meet the life waterproof, Shenma hand washing, rain splash face wash face do not have to worry at all Oh ~ laser engraving pattern, wear-resistant steel belt, high-quality PU leather strap choose at will~ Heart is not moved~ This small item is sold at 50% off!

2【K】High top canvas shoes Student casual flat heeled round toe Korean version sleakboard shoes

Fu Ba, Ye Yi (no matter, the attack is irreversible!) ) and other CP have styles Oh ~ black and white two colors, a variety of styles ~ elegant and comfortable round toe young and fashionable, fit the foot shape so that the force between them is uniform and effectively relieve fatigue ~ white baking paint squint, beautiful anti-rust and wear-resistant ~ using high-definition offset printing process, clear printing, bright color, three-dimensional sense of strong washability and not easy to fade Oh ~ vulcanized rubber sole anti-slip wear-resistant flexible and resistant to folding, well-designed sole pattern strengthens the friction between the sole and the ground, don’t worry about slipping ~ This small item is sold at a five-fold discount ~

3【K】Zhou Fangzun Sword of Damocles Vedra Notebook Notepad

Make every effort to give everyone a notebook that is completely in line with your heart~ Meow( =•ω•= )m The little angel is recommending the notebook of the Flo cat family again~ Anyway, school will start next week, and the cubs who have played for two months will finally learn lahahaha (pia~) notebook thickness pack You are satisfied, you can write down a lot of content Oh ~ Study hard and strive for good results at the end of the semester ~ This small item is sold at 50% off ~

4【K】Scroll pen case Pencil pouch Stationery box

In the new semester, do you want to change the pen bag to a new one? Canvas plus leather reel pen bag, the key is the periphery of K ~ tell the little angel if you are moved~ the size is 25*21*6CM, the usual school supplies can be put in and pulled~ first-class printing technology, absolutely no need to worry about falling off or fading~ plus three yuan can also get a beautiful keychain Oh ~ This small item is sold at a nine-fold discount~

5【K】Zhou Fangzun Sword of Damocles Veda School bag backpack Bag

The notebook has K, the pen bag has K~ How can you do without a school bag, the new backpack in 2016 ~ Whether it is a school trip, you can bring it ~ ordinary model, luminous model can be selected Oh ~ Every main character has it ~ Love who buys who la ~ Made of high-quality Oxford cloth, very strong ~ and large capacity ~ pure color, hot stamping and high-tech ~ This small item is sold at three folds ~

6【K】Wallet Long and short Wallet Wallet Harajuku Gakuen style Personality

The wallet has two styles of length and short~ If you like that one, choose which one you choose~ The details of the wallet are exquisite, and the corner arc is gorgeous~ Exquisite stitching, not easy to open the seam, capable and delicate ~ UV curing printing, high-definition delicate, not easy to fall off ~ Using laser cutting, smooth and does not hurt the hand~ And small body, large capacity~ Ma Ma no longer worries about my private money has no land! (Saying that Ma Ma knows a thousand is still called private money?!) This small item is seven times off~

7【K】Izona Society Necklace King of Silver Sword of Damocles Necklace

The silver necklace produced by Lucky Stone, 925 silver white gold, white zirconium diamond~ There are three types of large, medium and small to choose from~ How many people like gentle Xiaobai ~ want to become a member of his clan, sometimes think about really envy cats and dogs (what are cats and dogs!) Necklaces prone to allergies can also be brought oh ~ there is anti-allergic treatment ~ this small item is nine fold off~



Zhou Fangzun Veda logo 925 silver necklace

“No Blood! No Bone! No Ash! “About the surrounding area, there must be no missing my king Zhou Fangzun~ Veda is the gathering place of Zhou Fangzun and his clan, in fact, it is a bar~ At the same time, the second floor of Veda is also where Zhou Fangzun lives, and the little angel said he wanted to go! 925 silver, platinum plating ~ also hypoallergenic ~ this small item nine-fold la la la~

9【K】 Zhou Fangzun 925 silver pendant necklace

My king Zhou Fangzun has the same necklace~ wear it, you may have the same powerful power~ Have the same warm red as Zun~ Is the spicy warmth of the big summer really good~ The same 925 silver plated white gold, hypoallergenic ~ The circumference of the wax rope is about 72CM, and the pendant can be adjusted at will~ This small item is sold at a ninety percent discount~ _(:3 」∠)_

10【K】Fushimi Ape Hiko Misaki Hatta Chocolate slim keyboard

Fu Ba is simply K’s official partner Yagi has ~ kill and love ~ like this team of CP, do you want to have their surroundings? Keyboard on sale! Super bright printing technology, never fade~ Distribution of anti-bacterial keyboard membrane ~ wireless wired free choice ~ This small item is sold at a nine-fold discount~

Today’s topic: What did Zhou Fangzun’s silence before death say?

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