Rise knowledge! As long as the beer has these words on it, no matter how expensive, it is a low-cost “water beer”

There are two main classification methods of beer, which can be divided into ale beer and lager beer according to the fermentation method, and can be divided into draft beer and cooked beer according to the sterilization method.

China is a big beer consumer, but most people do not really understand beer, but according to the taste of beer is divided into craft beer and water beer, many people do not like the taste of industrial water beer, so do you know how to quickly distinguish craft beer and water beer?

How can you quickly distinguish between craft beer and industrial water beer?

In order to reduce costs and adjust taste, many manufacturers are mainly engaged in the production of industrial water beer, manufacturers will print the recipe on the label of the bottle body in accordance with the regulations, then as long as you look at the ingredients on the label, you can quickly distinguish whether it is industrial water beer or craft beer.

1 The most common is the addition of rice and corn, mainly to replace a part of the wort concentration.

2Replace hops with hop extract, or add hop diluent.

3 Many manufacturers will also add syrup or cornstarch two auxiliary materials to reduce the wort concentration.

As long as the label of beer contains the above ingredients, especially beer with syrup or cornstarch, it is called “water beer” by the craft beer circle, in addition to the wort concentration to distinguish, the higher the concentration, the better the mellow feeling of the beer, which can be roughly divided into three categories.

1. The wort concentration is between 6 and 8 ° P, and the malt aroma is difficult to taste, which belongs to refreshing drinks such as fruit beer.

2. The wort concentration is between 8 and 12 °P, which can bring a moderate malt aroma and belongs to the mainstream public beer.

3. The wort concentration is between 14 and 20 °P, and the strong malt aroma can achieve endless aftertaste, which belongs to expensive craft beer.

However, craft beer is not suitable for the public, and in China’s night market culture, especially when eating hot pot or barbecue in summer, cold water beer that can be drunk is obviously more advantageous. Therefore, in terms of market popularity, industrial water beer is also better.

Craft beer, on the other hand, needs to be drunk slowly, although it has a strong mellow aroma, but it will also be bitter and astringent, and those who like it are willing to eat, and those who don’t like it regard it as “horse urine”.

For beer lovers, craft beer isn’t chosen because it’s delicious. For example, some people like slightly sweet tea, some people like bitter strong tea, mainly depends on personal taste preferences, craft beer is suitable for beer lovers with heavier tastes.

Hops: the soul of beer

The brewing materials for craft beer are: malt, hops, water and yeast.

Malt is the main raw material for beer brewing, so the Japanese call beer ae. Hops can be said to be the soul of craft beer, which can directly affect the taste and aroma of beer, and can also extend the shelf life of beer,

Legend has it that beer originated 6,000 years ago, when the Sumerians of Mesopota brewed beer from barley malt, but hops were not used as an ingredient at that time, so in addition to the absence of hops and foam, the beer at that time had a short shelf life and a surprisingly poor taste.

Around the 4th century AD, beer was introduced to Europe, Europeans began to add ingredients to enrich the types of beer, a monk in Germany used hops for beer brewing, hops have since become the spice of beer, so what is its specific role?

1. The combination of quicurrantone in hops and bubble protein in malt will form a delicate white and long-lasting foam.

2. The polyphenols in hops can precipitate by combining with the protein in the wort, making the beer more pure and transparent.

3. The yellow hop oil in the hop gland is the main flavoring substance of beer.

4. The α-acid of hops will be heterogeneous into iso α-acid during the boiling process at high temperature, which is the main source of bitterness in beer.

5. The resin substance of hops can kill bacteria and inhibit bacteria, and play a role in prolonging the shelf life of beer.

However, hops were not fixed as an ingredient for beer brewing until 1516, when Archduke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria issued the German Beer Purity Act, which stipulated that beer could only be brewed with hops, wheat, yeast and water.

It was also the world’s first food law until it was officially repealed by the European Court of Justice in 1987. But many German breweries still adhere to it as a tradition, so German craft beer is quite famous, such as Kailit stout, which uses Magnumen hops as a spice.

In addition to Magnumen hops, there are also Cathcart hops, century hops and Fagor hops, which are divided into two categories according to the effect of increasing fragrance or bitterness. Magnumen is native to Germany and is a typical bitter flower, so German stout has a strong bitter taste.

The remaining three belong to the fragrant flower category, of which Fagor hops are native to the United Kingdom, and the other two hops are produced in the United States, and 80% of the hop varieties grown in the United States are fragrant, and China’s hops are mainly fragrant flowers imported from the United States.

Craft beer and water beer were invented in the United States

The concept of “craft brewing” was first initiated by the American Brewing Association, and in addition to strict requirements for ingredients, there is also a strange rule that the annual output cannot exceed 1 million tons. What makes people feel funny is that Guinness Rest, a classic Shitao beer, was originally also a craft stout, but was kicked out of the craft brewing circle because of the large increase in production.

By this standard, beer before the Industrial Revolution was craft beer because craft beer production was very low.

So how did industrial water beer come about?

This has to start with the fermentation method of beer.

The earliest beer is fermented at the top, and requires a higher temperature environment, can produce a variety of acyl, lipids, greatly enrich the flavor and taste of beer, people call this beer “ale”.

Later, the Germans discovered that yeast can also ferment at the bottom of the liquid at low temperatures, and this beer is called lager. The most obvious characteristic of lager is its single flavor, but its refreshing taste makes it more popular.

After the human industrial revolution, low-temperature bottom fermentation is no longer a problem, and lager is more suitable for mass production, such as a fermentation tank can easily store 50 tons of beer, and Ayer top fermentation is extremely difficult to reach this level, which also makes the production cost of lager drop sharply, and then brought by Europeans to all parts of the world, including the United States.

In order to dilute the wort concentration and reduce costs, Americans have used a large number of corn or rice to produce lager, plus syrup and other additives to invent industrial lager, that is, the so-called industrial water beer, such as Budweiser, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc., are the big brands that produce industrial lager.

In fact, the refreshing taste of industrial lager is more suitable for most people, especially in our country. Currently, 90% of the world’s beer production belongs to lager. And just when the taste of industrial lager gradually became “dull”, adding a lot of hops, beer with high alcohol and bitterness began to be admired by more and more people.

Especially in the United States, a traditional beer consuming country, beer is simply divided into two categories according to the brewing process: “craft beer” and “water beer”. In the context of the increasingly saturated industrial water beer market, craft beer is being favored by more and more people in Europe and the United States, and even in East Asian countries including China.

So why is craft beer, which is more expensive and more bitter, selling better?

One of the reasons is that some people have a unique taste by nature, and some bizarre foods are not lacking in fans all over the world, such as stinky tofu, canned herring, houttuynia and coriander.

The second is that hops belong to the cannabis family, can emit an aroma similar to cannabis, the stronger the bitterness of craft beer, the more pleasant the smell, and craft beer has more malt, can produce a lot of sugar required by the human body.

Third, humans are the only species that finds pleasure through self-abuse, and neuroscientists at the University of Michigan have given evidence that when people feel uncomfortable, the brain also quietly releases substances similar to opium, which is the same as the brain response when humans are happy.

Finally, to summarize today’s content, whether it is industrial water beer or craft beer, it is actually a nutritional drink that provides energy, and it is also a social drink that allows people to express themselves, so I do not intend to offend you “craft beer gods” or “beer whites”, and only discuss their differences from an objective point of view.

Finally, I remind the audience that although beer is good, don’t be greedy, drink can be pleasant, but drinking too much will not only hurt the body but also make mistakes, especially underage friends, do not drink!

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