The wool roll is not yet burned? New Year’s New Hairstyle Raiders are coming!

If you’re still torn between Xin Zhilei’s short hair and princess cut, you can’t keep up with the fashionable trendsetters. During the Spring Festival holiday, it is inevitable to meet all relatives (cui) Qi (hun) elder (xiang) generation (qin), choose a proper hairstyle that can show your personality can not only leave a good impression on relatives, but also be the beginning of a new year and a new look~ In 2019, when people are still immersed in the 18-year trend hairstyle, a “unique” hairstyle that is both retro and novel suddenly came online, that is, wool rolls.

In recent years, everyone has known this hairstyle back to the hit Korean drama “Cheese Trap” in 2016, in which Kim Gaoyin, who played the female college student Hong Xue, quickly became popular with a dynamic female college student with messy curly hair + tornado curly bangs, but this hairstyle did not set off a wave of imitation sought after by the whole people.

Qi Wei curly hairstyle

However, the derivative of this hairstyle, “wool roll”, also known as “teddy roll” curly style, has sprung up and swept the country in popularity. Wool curls, curly hair small and thick resemble curly wool, from a technical point of view alone, it resembles the middle-aged and elderly curls that aunts love, making the hair of post-80s and post-90s “hair loss girls” look thicker and thicker.

However, this “retro style” wool roll shape is indeed very “Tony & temperament”. If your Tony has excellent aesthetics and excellent technology, then you can easily go out with this ballhead and a twist braid~ short hair is matched with wool rolls, and the age-reducing effect is full of points!

Jing Tian wool curly balls hairstyle

Long hair wool roll + ball head = sweet 100 love spoilt girl

Air roll bangs + wool roll double twist braid = sweet girl!

Choi Shirley wool curly hairstyle

BUT! It is said that this hairstyle really needs Tony’s unique aesthetic and exquisite technology, and it is more necessary for individuals to have a “not old” temperament. If a link is misjudged, it is very likely to burst into tears in the barbershop, watching the “mother roll” enter the field of middle and elderly people and regret not starting out.

Although short hair and wool rolls look more youthful and energetic, they won’t become like this if you don’t pay attention when you wake up…

If Mr. Tony’s skills are not up to scratch or his temperament is not in place, can’t he really make this hairstyle? After all, more hair volume & youth reduction is really attractive! The class representative whispered to you that it was okay, but we needed to make some changes in the details.

First: change the size of the volume, you can try medium or large volume;

Second: Qi bangs or oblique bangs or middle eight figure bangs, dragon whisker roll bangs change according to the face shape;

Third: Choose the hair color according to the skin color, unless the skin is cold white, otherwise choose pure black curly hair!

Yang Mi curly hair styling

Of course, wool rolls are not suitable for everyone’s temperament, it depends on the specific situation of the individual. In addition to wool rolls, the class representatives also brought a variety of different styles and types of hairstyles, so pick which one you like best!

Youth de-age-reduction type

The student party’s hairstyle is not very selectable under the school’s grooming requirements, and how to retain the “beauty” under strict scrutiny is also a problem.

Shen Yue short hair hairstyle

Shen Yue’s short hairstyle with bangs similar to bobo head is pure and cute, full of student girlishness, light bangs do not hide the aura between the girl’s eyebrows, and pin the hair on both sides behind the ear to look more clean.

Shen Yue’s short hairstyle

If your school review isn’t that strict, this cute short to medium hair wave head is also a good choice. If you want to make this hairstyle perfect and make it different from ordinary student wave heads, the key is the thinness and the small sideburns on both sides of the bangs~

The short hair style of girls has been widely loved by everyone in recent years, and many girls with long and flowing hair have reduced their heavy long hair and replaced it with a youthful and refreshing vitality short hairstyle.

IU medium short hair hairstyle

IU’s short hair style has been widely acclaimed, and girls have imitated but always failed to imitate it. The attentive class representative will help you summarize the focus of this hairstyle~

Key points:

(1) Light air bangs

(2) Use the curling iron to create a micro-curl curl on one side

(3) The curly part is slightly divided laterally, visually deepening the sense of layering (showing a small face)

If the last short hair style is quite bookish, this one is completely beautiful girl’s style. The six or four sides of the hair highlight the facial features more prominently, and the use of a straight curling device (pay attention to the straight board) creates a slightly messy curly hair, which is quite sexy in youth!

Mature intellectual

Yang Mi initially led the workplace lob head, for a time all the women in the workplace in the TV series almost appeared in this style, slightly inwardly buttoned side shoulder-length hair not only highlights the sexiness of mature women but also conforms to the professional style of the workplace capable and rigorous.

Yang Mi lob hairstyle

Whether it is watching a show or attending an event, as long as it is slightly transformed, the elegant and strong woman is instantly full of points.

This hairstyle has been hot for many years, and has not disappeared with the fashion trend in the past time, but has stationed in the field of women’s workplace hairstyles with a strong posture. Over the years, this hairstyle has also undergone different styles of deformation.

Kiko Mizuhara lob head

Kiko Mizuhara’s micro-curly messy lob head with a line collar off-the-shoulder dress perfectly combines the two diametrically opposed temperaments of feminine maturity and rebellion~

Long hair big waves can be said to occupy a strong position in the history of hairstyle development, since its appearance, it is still widely loved by women, all because it can perfectly present the elegant, mature and attractive side of women.

In recent years, the “big wave roll” with obvious curl has gradually developed into a more ordinary air wave roll, which is natural and elegant, and visually softer than the previous large wave with obvious curl.

Big waves can create a feeling of “back killing”, but some sister papers say, “Why does my big wavy hair look ordinary?” “Actually! This is related to the individual’s grooming style and hair color. Naturally curling your hair by hand or piling a lock of hair in the palm of your hand when blowing your hair can have the effect of “restyling”, and the curl will be more obvious~ If you dry your hair bluntly, you will definitely be surprised: “Huh? Why isn’t my curly hair so curly! ”

Another key point is hair color! It is well known that curly hair does not work well with black, neither highlighting the effect of curly hair nor highlighting the charm of black hair. Now that light brown and yellow hair dyes are outdated, reddish brown and light black brown are high in the hair coloring festival, and they are versatile and accentuated by daily use! If you don’t want to dye “colored colors”, try light black brown!

Personality girl

The representative hairstyle of the royal sister is ultra-short hair! From the cold royal sister Gu Li in “Small Times” to the real ghostly Guo Caijie, ultra-short hair has always been a sign of her personality.

The appearance of the queen of short hair, Gao Junxi, can be said to have completely brought the wave of ultra-short hair ~

Gao Junxi Mao Xiaotong super short hairstyle

Li Xiaoran Ma Yili short hair hairstyle

Looking at the ultra-short hair styles of these female stars, it is not difficult to find that ultra-short hair – only high appearance can be held. Ultra-short hair tests the three-dimensionality and refinement of the facial features, and is more closely related to the individual’s head shape and face shape, if your facial features are not three-dimensional, and you do not have a small face of slap, it is best not to try this hairstyle ~

Xin Zhilei’s short hair is popular in 2018, but its gradual level is difficult to damage many Tony teachers, and many girls who have the courage to try have suffered.

Xin Zhilei’s short hair actually represents the Japanese style of short to medium hair, whether it is heavy makeup or light smearing, it can always show the innate natural beauty of women.

The jagged bangs and the reduction of very layered hair on the sides are the key to the entire hairstyle, and the gradually shorter layers on the sides can cover the shortcomings of excessive cheekbones and create a girly sense of innocence!

You don’t have to take care of it, just a shot is the perfect hairstyle. Although it is difficult for Mr. Tony, this hairstyle can modify the shortcomings of different face shapes, and the daily versatility is sweet and elegant~ If you are bold enough to trust Mr. Tony, it doesn’t hurt to try it again!

Source: People’s Daily Online

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