A time-saving and labor-saving lazy fashionable scripture, the gold coin necklace makes you become a French chic girl in a second!

How to dress not old and dull in winter is the most asked question in the background messages recently. In addition to matching colors, we can also make a fuss from accessories. When black, white and gray occupy your winter wardrobe, add accessories to make the whole person come alive.

To say that the most rammed item in this year’s accessories, the gold coin necklace said to be TOP2, and others did not dare to say that it was TOP1. From internet celebrities to INS bloggers, which chic girl doesn’t have a few gold coin necklaces at home.

Gold coin necklaces have a magic power, even if you wear ordinary basics, you can make your outfit lively, elegant, and full of vintage and charming details for a second.

In fact, compared with clothes, necklace jewelry is more collocation, how to choose and match gold coin necklaces, perhaps you can refer to the real demonstration of French fashion blogger Jeanne Damas. Whether it’s a deep V floral dress or commuter formal wear, a small gold coin can become the highlight of the entire look.

The slightly neutral style, coupled with the blessing of a gold coin necklace, is much softer, and it can also set off the temperament and look good in a low-key manner.

Pair it with a basic T-shirt that’s simple and chic

The basic underwear that can’t be avoided in autumn and winter has finally found a perfect match with the best CP~ retro gold and simple basic models. It’s not too pompous and more sucking, and it’s very chic with a black and white T-shirt or shirt.

And the gold color is noticeable in black. The gold coin necklace brings out a sense of luxury with an ordinary black underwear.

Pair it with a turtleneck sweater with French elegance

Buy a gold coin necklace and your usage will increase greatly because it can be worn all year round. With a turtleneck sweater, full of French elegance, let you go from spring to winter all year round~

It can also save some slightly old-fashioned turtlenecks, and the vintage-textured gold coin necklace easily breaks the dullness of the match.

Layered with rich layering

Choose several necklaces of different lengths to stack, enrich the layering, visually lengthen the neck line, you can also have a beautiful “swan neck”.

Zodiac sign gold coin necklace

@Windsor Jewelry

The gold coin necklace recommended today comes from Windsor Jewelry in Canada. As a personal jewelry custom brand, every creation of Windsor Jewelry expresses women’s confidence, tenacity and self-charm. Many celebrities have worn his family’s classic gold coin necklace to show their full personal charm.

Inspired by European vintage jewelry, founder and designer Lin embarked on a journey of jewelry design after earning GIA jewelry certification in Windsor, Canada. Mixed with his own travel experience in various countries, the perfect combination of vintage style and modern trends, unique jewelry design details, style retro and modern.

The design concept of the 12 zodiac signs comes from women’s pampering of themselves, each you are a unique self in the universe, explore the trajectory of your own zodiac sign, and embellish daily matching with accessories.

Each necklace shines with confidence and your unparalleled beauty, expressing yourself and showing beautiful testimony.

Silver and gold plated, handmade, each with a unique imprint, unique. The gold coin casting process is more suitable for rich and interesting images than the ancient forging process.

Vintage element patterns are naturally one of the most important elements in the design, and the intricate and detailed patterns are presented on the heavy brass material, which can bring a mysterious and chic atmosphere to your simple outfit.

And this gold coin necklace has many length options, which is more convenient to stack and match, and you can easily wear the fashion look of fashion bloggers when you buy it home.

Windsor Jewelry

European and American vintage zodiac sign gold coin necklace

: Original price: 450 yuan

Surprise value: 330 yuan

Also inspired by the “zodiac signs” is the necklace from EEKE studio’s zodiac signs. Inspired by the “galaxy map”, the image of twelve galaxies is depicted on a round coin using exquisite carving techniques, and the surrounding crystal diamonds are like stars in the vast universe, creating a mysterious fantasy.

925 silver gold plated material, hand-worn metallic luster, not as bright as gold but with a touch of vintage taste. This color does not pick the skin tone, but makes it more pale.

EEKE draws on design inspiration from around the world, so each accessory has a unique minimalist aesthetic that can be easily matched for your daily commute or weekend date.

EEKE studio

925 silver gold-plated zodiac sign necklace

: Original price: 359 yuan

Surprise value: 251 yuan

French little prince head necklace

@Le Petit Prince

The famous Little Prince Jewelry is a jewelry brand licensed by the original French Le Petit Prince Joaillerie. Each product is engraved with the Le Petit Prince logo. This time, we were very impressed with a considerable discount. After discounting, it drops by 100 yuan, which is a price that will definitely not be bought elsewhere~

The material is S925 silver plated electroplated 18K gold, the chain length is 46 cm, and the pendant diameter is 16 mm, which is slightly smaller than a coin and looks more delicate.

This little prince’s head is a rotating necklace with the little prince’s head and English logo engraved on it, which simply outlines the melancholy image of the little prince.

There is also a red enamel style on the outer ring, a richer design, and the enamel part is inlaid with a circle of gold beads, which is also more in line with the theme of exploring the mysteries of the universe in the story of the Little Prince, retro and exquisite without losing the story.

Friends who have been healed by the story of the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, must not miss this little prince avatar necklace. Not only for the fashion of matching, but also for the ritual of a good life.

Le Petit Prince

Little Prince avatar necklace

Price: 628 yuan

Little Prince enamel head spin necklace

: Original price: 968 yuan

Surprise value: 871 yuan

The Coin collection Woolf avatar gold coin necklace

@OOAK x Yvonne Ching

OOAK Home’s The Coin collection is inspired by the two sides of the coin, and the multifaceted nature of modern women in urban life: softness, toughness, humor, intelligence. The work pays homage to the writer Virginia Woolf, whose quote “I am rooted, but I flow” and her head are minted on coins, bringing calm, strength, and eclectic attitude to the wearer.

Presented in the form of gold coins, the piece contains the small luck of “My Lucky Coin”, which is not only a double lucky talisman for urban women’s soul and wealth, but also has a decorative nature of daily versatility.

Many girls have never worn gold coins, and they think it’s not easy to match, but it’s not. Here are some recommended scenes where you can wear lucky coins, so that you can easily complete the styling of Effortless Chic.

The Woolf head necklace is intricately embossed with inlaid zircon. Comes with an extension chain design that allows you to freely adjust the length of the necklace.

The simple design can cope with both commuting and daily outings. Wear it alone to add detail to your look, and layer it with other necklaces for a more stylish look.

Original price: 790 yuan

Current price: 671 yuan

Original price: 890 yuan

Current price: 756 yuan

Original price: 690 yuan

Current price: 586 yuan

Accessories are fashionable that can be owned without spending a lot of money, the same shape of the same clothes, changing accessories The whole style will be much more advanced. Order a gold coin necklace now, and the next second you are a French chic girl~

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Le Petit Prince

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