What kind of home textile is a good home textile?

Generally speaking, good home textiles are particularly particular about the fabrics. Not only do you use high -density all -cotton materials, but also use high -quality filling materials. In this way, the overall to the details is the use of high -end home textile products. Raw materials. It can be seen that high -quality blended fibers or chemical fiber fabrics that high -end products do not use low -end products will not be used. This is not enough.

1. From the perspective of environmental design

Home textile products are used in the living environment, which is a prominent point in the overall and harmonious environment. It is necessary to consider the coordination with the room environment and the particularity of the room function. Pay attention to the unity of local decoration and overall style of the home environment.

In addition, using different fabrics will produce different effects. The cotton and linen cloth is rough and warm, the printed cloth is natural, the satin is rich and gorgeous, and the velvet is elegant and solemn.

The texture of rough texture is warm, and the texture is smooth. The different visual effects of the texture are different, and the anger created is different. You can choose according to your pursuit and interesting choice during decoration.

2. From a healthy perspective

Studies have shown that 1/3 of human life is sleeping, and the human body can be fully resting during sleep, which largely solves the degree of human health. We advocate health and environmental protection of home supplies, develop cotton and linen products, chrysanthemum pillows, buckwheat pillows, latex pillows, shoulder -care pillows and other health products.

3. From the perspective of purchasing use

If gifts should be dependent on the object of gifts, those who send newlyweds must be festive. We provide exquisite gifts to pack out the value of gifts.

4. From the product’s quality perspective


When buying home textiles, you must first check the quality of the fabric. The quality of the fabric first lies in the thickness and density of its yarn. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the cotton quality is required, the softering the feel, the more shiny, and the higher the requirements of the production hours. Products can show noble and extraordinary, luxurious and elegant.


Filling is an important part of the sanitary guarantee of home textiles and warmth, breathability, and durability.

The four -hole and seven fibers adopted are white, good warmth, strong breathability, high compression and high elasticity, soft feel, and after combing the shape, the product is flat, the cotton is uniform, the thickness is full, and the four corners are full.

Wool, down and cotton, no impurities, no odor;

The mixed inferior chemical fiber adopted by the pseudo -inferior products, or the general Qinglun cotton, is uneven, not soft, poorly fluffy, and poor breathability.

Processing process

In terms of equipment: The more advanced the equipment is, the more sophisticated the product process is made.

Line traces: Exquisite, flat, and needleless eyes of regular manufacturers’ styles, while pseudo -inferior products have long wired traces, obvious needles, and uneven lines.

Flower type: When choosing the bedding, pay attention to the integrity and consistency of the pattern; if there is a flower type symmetrical on the left and right sides of the seams, the face and the pattern of the face are not upside down.

Slim: The pattern is evenly neat; the trajectory should be smooth without wrinkles.

Choosing home textiles is also a science. How to choose a good home textile is important. What kind of home textiles introduced today are good home textiles? A small part of knowledge, more knowledge about choosing home textiles, home textile knowledge, home textile information and other home textiles. You can pay attention to the understanding of the Wanmeng Family Textile City WeChat (HNWMJFC)!

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