Lily flowers!

Teaching objectives

1. Understand Lily Flower Encyclopedia;

2. Learn the method of making three -dimensional lily flowers;

3. Learn beautiful color matching;

4. Learn the black and white line painting of butterflies.

Educational Tools

White cardboard, gouache pigment, color cardboard, scissors, solid rubber sticks, marks, black hook pens, thin -headed watercolor pens, glass paper.

Observation and discussion

Has the children seen lily flowers? Lily flowers are very beautiful. They are called “Yunshang Fairy”. They have very elegant and pure appearance. Since ancient times, they have deep blessings, representing a century -old good. There is also a symbol of auspiciousness in my country, and in Western countries, it is solemn, loyal, and pure. It will also be different due to the different specific meaning of the color. Do children know what color of lily flowers? Red, white, pink, yellow, and yellow … Act against the green branches and leaves, it looks more chic and elegant.

In today’s course, we use very interesting ways to express lily flowers, use simple manual handmade to make lily flower, so that lily flower becomes three -dimensional in the picture, making our creative process more interesting. Let’s learn together ~

Creative step

1. First of all, we use the wrinkled glass paper to dip the favorite flour pigments to bloom on the background on the white cardboard.

2. What color of lilies do students want to make? We choose the corresponding card paper color to cut out the shape of the lily flower petals with scissors and paste the front end.

3. As shown in the figure, we will stick the tail part. The three -dimensional lily petals are made. After that, we used thin -headed watercolor pens to portray the lines on the petals, so that our lily flower was more delicate and rich in details.

4. Add the stamen part to make the lily flower more complete.

5. We observe the form of its leaves and use Mark pen to perform painting performance.

6. Add a beautiful black and white line to describe butterflies to make our picture more colorful.

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