Shan Ling launched ME700 five units ring iron HIFI headphones: marble panel design, mobile phones can be pushed

IT House September 2 News This afternoon, Shan Ling announced the ME700 five -unit iron HIFI headphones, using imported PU composite foil foil vibration film, Lou’s double -moving iron+customized double -moving iron five units, the price has not been announced yet announcedEssence

Official introduction:

Imported PU composite foil film vibration membrane dynamic rings+Lou’s double -dynamic iron+customized double -moving iron;

Integrating the unique style of the new gentleman’s new gentleman for 31 years of convergence of the mountain spirit, the sound is magnificent and the warm and mellow;

3D printing cavity+marble panel design to make the headset wear comfortable and good texture;

The sensitivity is as high as 106 db ± 3 dB, the frequency sound range can reach 20 ~ 4000 Hz, the headset impedance is only 18Ω, and the mobile phone can be easily pushed;

The standard of 2.5mm 6N Vanlong silver foil wire balance wire is equipped with 3.5mm single -end+ 4.4 mm balanced rotor;

The newly upgraded expansion MMCX pins can reach 4 times the life span;

Single ear net weight 16.6 g.

The official has not announced the release time, but the price will be surprised.

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