A bride in Hunan, the “domineering” sitting posture at the wedding banquet scene, netizens: sitting without sitting

No rules, no standards.

Especially in some important occasions, people should pay attention to their image appropriately.

Although young people now pay attention to their personality and self -procurement, they will distinguish the occasions, especially when they are married.

A pair of strange men and women finally decided to get married after being familiar.

It is a big deal for the two parties and the families behind the two.

A bride in Hunan, a domineering sitting posture at the wedding banquet, was spitting.

When one of the children wanted to hug the bride, the bride twisted her face aside.

It is not difficult to see the number of friends and relatives at the wedding scene through the video.

The young bride wore a red wedding dress and thought about it.

At this time, a child wearing a pink sweater was walking happily.

Obviously, the children are very familiar with the bride, otherwise they will not come up and give the bride a big hug.

The bride immediately twisted her face, and the friends around her just took the camera to take this picture.

Some netizens think that the bride does not understand politeness, and some netizens think that the bride is indecent.

In fact, there are more or less wrongdoing brides.

For marriage, people must know.

Especially on the day of marriage.

The bride is also good for the groom, to participate in all kinds of tedious weddings.

Some girls are usually not used to wearing high -heeled shoes, but they have to put on the wedding ceremony to put on it difficultly.

Those who pass through high heels should understand that walking for a long time to walk on high heels, it is easy to have back pain and leg pain.

And at the wedding ceremony, we must also congratulate each other’s relatives and friends from both men and women.

From the beginning to the end of a wedding, people are often too tired to find North.

So whether it is a groom or a bride, I have to rest for a while.

Because there are different wedding customs in different regions.

Wedding in some areas has been in the morning until midnight.

Therefore, the bride’s back leaning against a chair to relax, it is true.

As for the bride’s fierceness to the children, she is even more picked in the egg.

Most brides will have hairstyles the night before the marriage, and the bride will also draw strong makeup.

After all, marriage is an important thing for everyone in a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to dress up and leave a good impression.

The child suddenly ran over and wanted to hug the bride.

It is very likely that the makeup on the bride’s face.

The wedding ceremony has not ended, and makeup can be missed halfway, and some parts of the wedding ceremony may be missed.

So the bride twisted her head in time, which was helpless.

Men are married, and women are married.

In real life, most people will have such experiences. Only after experienced can we understand the mood of being a bride or a bride.

May wish to see a little more, don’t take a microscope to see.

In this world, where is there any perfect gentleman, and where is a perfect girl?

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