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With the increasing demand of the times, the application of industrial Ethernet has gradually increased. Everyone has heard of the Ethernet. But everyone may not know about the details of the Ethernet. In order to deepen your understanding of the Ethernet, this article will outline the industrial Ethernet networking equipment. If you are interested in industry Ethernet, please continue to read.

Due to the high requirements of the industrial environment on the reliability of industrial control networks, the redundant function of the industrial Ethernet has emerged. From rapidly generating tree redundancy (RSTP), ring redundant (MW-Ring) to Trunking, they all have their own different advantages and characteristics, and control engineers can choose according to their own requirements. In order to better help everyone understand and learn the characteristics of the industry Ethernet redundancy technology, let’s first review the following development process of Ethernet equipment.


I believe most people are familiar with hub. Many people use this simple device to connect various Ethernet devices, such as personal computers, programmable controllers, etc. The hub receives a message from one port and broadcasts the message to all other ports. For each message from any port, the hub passes it to each port. In terms of message transmission, the hub is slow and efficient, and message conflicts may occur. However, the hub is very simple to use -it is actually plugged and played. There are no flowers or redundancy in the hub.

Non -management industrial switch

The development of the hub spawned a device called a non -management industrial switch. It can implement the routing function from one port to another, which is smarter than the hub. Non -management industrial switches can automatically detect the network speed of each network device. In addition, it also has a function called “MAC address table”, which can identify and remember the devices on the network. In other words, if Port 2 receives messages with a specific identification code, the industrial exchange opportunity will send all messages with the specific identification code to port 2. This intelligence avoids the conflict of news and improves the transmission performance, which has greatly improved more than the hub. However, non -management industrial switches cannot achieve any form of communication detection and redundant configuration.

Management industrial switch

The next generation of Ethernet connecting equipment is a management industrial switch. Compared with hub and non -network management industrial switches, the functions of network management industrial switches are becoming more and more complicated, and the price is much higher -usually 3 to 4 times that of non -network management industrial switches. Management industrial switch provides more functions, which can usually be fully configured through network -based interfaces. It can automatically interact with network devices, and users can also manually configure the network speed and traffic control of each port. Some old devices may not be able to use automatic interactive functions, so manual configuration is essential.

Most management industrial switches usually provide some advanced functions, such as SNMP (simple network management protocols) for remote monitoring and configuration, port mapping for diagnosis, VLAN (LAN) for grouping devices, priority priority Grade functions ensure priority information passing. Using the hosting industrial switch can build a redundant network. Using ring topology, management industrial switches can form a ring -shaped network. Each management industrial switch can automatically determine the optimal transmission path and backup path, and automatically block the backup path when the priority path is interrupted. Advanced management -based redundant industrial switches provide some special functions, especially the redundant system that strictly require stability and security. The main ways of establishing a redundant network are: STP, RSTP; ring mesh redundant MW-Ring; trunk redundant Trunking. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Three -story industrial Ethernet switch

In 2000, the concept of the three -layer industrial switch came out. It is designed for IP networks, and the interface type is simple. It can work on the third floor of the OSI protocol, replace or partially complete the traditional router, and at the same time has the speed of near the second layer of exchange. Exchange. The main purpose of the three -layer industrial switch is to accelerate the data exchange inside the large local area network. The routing function is also for this purpose, and it can be reposted multiple times. The three -layer industrial switch on the regularity of the data packet forwarding is implemented by high -speed hardware, and functions such as routing information update, routing table maintenance, routing computing, and routing determination are implemented by software. Three -layer exchange technology is the second layer of exchange technology+three -layer reposting technology. Traditional exchange technology is operated on the second layer of the OSI network standard model -the data link layer, and the three -layer exchange technology is the third layer in the network model to achieve the high -speed forwarding of the data packet. You can also achieve excellent network performance according to different network conditions.

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