The size of the domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment market has exceeded 20 billion, and the high -end market needs to be tapped


Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis

】 The pharmaceutical equipment industry belongs to the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry. According to the different downstream application scenarios, it can be divided into material and pharmaceutical machinery equipment, preparation machinery, medicinal crushing machinery, drinking machinery, pharmaceutical water equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, medicinal testing equipment and other other Pharmaceutical equipment, etc. From the perspective of the market’s main equipment share, my country’s pharmaceutical equipment market is mainly based on pharmaceutical packaging machinery equipment, with a market proportion of 55.70%. This article mainly analyzes the development status and future development trends of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment industry.

Industry development potential

Drugs are special products related to human health and safety, and packaging is not only an important manifestation of the appearance of the product, but also can better ensure the integrity of internal products. Therefore, drug packaging is of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry has continuously won new opportunities. At the same time, with the increasing competition in the pharmaceutical market, the problem of packaging of drugs is becoming more and more valued. Especially under the trend of prescription outflow, the attractiveness of drug packaging to customers further affects their consumption choices, so it is once again mentioned by relevant companies to an important position. In this context, the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment industry has ushered in rapid development, and the market size is expected to grow.

The industry predicts that by 2021, the size of my country’s pharmaceutical equipment will reach about 40 billion yuan. Based on this, the market size of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery equipment will be about 22.28 billion yuan.

Judging from the current development of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry, like the entire pharmaceutical equipment industry, the industry shows fierce market competition, mainly SMEs, and the competition pattern is still scattered. But this also means that the domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment industry has great development potential.

In addition, in the middle and low -end fields, some domestic drug packaging machinery and equipment still have low production efficiency, low stability, and relatively low component standardization.

High -end

The field lacks products comparable to imported equipment, so domestic drug packaging machinery equipment also has room for rising development.

Future trends

On the one hand, the domestic replacement process will accelerate. The imported drug packaging machine

The pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment market has always occupied the main market share, and in order to ensure the accuracy and stability of the production line, major domestic pharmaceutical companies often choose high prices

Imported machinery.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic drug packaging industry, and the continuous catch -up of local medicine packaging machinery companies, R & D investment has continued to increase, its research and development strength and innovation level have continued to improve, and the technical level has also begun to develop from imitation towards independent innovation. And the product category is continuously enriched, and the gap between imported equipment is gradually reduced. In the future, it is expected to gain the market’s favor with the advantages of high cost performance and convenience of maintenance.

The field has gradually replaced imports to tap more development space.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the development trend of the industry, with the implementation of the new regulations such as the new version of the drug management law, the requirements of pharmaceutical companies are becoming stricter. In order to improve the quality and safety of drugs, intelligent packaging will become future pharmaceutical packaging design. Very important development trend. In fact, “Made in China 2025” has also indicated the direction of automation and intelligent transformation and upgrading for pharmaceutical equipment. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery equipment is an important part of pharmaceutical equipment, and it also needs to be upgraded in the direction of automation and intelligence.

The application of intelligent technology will “empower” the innovation of drug packaging machinery and equipment. It is reported that after some pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers provide a complete solution for pharmaceutical companies with pharmaceutical packaging equipment, it has greatly improved the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduced the cost, which increases the production efficiency of each fast -packed machine by 100%, reduced energy consumption to reduce energy consumption. After 50%, the energy cost was reduced by 15%, the cost of personnel decreased by 50%, and the downtime decreased by 20%.


With the increasingly severe competitive environment of the pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical packaging will play a very important role in the sales and quality and safety of corporate products. At present, my country’s pharmaceutical packaging industry has developed rapidly, but there are still some gaps compared to the level of developed countries. In this context, my country’s pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment industry still needs to continue to work hard to develop in a more intelligent and informatized direction to help improve the level of drug packaging in my country, thereby improving the competitive strength of my country’s pharmaceutical products in the international market.

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High -end

High -end

High -end

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