Guangyuan custom wedding suit, how to choose fabrics in summer customized suit (recommended in summer for marriage)

The most important thing at the wedding is the sense of ritual

,even if


The heat still cannot be blocked

The groom put on handsome


Whether it is marriage or work,


custom made

The most important thing in a suit is



Essence When customized

How to choose the fabric,



Teach you to customize these three, let you be comfortable to pass summer


Recommended light fabrics,

When customized fabrics

I have to mention the weight of the fabric. Kezhong is one of the most important evidence to measure the light and thin fabric.

Each fabric will be marked with heavy fabrics per square meter, so that customers can clearly see the performance of the fabric when choosing.

Relatively speaking,


In the formal suit fabric,

Such as a wedding banquet,

Wool fabrics are the most in line with our needs, with light grams and strong breathability.

If you position your suit

It is pursuing comfort, what you value is

Leisure fashion, then you can choose more breathable and comfortable bubble yarn and linen. The surface of the bubble yarn fabric has uneven small bubbles. After special treatment, it is thin and not personal. Its breathability is very strong.

Bubble gauze suit

Linny suit

The linen fabric is specially woven, which is one of the best of all fabrics in terms of breathability, but because it has a very poor anti -wrinkle ability,


Suitable for customized casual suit.

There is also an important point,

Is the color of a suit,

As well as well,

The darker the color, the easier it is to absorb heat, so you choose to choose

In color, we are mainly as light -colored. Light -colored suit is not only a visual coolness, but also like a spring breeze on the body.

I have to say that the innovation of suits can always bring us new surprises. From the format for the form, to the casual suit, the style of the suit is constantly changing, and the customized appearance also meets the needs of different people on the suit.




In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about custom fabric women, hope it can help you.