Why is GAC Honda Honda’s SUV worth choosing?

I believe that in recent years, SUVs are still the first choice for everyone to buy, and in the SUV market, it is the best -selling compact SUV. Therefore, many manufacturers have paid attention to this cake. The latest technical achievements. In the past, GAC Honda only had Guandao and Binzhi supporting the domestic hot SUV market. Compared with other brands, the number of products was not enough. However, with the bringing of Hao Ying, it has brought tremendous changes to GAC Honda, because the product performance of Haoying’s vehicle has better understand the needs of domestic consumers, and it is expected to open up a new world for GAC Honda in the market segment.

Success starts at the face value

No matter how powerful a car is, consumers will not look at you without a good appearance. GAC Honda Haoying made a lot of effort in appearance value. The design language comes from the urban Ruiya design language, and the body wheel gallery is portrayed through simple and sharp lines. Haoying’s front face design is similar to the tenth -generation Accord. The large chrome trim combined with the sharp LED headlights on both sides shows a strong three -dimensional and layered visual effect.

The design of the side of the body focuses on the wheels. It has three types of wheels, which are 17 -inch, 18 inches and 19 inches. The corresponding tire flat ratio is also different, which are 65, 60, and 55. In the tire size and brand choice, Haoying is very generous and practical. It does not choose thinner tires in order to show personality, but puts safety and comfort first. In addition, Michelin’s tire is more expensive than Youko tire tires.

Everything on the side to the tail of the body is very natural, and the tail pursues the horizontal three -dimensional design perception, such as a relatively flat taillight shape. In general, although there is no publicity at the tail of the tail, the perception is also good -looking.

Magic Night Edition: the strongest weapon of Haoying’s face value

After reading the appearance, should I mention the interior?特 别 别 also has a special version of the series, named Magic Night Edition. In the domestic joint venture SUV market, especially the compact SUV level, it can be launched by the special version of the series. The Magic Night Edition uses a blackened design method, which is specifically manifested in the blackened chrome front grille trim of the front of the car and the headlights on both sides are used. More three -dimensional, especially after litting, form a bright light and shadow effect with the blackened decorative parts, which can highlight the name of “Hao Ying” in its own model.

The Magic Night Edition not only has a visual breakthrough in appearance, but also has obvious differences with other models in the interior. Compared with other models, texture becomes more prominent.

Interior: The simple center console highlights the practicality

Hao Ying’s appearance has a surprising side, but its overall personality is not Zhang Yang, and the elegant and stable performance can please more consumers. In the interior part, the overall design style gives people a familiar feeling, and everything is humanized as the primary purpose. The place where the center console can touch is based on a large area of ​​soft sorch plastic, and it is equipped with a sewing design. At the same time, in the same position, the motto is brushed on the phantom night version. Not bad.

Configuration: Like humanities and security

Hao Ying’s appearance and interior show hard power, but consumers’ attention to the configuration of the car is no less than the two hard indicators mentioned earlier. Especially today’s young consumers, they have a new height on multimedia configuration requirements. In addition, as the domestic road environment is complicated today, the basic safety configurations in the past can not meet the current car needs. Hao Ying has a corresponding highlight configuration in these two aspects, such as Honda Connect 2.0 and Honda Sensing security systems.

The Honda Connect 2.0 system is the first time of Honda. This is not limited to the country for the first time. It can be seen that Honda’s emphasis on Hao Ying is high. The UI design and high -resolution of the multimedia system are familiar with users, and the smoothness of the touch screen operation has improved. The new system is only more powerful in terms of function, such as car navigation is smarter, and supports online payment parking fees. The biggest progress is that the system is equipped with the intelligent voice system of HKUST Xunfei. With the online use of Cool Music and Himalayan APP, listening to songs can basically be completed with navigation.

Honda’s models basically do not support the CarPlay function. It is a pity for Apple mobile users. However, Haoying finally supports this function. As long as the USB line is through the USB line, these two functions can be connected.

Hao Ying’s high -tech security system is HONDA Sensing, which includes an ACC active cruise control system (with LSF low -speed follow -up function), CMBS collision relief braking system (with FCW collision early warning function), LKAS lane maintaining assistance system, RDM lane partial partial partial partial The migration system (with the LDW lane deviation reminder function), the TSR traffic identification intelligent identification system, the gasoline version is equipped with all models from luxury models, fuel versions, and magic night series. Therefore high. In addition, high -profile models have MVC 360 ° panoramic image system, CTM rear vision reminder system, PA automatic parking assistance system, PSS parking radar system (front 4 and 4 types 8 probes), and LWC blind spot display system.

Space: plenty of and flexible design

Judging from the size of Haoying’s body, it has a certain advantage over most opponents of the same level, but sometimes the body does not mean that the space must be good, nor does it mean that it is comfortable to sit in the car. Haoying handles these details in these details. I got a lot of effort to go up. First of all, the front -row seat design of the car focuses on wrapping on both sides, and the feeling of sitting down is soft. In addition, the rear seats support two levels of adjustments. Both tilted angles can provide good physical support. In addition, the length of the cushion is lengthened.

Honda’s excavation ability in the car has always been a benchmark in the industry. Therefore, Honda’s space for Haoying is equally good, and the horizontal and vertical spaces in the front and rear rows are very generous. Experiencers with a height of 1 meter 77 can get sufficient space experience in the front and back row.

Power: Two sets of power meet different driving needs

Haoying’s fuel version is also equipped with a combination of 1.5T turbocharged engine+CVT gearbox. The maximum power of the engine is 142kW/5600rpm, and the peak torque is 243N · m/2000-5000rpm. Equipped, the comprehensive fuel consumption of this power system in Haoying is 6.4L/100km.

Hao Ying’s CVT-free gearbox should have “G-Design Shift” control technology, adopts a high-strength transmission belt, has a wider gear ratio, while reducing friction on the basis of lightweight and compactness, improving the transmission efficiency While increasing fuel economy, it achieves a more sensitive response speed.

In terms of chassis, Hao Ying is equipped with a front McPherson -style independent suspension, and the rear multi -link is suspended independently. At the same time, it has an amplitude response vibration reduction system. According to different road conditions, it can control the hydraulic pressure through the opening and closing of the auxiliary valve to achieve a variable shock absorption effect. The use of suspended auxiliary frame design has a positive role in steering stability. In addition, the noble version of the Haoying gasoline version and the fantasy night version are equipped with a four -wheel drive system, which mainly acts to improve the performance of snow, which is very helpful for northern users.

Hao Ying’s performance in NVH gave most consumers a good surprise. First of all, Michelin’s tires were used to reduce tire noise. Secondly, Hao Ying is not equipped with double -layer glass and ANC active noise reduction, but it is no longer relying on these configurations to improve itself, but to work hard in NVH design and sound insulation materials. In actual experience, tire noise and wind noise are all both tire noise and wind noise. With obvious changes.

Hao Yingrui hybrid is equipped with the third-generation I-MMD hybrid system, Hao Yingrui hybrid, is also a 2.0L Atkinson engine with an E-CVT gearbox. At the same time The shift rod should be advanced.

The hybrid models are not just low fuel consumption and energy saving cards, but more importantly, the improvement of driving texture. First of all, the vehicle starts because the engine is not involved, and the noise when starting and idling is missing. The third-generation I-MMD hybrid system does not directly drive the wheel but provides electric motors when accelerating. The noise of elevation. It is precisely because Honda adopted this dual motor layout that Honda’s hybrid models have a better experience in accelerating.

Summary of the full text:

Hao Ying took a lot of surprises to the hottest joint venture SUV market in China. The overall performance can meet everyone’s requirements and expectations. At present, Haoying Rui Hybrid has reached the Special Stores of GAC Honda at the end of this month. Friends can go to the special understanding in person. Essence For consumers, there is no suspense for choosing Haoying, but there are still some doubts about future car use. However, these doubts are not a problem. GAC Honda enjoyed the dual -standard warranty policy of “three years or 100,000 kilometers” and the power battery “ten years or 200,000 kilometers”. And the quality of workmanship, this shadow is a trusted partner for you. (Figure/text/photo: Pacific Automobile Network Pan Honghan)

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