How to choose a woman after 30 years of “anti -aging” essence oil? Women who know skin care only repurchase these models

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It is said that 30 years old is a watershed, so the topic of 30 years of age is no longer just white and brightened, and more is how to fight aging.

In fact, the topic of anti -aging has also shared several issues. Anti -aging is not only the basic protection of sun protection, but also some skin care products with anti -aging effects.

It has always been a hot topic with oil raising before, but as the weather gradually gets hot and the oil use of oil fades away, it seems that everyone has begun to relax. And everyone is also afraid that the oil will make the face more greasy and stuffy. In fact, oil is better absorbed by our skin than water, because the proportion of water and oil of our skin is 2: 8, and the skin of oil is better.

So how do we choose the right anti -aging essential oil in summer? Especially a 30 -year -old woman please move a small bench, take notes, and look down together. ▼

1. Afu Afu 11 Seed Essence Oil

They are very professional for their essence oil, and this essence is also very secure.

11 The ingredients of Seed Essence Oil are all natural,

Contains 11 kinds of natural seeds

, Rich ingredients, while anti -aging, can also repair and stabilize the skin.

Comprehensive anti -aging tightness

Essence The ingredients are still quite conscience, and also reduce the risk of allergens

, Mild and not exciting


Although this essential oil is oil, it is very liquid and moisturized. The texture is very clear, there is no stickiness of oil, and the permeability is strong, which is easy to absorb.

Light skin feel and refreshing

, The moisturizing effect is also good,

Dry skin, mixed dry, and sensitive muscles can be used with peace of mind.

It will not feel greasy in summer.

The way their essential oils are quite interesting. Press the switch on the lid when using. The opening method is quite different from the conventional dropper design. And it feels tender after using it, and it also contains European orange seeds,

It has a certain brightening effect and can drive away the dullness on the face.

2. Outeli grape seed essence oil

The main grape seed oil, lavender oil, rose vegetable oil, sweet almond oil and carrot oil have antioxidant, moisturizing and calm, and antioxidant is also part of anti -aging.

This essential oil is quite refreshing, but the taste is not particularly good. There is a Chinese medicine flavor of grass.

The taste may not be accepted by many people

Essence But the sense of use and effect is quite good,

The upper face will not be greasy, you will absorb it if you massage it

, But if you want to be lazy, drip it in cream and lotion.

It focuses on anti -oxidation, anti -aging, turbidity, the effect is still significant, the ingredients are mild, and

Anti -inflammatory and moisturizing, also very friendly for acne muscles

Essence After use, it will feel dull and gone,

The skin tone is a lot uniform, and the skin of the whole person is translucent.

3. Clarins Shi Lanhua oil

This essential oil will really repurchase unlimitedly, super suitable for large dry skin, and their homeowners can use pregnant women, so they are quite relieved to use.

Orchid oil is the main thing

Powerful hydration, efficient moisturizing

For people with dry skin or extremely water -deficient and dull skin, it can improve the moisture and softness of the skin, and to make the skin tender.

Prevent the formation of dry lines and fine lines

Essence As well as it

VE containing antioxidant

, Moist the skin and saturate.


Good liquidity and very thin and thin

On the face

No oily

, Gently press on the face when the palm is covered,

Absorb soon

It’s right. A series of skin care will not feel greasy, but

Face is very moisturizing

It is not easy to make makeup during the day.

4. Delite SA anti -wrinkle essence oil

SA anti -wrinkle essence oil uses the third -generation A alcohol technology, biocoup and hyaluronic acid of Johnson & Johnson to match A. Most of the products containing A alcohol on our market will be more exciting, but this

Relatively mild

It is still very suitable as an entry -level A alcohol essential oil.

As soon as the taste is heard, it is known that they are A -alcoholic products, and the taste is very light.

The texture of the essence oil is very thin

Like water, the absorption speed is fast,

Relaxed on the face and comfortable

Essence It can bring instant moisturizing to the skin. It is best to match the moisturizing cream when using dry skin, and the skin will not be too dry.

After using this essence for a while

Fine lines and wrinkles are obviously diluted

, Reduce signs of aging. It is also effective for dark spots, and

The face feels a lot smoother

The skin will not always dry. However, after all, it is a alcohol essential oil, and there will be a little red and fever but not peeling. This is also normal.

How does a 30 -year -old woman choose anti -aging essence oil? The above essence oil is the first choice for skin care women. After use, they will repurchase them. The sisters will choose according to their skin quality.

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