Recently, the “People’s Daily” newspaper issued the question “Galanz accelerates the pace – high-quality service to expand the international market”, introduced the Guangdong Galanz Group from Foshan Shunde to actively responding to the “all the way” initiative, promoted independent Brand international experience, triggered attention.

“In order not to be influenced by the intermediate link, ensure on time delivery, we have shipped 3,000 independent brand microwave furnaces to Europe, and finally won the local market word of mouth.” On the 14th, Liang Zhaoxian, president of Galanz Group, said in an interview with the Nanji reporter. This year is the key year of Galanz Internationalization and Thickness. He also revealed Granz several critical stories in the “going out” process, and it hooks the road map of the company’s globalization.

“One Belt All the Road”, the national layout over 20 years

Recently, at the 5th China Home Appliance Electronics (Latin America) brand exhibition and the first Argentine International Consumer Electronics Show, Galanz full series of smart products is widely popular, Latin American branders, agents and retailers have come to discuss cooperation, let Chinese brands are in the international market.

Galan Shi Electric has entered the Latin American market for more than 20 years. In the past few years, in recent years, in recent years, Galanz accelerate cooperation with participation in national and regional companies, and promotes the internationalization of independent brands. .

“The Latin American market focuses on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc.

Talking about the layout of Galanz in the “One Belt” and cannot be expanded in the Pakistan market.

Galanz began exporting products from 2005 to the country, the previous period is the microwave, and then increased air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker and other products. After continuous efforts, Galanz air conditioners are exported to the country’s up to 150,000 sets / year, many shopping malls, shops, restaurants, families, and the office use Galan Shi air conditioning, microwave ovens enter thousands of families and restaurants. The Galanz brand is welcomed by the Pakistani people.

Since 2008, in addition to microwave, Galan’s air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.

“As a representative of the Chinese enterprise, due to years of precipitation, Galanz from a single microwave oven, to the full product coverage of the international market in all – round needs.” Liang Zhaoxian told reporters that in promoting independent brands, the “One Belt” market process In the middle, it is targeted to promote localized operations.

Win the international market reputation with air transportation on time

Galan is a thickness of the world’s brand, thanks to its continued deep growth of overseas markets. Among them, European and American developed countries with high competition are also launched their own brands at Galanz.

“The first rout that ‘walking goes” is exported from an alternate to the independent brand. “In order to establish cooperation with international mainstream retailers, the company sent some foreign trade supervisors to take the initiative, but repeatedly eaten closed doors. As a corporate, Liang Zhaoxian led the team to take the initiative to reduce the posture, even if it is 30. At the beginning of the year, we will visit our customers, and ultimately work hard to move our customers.

The most important Liang Zhaoxian is impressive and is an experience of using aircraft “air transport” products.

Once, because the supplier’s supporting problem, the original plan should be delivered to the 3,000 microwave ovens to France to pay for 5 days. At that time, Liang Zhaoxian was on a business trip, and received the phone after the phone from Europe. After the phone was interrupted, all “air transport” to ensure that the product was fully delivered to ensure on time delivery. You must know that each microwave 13 kg, the cost of transporting is the price of 5 units.

“I dare to dare to commit dare to fulfill the spirit of Shunde, and integrity is Galanz to the world business principle.” Liang Zhaoxian said that in the process of enterprise production, it is inevitable that there will be various uncertain factors, but foreign trade is not Allows the trust and statement, you need to perform with the highest standard. Galanz wants to completely resolve some uncertain factors and actively take the initiative to take risks.

Although this “air transport” made the company a big price, Galanz also spread a very good reputation in the European industry, won the high recognition of major European mainstream retail.

It is also the effort of countless similar stories, Galanz from the rental, acquisition of the regional brand, and gradually through the local mainstream retail channel to promote independent brands, the localized brand combined with geochemical business team, let Galanz brand products break the barrier, with The local mainstream culture, the consumption concept is integrated.

In recent years, Galanchun new boutique home appliances frequently appeared in the international authority show, independent brand refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc., the shelves of the world’s most mainstream retail platform. At the same time, Galanz accelerates the construction of overseas local warehousing, logistics and distribution system, comprehensive expansion of strategic cooperation with foreign main retailers, such as MEDIA MARKT, SATURN, METRO, ALDI South, Kaufland, French Heroes, Fillony and other important retail channels are achieved. Direct supply.

Global talent English has become internal office language

“Only getting the air, you can get popular.” In Liang Zhaoxian, the internationalization of talents, the genius strategy, is a big magic of Galanz to the world.


In the past two years, Galanz is more than 100 in the first-class R & D, marketing and manufacturing management talents introduced by Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea have exceeded 100. At the same time, in Germany, Japan, the United States and other European and American developed countries to establish R & D centers to enhance the development and application level of scientific and technologies in front of home appliances.

“By establishing R & D centers in different countries, we can study their usage habits and standards for different users, in order to be involved in internationalization.” Liang Zhaoxian told reporters that Galanz increased its investment in the R & D center of foreign countries, and established in local countries. Localized team, finally is the product out. Thereby forming China R & D, manufacturing + overseas research and development + global marketing multinational industry chain layout.

With the pace of walking, the internal international management atmosphere is currently increasingly strong.

Liang Zhaoxian told reporters that from this year, the company has initiated Mandarin and English at the same time, and all documents will have two versions of Chinese and English. When the cadres in the open space, more and more people speak English, Korean, Japanese, and Italian, and must be equipped with simultaneous interpretation. “Our goal is to let these experts from all over the world and talents quickly integrate into the company, integrating this hot soil in Shunde.”


As a result from the development of Shunde to the global, the soil Shunde people Liang Zhaoxian are quite a deep complex. He frankly, no matter where the globalization is developing, it will always be based in Shunde.

Last year, Galanz was in Shunde, only more than 500 million yuan in investment only on the main core technology. “It turned out that I mentioned 350 million yuan when I was interviewed, but I was not careful to vote for 150 million yuan. Because Galanz has always insisted that it is best to do, it is best to do, technology leads a step.” Liang Zhaoxian said that the reason why Galanz has to increase the international strategy, that is, through the continuous investment of Shunde R & D headquarters, the main core technology will be held in his own hands.

[Reporter] Luo Zhanxian

[Photography] Dai Jiaxin


[Author] Luo Zhanxian

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South + Client Foshan Economist