New product release | Razer Fengshen X e -sports chair

Razer iskur x

Razer Fengshen X gaming chair

Excellent game comfort

If a stable game performance comes from stable support

So hurry up

Razer Fengshen X

The comfort that brings occupies an advantage

Conquer the ergonomic design

Create an excellent game experience

From the unique outline and the sides of the chair surface

Tilt design

Completely adjustable back -to -back tilt and seat height

Help you keep

Healthy sitting

Let you enjoy the comfort even if you play games for a long time

Multi -layer artificial leather

The outer material is not only


And than standard PU leather


As well as

more durable

Over time

Not easy to peel off

High -density foam seat cushion

This kind of seat cushion has a better one


Can support your unique body shape well

To ensure that your weight exerts the right pressure on the seat

Excellent design that takes you to the battlefield



Chair body, armrests and chair feet

weight capacity

136 kg

(299 pounds)

Very suitable for gamers with 1.7 to 1 meter tall

The front edge of the chair surface is still adopted

Tilt design


Better package


Best comfort

2D armrest

You can adjust the height, but also rotate inward or outward

Let you always ensure that your arms are kept natural and relaxed when you are in the game

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Now released

Suggested retail price:

2999 yuan

Razer iskur x

Razer Fengshen X gaming chair

Razer Fengshen X

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