The first impression of “National Goddess” Gao Yuanyuan has always been gentle and elegant, showing femininity, but this time she has changed the style of the street and wears it.

Khaki color work style suit

The appearance, the heroic posture is so simple and generous, it looks cool and handsome. Today, let’s unlock the goddess Gao Yuanyuan’s fashion look. It will definitely benefit you. Let’s take a look.

Khaki color and autumn

Autumn is here. If you have no direction for color selection, you may wish to try khaki items. It is really a perfect match with autumn. Its biggest advantage is that it is versatile, calm, and durable. The color of the trial, it is not only white, but also injects a bit of warm texture for you, so that Xiaos’s autumn is more temperature.

The work style is quite cool and neutral beauty

“Working style” is loved by women. It is different from feminine skirts. Instead, it has a cool and stylish neutral charm. It is an artifact for concave shape. Its style is very obvious. The shape is smooth, leaving a certain sense of space, so the tolerance of the body is very tolerant, and it is almost a style that will not make mistakes.

Special wear method to create lazy beauty


Don’t think that the khaki solid color set looks monotonous and dull. In fact, the simpler the more advanced. We can cleverly integrate into some special wear methods to break the thickness. If you pull up the cuffs, you can show your slender small arm. Lines, combined with rolling pants legs, can also inject a few capable aura for you. It looks simple and atmospheric, and easily create laziness.

Use bags to improve visual focus

Gao Yuanyuan chose to stuff the shirt’s clothes into his waist, which can play a role in clearing the waistline and outline the small waist. If you are not tall enough, you can try Gao Yuanyuan’s way of dressing and embellish yourself for yourself. A cross -body bag can improve everyone’s visual focus to a certain extent, thereby playing a significant role.


The reason why Gao Yuanyuan can be the goddess of everyone is not without reason. The beauty is not in the skin, and the beautiful skin is the same, but the elegant and dignified temperament can be available. Let’s take a look at her other styles. Essence

Gao Yuanyuan’s other wearing looks:


NO.1: Out -shoulder dress


Female stars will highlight her good figure through some exposed skin design, and


Offensive tailoring

It is the most conservative one of many exposed skin designs. It will only reveal your fair shoulders and exquisite collarbone, which highlights

Boneless beauty

, But it will not feel tacky, so Gao Yuanyuan likes to show the beauty of women through it.


Design and suspender design and sling

Combined together, you can show your round shoulders and let your fair skin be manifested. In addition, it will inject a little cute and playful girly atmosphere for you.

Super age reduction

It will not give people suspicion of deliberate tenderness.

NO.2: Pure color dress


As the saying goes, the simpler, the more advanced, the popular items often make people feel a little dazzling and unable to find the key points. This is difficult to wear a sense of fashion, and it is blindly accumulated on your body. One


Pure color dress

It is simple and atmospheric, and it is enough to find the color that suits you best.

Gao Yuanyuan likes some dark tone colors that are more skinny, like


Ink green, dark red

, They are all injected with a little dark tone, which will not be too difficult to control, nor will it feel old -fashioned.

NO.3: V -neck cut cutting dress

Mature women always use some details to show their femininity, such as


V -neck cut tailor dress

It is the heart of many mature women, because it is very practical, V -shaped will play a shape

Modify the face shape

The role of your face will look more sharp visually, so it is the gospel of big face and small round face. If you choose a deep V -neck design,

It will also show your career line to highlight the ultimate femininity.

NO.4: Use leather clothes to play handsome


If everyone is just out of the daily grocery shape, then you can match yourself in the cold autumn

Black leather jacket

It has a natural luster that will inject some heroic and cool temperament for you. If you choose a short version, then it will also play

Improve the role of the waistline

This will extend the visual effect, which makes you look taller and very friendly to the little man.

Really elegant women can easily control many different styles. If you appreciate Gao Yuanyuan in front of the screen, you must find the most suitable style for you, so as to wear the style that suits you best. Intersection

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