The eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is the most god position in the five senses. This is a special fire on the Internet, and the overall feeling of the eye is dramatic.


This is a comparison of the eye makeup effect in Taiwan. It seems that the eyes are completely 3 times, immediately let the whole person spirit up ~


The eyes are simply drawn on the eyeliner, slightly sticking some double eyelids, and the overall temperament has risen a level …

A few days ago, we did a collection of activities about “contrast photos after not painting the eye makeup and the eye makeup”, and the small compass selected 22 girls shoes. Let’s take a look at their eye makeup before and after. Amazing change!


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Instantly point the beauty of the eye, deep stereo European double eyelid, and then equipped with curled flying small fan eyelashes, so that the Eye of ordinary Tutong has become great and God, the entire face has become three-dimensional Like. Is it the impulse of the eye makeup of these netizens? !




Eye shadow

Enlarge the best eye makeup, everyone will think of the gradient of the earth, usually we are used to the horizontal gradient eye shadow, from above, down, and the color is getting down. I want to zoom in to zoom in, you should try it.

The longitudinal grading is three parts from the eye – the tail area, by light to deep eye makeup.


The judges of the eye shadow lies in being arranged in the shadow of the color, with the colors (most deepest) close to the end of the eye, bright colors in the eye, and the center of the eyelids is with eye makeup.


▼ These eye shadows is very easy to use ▼


Make Up for EVER artist eye shadow three-color eye shadow

Eye endogenic 140RMB eye shadow empty box: 40RMB

New generation [Artist Eye Shadow] series of 109 colors, whether natural naked tones, saturated colors, each color is impeccable, and emotionally. The gel powder texture, delicate and soft, easy to mix, color color is uniform, but has a long-lasting color makeup, ready to create matte, silk satin, metal, starlight and drilling 5 big makeup.

Estee Lanhua

7g / rmb 520

High intensity color outline, makeup lasts all day. Charming color highlights – highlights, brightening, shaping, outline profile – highlights of highlights, highlights the pigment, pearls and three-dimensional color crystal balls, making makeup feelings more stereo, full. The texture and thin powder particles are more delicate, silky. It is likely to use various colors to sway ideas – choose different colors combinations, and the thick makeup is light and easy.


Pui Ling, big, touching, double color eye shadow



Exquisite two-color matching, special air cushion eye shadow, step by step to create natural sense of eyes.

Yuxi big eye skill box


Delicate skin-friendly formula, detailed care of the eye, the powder is smooth, delicate, not dried, no floating powder, no card, color gorgeous, 10 hours of holding makeup does not fall. The three new color matching is specialized for Chinese women: micro-light nude, classic big earth color and graceful purple three new color, help to create a deep and deep eyes, smart thinking, excrete the unique personality.


Lange two-color stereo eye shadow

2G / RMB195


From smoky makeup to daily eye makeup – the unique diagonal cutting technique of Lange is presented with art gradient in combination with a focus color and foundation. Contains aloe vera ingredients to appease the sensitive skin, which shows beautiful colors for the skin moisturizing. The slenderness of the non-fly powder, the portable thickness, and the sound is shining anytime, anywhere.

Eye line enlargement


It is a wise way to make your eyes becomes bigger. The eyeliner can adjust the eye!


Transition the eyeliner to the top of the pupil, and the eyeliner above the vertical, which will make the eye make larger.

If you like to pull the eyeliner at your eyes, it is recommended not to exceed your eyebrows.

▼ These eyeliner is very easy to use ▼

Charm, casual eyeliner


Soapy and soft texture brings a forming make-up experience, outline the precise profile. The rich and profound color helps you create an unparalleled maximum makeup, and the lasting waterproof formula makes your holding makeup.

Phytophthed village show new like a glue


235RMB / 0.8G

The reflex is more refined, the diameter is changed from 2mm to 1.5mm, and it is easy to brick out the perfect and accurate lines to fill the roots of the eyelashes. In addition, the hard wax content of the high melting point in the eyeliner formula is lower, so the eyeliner is more delicate and soft, and it is more smoothly and complete eyeliner, which is a newbie.


Iope Jiamei Qingqing Dizzy Enthranket Fine Brush


0.5g / rmb170


Flexible gel of gel eye pen, no dairy, lines and long lasting.  Contains vitamin E ingredients, gentle without stimulation; long-lasting dinner, perfect fit, combined with soft gel texture, pen feel soft, novices can easily interpret bright lines; tail end self-binding brush head, one Design, perfect shape, various lines & eye makeup

Sylvan waterproof plastic eyeliner


A waterproof eye pen, colorful, bright colors can create different makeup according to the preferences, give your eyes more dull eyeliner. Special formulations, effective waterproof, moisture, and anti-halo.



First, use the mascara of the fiber, so that the eyelashes are fully nourished and repaired. Use a thick mascara, in a zwriting method, from the bottom up, 2-3 seconds, each position is paused, and the eyelashes become thick.

Pull the end of the end of the brush, gently brush down the front of the brush, so that the end eyelashes are more harmonious. Then, the end of the eyelashes are carefully modified.


The lower eyelash is also the key. Use mascara to brush from the side side to the other side. The z-shaped brush method is then enhanced.


In this way, the eyes become big and God!


▼ These mascara is very easy to use ▼


Mary Daijia Black Flow Sugi Mascara


The eyelashes grafting technology, the fiber can be quickly grafted with the grafting solution, and the layered package is extended. It brings a different grafting experience. The more the eyelashes are more and more brush, the more brush, and easily brush out the false eyelashes.

Skinfood mineral hyperkalachy

RMB130 / 8G

Rolling and anti-diction can be both! Don’t break, make the eyelash to the strong roll of the Hands Up; not easily removed from oil.

Bourjois wonderful Paris spin eye mascara black gold luxury version


RMB149 / 8ML

Gently, bring a long and thick double effect, give you advance glamor.

Mei Bao Lotus New York Eye Youth Bloom Mascara

RMB109 / 7ML


US Bao Lotus New York special novice brush head, the most brush, easy makeup, no skill, 0 gap grab the multi-layer eyelashes, put the black fiber paste, seamlessly with the eyelashes, the eyelashes are thick and thin, bloom.

YSL Saint Rollelvere Demonstration Black Water Mascara

New product is not priced

With a rich tone, incredible large capacity, the ultimate long effect does not videody out of the perfect form of each eyelash. Unique paste formula, innovative brush head, better with a paste, easy to create a thick gezzle, gently brush, eyelash instant is stunning, bringing you a super smooth use experience.

HR Herona Rotation to Mascara

RMB 360 / 7.2ml

Original 360 degrees to the hierarchy brush head, XXL is super abundant and thick make-up, waving, and building an eye. The active repair component hydrolytic protein (Ceramide), 4 weeks, the eyelashes, more eyelash, 12 weeks, the eyelashes are gradually thick, and the natural health is present.

Eye is the ultimate cheats

The marker of aging is also the first starting from the eyes, and the eye must use a special care product to restore younger eyes.

▼ These eye care is very easy to use ▼

SHISEIDO Shiseido Red Macarnia Visit

RMB550 / 15ML

Let your eye skin more firmer, bright, soft, flexible, improve your eye bags, fine lines, skin tones, dark circles, etc., and improve the effect of the eye cream being used in your hands. Philips Eye Wengleng BSC301


Breakthrough Optimode ice warmer, ice rejg / temperature relaxation / massage turbid, three modes are more effective, easy to fight five eyes, let you show the charm of the eye.


Armani Black Key Star Repair Eye Cream


An eye contour cream, exquisite pearl light, can illuminate the region, showing an amazing effect. Applying on the warm skin, instantly turning into a light, excited vitality, and the skin exhibits soft quality.