In the hot summer, how to choose a suit that suits you and fashionable is a topic that many people care about. After all, the trousers are different from the top. Once the thunder is not good, it is easy to expose the shortcomings of various leg shapes. This kind of pants are also afraid of avoiding it.

Conversely, if the trousers are right, in addition to practical high -level, they can also easily avoid their strengths. If you have no clue for the time being, then let’s take a look at the 4 favorite of Korean beauty. It is versatile and practical. It is so elegant and fashionable in summer. I hope to help your beauty change plan!

1. High -waist jeans

Among all pants, jeans are definitely the most classic and practical and difficult -to -date versatile artifacts, and as a member of the age -free item, the scope of the jeans is also very wide. Essence


In addition, there are many pants types used in jeans, such as straight tube, wide legs, cone, cigarette pipes, tights or flared pants, which can basically meet the needs of most women. Muscle legs can be selected for jeans that are suitable for you.

If it is a pear -shaped figure with a high crotch, it is recommended to use high -waisted straight nine -point jeans, wide -leg jeans or high -waisted flared jeans.

Due to the practical and age -reducing age, jeans are also sampled in the choice of tops. If you want to wear more elegant and intellectual, it is recommended to use white shirts and jeans.

If you like elegant and fashionable and playful Korean style, you may wish to try with a variety of short tops with jeans, such as bubble sleeve short tops, short shoulders short tops, or small floral sling. The sweet girl is full.

Second, high waist wide leg pants

If the jeans are mainly aging and fashionable, then high -waisted wide -leg pants are synonymous with free and comfortable.

The loose pants type combined with the hanging material, making high waist wide -leg pants a practical model that everyone can control. In addition to the large degree of tolerance of the figure, the breathability and comfort of wide -leg pants are also very strong. Essence

It is used to match the hollow top, short top or T -shirt, which is fashionable and free.

Of course, the biggest advantage of wide -leg pants is to be able to stretch the proportion of the legs in the whole body. It is matched with short tops in summer, or integrated wide -leg pants to easily create the effect of short up and down, showing the high legs of the high legs, showing the high legs of the legs, and the tall legs. long.

TIPS; For girls with slender figure, it is also recommended to choose mop wide -leg pants. The effect of showing legs is better. If it is a small man, in order to avoid procrastination, normal pants are long or nine -point.


Third, high waist bud pants

In summer, if you want to use pants to create long legs, how can you miss bud pants?

The main feature of the bud pants is that the waist is designed with buds. Once you can further raise and emphasize the position of the waistline, help the wearer highlight the small waist, and create a long leg.

Compared with conventional pants, the bud pants can also add highlights to the shape and add an elegant tone.


However, when using bud pants to create a summer look, it is recommended that everyone choose khaki, olive green, military green or other soft colors. Compared with dark black, this style is much familiar.


TIPS: When wearing a bud pants, it is best to choose a short and slim style when wearing a bud pants, so that the top of the shirt is tied into the waist of the trousers without causing a sense of burden.

Four, high waist shorts

When it comes to elegance and fashion, how can you not improve waist shorts?


Like high -waist A -shaped shorts and high -waisted denim shorts, the Korean blogger has a high rate of appearance.

As a common skin dew item in summer, high -waisted shorts can also play a role in modifying the thighs and stretching leg length on the basis of raising the waistline position.


It is used to match the hollow top, knitted short tops, bubble sleeve short tops or sweet vests, which can often create a playful and fashionable Korean style without effort.

But don’t forget to put your jacket into high -waisted shorts to further extend your legs.


For pear -shaped girls with outstanding crops, high -waisted A -shaped shorts can also modify thighs and crotch on the basis of improving the coolness, and also satisfy women’s pursuit of wild and practical.

The above is the four kinds of pants wearing this time. If you do n’t know which pants to pick, but you want to enhance your sense of fashion and create long legs, then you may wish to get from these four four kinds of pants. Choose it!

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