This spring, Mushroom -like tents grow everywhere in Haikou

Spring in Hainan is particularly short, and it is particularly cherished. What’s more, in this unreachable year affected by the epidemic, many people helplessly lose one of the beautiful spring in their lives. Then, in the days after unblocking, it is the wish of most Haikou people to grasp the tail of spring. If you can’t go out with the whole family, you can’t find the feeling of being unblocked.

Camping seems to have become a must -have project for Haikou this spring. Prior to this, tents were often the patent of donkey friends. A donkey friend could start from the basic single -person account and upgraded to thousands of dollars of Huba and Snow Mountain. But everything is different at the beginning of this spring. Whether it is the green grass, under the shade of the Green Garden, or on the coastline of 136 kilometers, it is like a forest after a heavy rain.

Mushroom -like tents grow everywhere in Haikou


About a few people, put on the table, put snacks, put on the sky or top accounts, whether you live in a small single room in the village in the city, you can still see the large mansion of the sea, you can instantly show that it is more advanced than living in a villa. Forced. If you add a Caspat, cook tea or coffee on hissing next to him, and put a little mobile speaker a little blue. At that time, all the troubles were left from you. If the epidemic does not exist, the mortgage does not exist. … are you,

Suddenly discovered another real self



, I opened a meal with a few friends on the west coast of Haikou, meals

The biggest highlight is the tent by the beach

Essence In the evening, the cool brother and beautiful girl who came from the city or the old city became the brightest star here. Drinking beer, eating barbecue, chatting, and fireworks. Below the tent, how Hi it is hi is too much.

It is said that the guests after the epidemic increased by 50 % compared to the previous. Young people like them

The open -air environment, good air quality, freedom to do whatever you want

Essence As long as you sit here, you will find the feeling of outdoor. At present, the store offers a series of camping equipment rental services such as tents to racks, hand grinding coffee machines, etc.

Every weekend is almost full

Essence And the scheduled quantity rises steadily,

Gathering, group building

Pass the order one after another, become

Industry that quickly recovers after the epidemic


Different from the “asceticism” that often bear weight or trek for dozens of miles to the mountains,

Suburban short -distance travel

More welcomed by the mass market.

Light tents are also convenient for installation because of convenience, so that more and more ordinary people are welcomed.

Essence The colorful tent is equipped with a wild luxury experience, and a few photos with a filter, often

There is a low -key luxury in the Jiugongge of the circle of friends, so that your friends can’t wait to come and go away.

You can’t see that your tent is the cheapest one bought in Decathlon shop.


Since participating in camping activities three years ago, it is out of control.

The weekend must be spent outdoors

Essence But there is another habit on normal working days,

You must go to a tent under the bridge at night to sleep well

Essence A Dong said he was sleeping in the tent and cured his habit of insomnia after staying up late for many years. He said that he was very lazy before. He was too lazy to get out of the rest day and was too lazy to get up. The king hit a day, and the takeaway was eaten in bed. Okay now. He can go out and go to bed with a tent outside. He can go to bed. Any is not scolding him to get married. He thought he was dating with his girlfriend outside.

Have a friend

Sister Yan

Patients with severe outdoor dependence are either outdoors or on the way outdoors. There are seven tents in size, and the outdoor equipment is complete. Even if you stay at home, you have to put on your own outdoor table, cook tea with your own outdoor Kasp, and use your home for a long time to boil the teapot and throw it in the corner. I asked Sister Yan, why do you like camping so much? Sister Yan thought about it, and told me seriously: it was a feeling, the relaxation of the physical and mental was not brought to her.

As long as you are in the wild, even if it’s just a melon seeds, the fragrant is better than the home.

Hainan may be the most suitable place in the country, none

Essence Changxu has no winter, suitable for outdoor activities throughout the year;

Rivers, Hubo, wetlands, hills, and unparalleled coastlines all over the island are all unique geographical advantages of our island.


The era of the epidemic

There are reasons for tents or tent camps. On the one hand, the epidemic continues, so that the activities of cinema, script killing, and secret room escapes are basically stagnant, and young people need new activity hotspots to release; on the other hand,

The repeated epidemic has made many people return to the family more time, attach importance to family affection, guide emotions, and the demand for regulating body and mind is increasing

Essence There is also camping and leisure as a carrier. It is suitable for young and old, unlimited age, unlimited time, can be used by the fish pond, under the banyan tree, and the lawn anytime, anywhere. It is not important to eat what to play, as long as the family is together.

Of course, we also see that the quality of people still needs to be improved in camping in Hainan. Last weekend, Beumun, nearly 300 cars came here to camping. When most people left in the evening, the various garbage left was shocking! All kinds of non -recyclable objects float on the south crossing the river, which is disgusting.

We suggest that at least every camper must

Bringing the part of the garbage generated by your circle back to the city is the most basic common sense as a campers

Essence and

Can’t just be convenient, throw in nature in nature

Although Hainan is beautiful, the ecological environment is also fragile. It is also hoped that the management department will quickly introduce regulations on the planning and management of camping layout, so that Hainan’s starring camping place is benign expansion and development.

In short,

The epidemic has brought a lot of changes and many opportunities. How to seize opportunities is a question that Hainan tourism industry and leaders need to think about

Essence After the epidemic, self -driving camps, RV camps, tent camps, etc., not only meet the liquidity needs, but also meet the independent space, but also meet the personalized pursuit. out.

Hainan people swim in Hainan, there is nothing better than tents.

Essence It is expected that the relevant departments will discover the trend business opportunities, cultivate hotspots, and add necessary advocacy and support, improve supporting management and services related to camps of leisure and holiday tourism, and create a new growth point for free trade port tourism.

Can the camp culture be better integrated with the beautiful rural tours across Hainan? Casual camping, wild luxury tents and other niche tourism projects have many outbreaks and flowers on all sides. Will it make a new format that is happy? It is worthy of continuous attention.

Author: Azi

Source: WeChat Public Account of Free Trade Port






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