Helping yourself to create a good proportion, a pair of long legs visible to the naked eye, one of the important part is the wear of shoes. A pair of correct shoes, often the effect of the upper leg is higher than the actual, this is to use the high visual effect of the shoes. What shoes are high in autumn and winter? Of course it is the boots!

As soon as autumn and winter, all kinds of boots were moved out by fashionistas, all kinds of combinations, various effects of creating skinny legs, everyone was immersed in this mode of dressing. Boots are really a rare high single shoes, but don’t think that it can play at will. The boots are actually very particular. Even if the tall man can control it at will, for the little man, you must seek the right one. the best.


How tall you are, you determine how high you can wear your boots. It is not suitable for your boots height. Wearing your legs can only make your effect errors, and you cannot achieve the so -called fashion sense. For small people below 158cm, in terms of choosing boots, you must pay attention to a few points. Looking at your height to choose your boots, you can create a sense of foreign spirit.

Different heights are suitable for boots of different heights, and have different ways to wear, especially small girls. Hurry up and see what kind of boots are suitable for you. If you choose the right, you will not have a wrong wear.


1. Summary of boots of different heights


Short boots

It is divided into two types: Martin boots and Chelsea boots. The former is strapless design with a neutral style and handsome; the latter is simple in shape, versatile of attributes, and style.


Middle Knight Boots


It happens to be below the knee. It is difficult for girls with thicker calf, and the calf lines are excellent, or tall girls, wearing this boots is very windy.

Knee boot


The length is above the knee, which can cover one third of the thighs. It is extremely thin with pants. It is the benefits of girls with thick thighs. This boot is very proportioned, and it is suitable for height.


Second, how to wear boots at different heights? ——The needs for different people and proportions

The first point: the difference between height


① Middle -height (height> 160cm)

Girls of middle and high men have a relatively large advantage in all aspects of appearance, and the choice of boots is also relatively wide. Except for the disadvantages of different people, you can basically control all kinds of high boots.

② Small man (height <158cm)


The small body of the small man is relatively petite. Choosing the boots should avoid the height of the middle tube between the short boots and the boots. This awkward length directly wraps the calf of the small man. Essence

Second point: proportion difference

Five -five points


It belongs to the ratio of the upper and lower body, but there is no obvious sense of line.

Three -seven points


It belongs to a short and long body, which is close to perfection in the proportion, and is a hanger.

Six or four points

It belongs to a short and short body, and the problem of short legs is very serious. Wrong wear is fatal.

Third, boots and thunder areas and correction

Lei Area 1: Small with mid -boots

The petite man, with the middle boots that wrapped the calf position, lowered the tall man directly, and it seemed that the whole person was even more compact, like a “dwarf”, and it was easy to be buried because of this.

Recommended correction: and ankle short boots

The small man with the ankle and the short boots of the ankle reveals most of the area of ​​the calf and will not be covered by the boots. Short boots can also play a role in raising proportions. With nine -point pants, it has a high function. It is the sense of vision of long -legged beauty.


Lighting Area 2: Pants leg accumulation of serious accumulation


Many people choose to match the pants with boots too wide, or the fabric is too wrinkled, causing the effect of the boots to put on the effect of the boots. All of them are piled up in the parts of the pants legs and boots.

Recommended correction:

① Pants type slimming

Choose a version of slim -fit pants to put on the boots to achieve a more fit effect, reduce the sense of messy accumulation, and make people feel more comfortable as a whole. Street feeling.

② The trouser legs just reached the boots

It is best not to accumulate weight with the top of the boots. If you match the short boots, the best position of the trouser legs can just reach the top of the boots, leaving a part of the space. Essence

Thunder Area 3: Short boots wrapped tight trousers

With pants with short boots, it is best not to put it into the shoes completely. This method of wearing directly creates a short effect, because the package is too dense, and there is no certain transition part, but the whole leg will not breathe.


Recommended correction: proper skin exposure, paired with cropped pants

A small cut skin at the ankle, the choice of pants with a length of nine points can not be appropriate. The appropriate way to expose skin can play a role in amplifying and stretching, borrowing magical visual effects, and making the lines of the legs smoother.


Fourth, unlocking all kinds of boots is high -minded

◆ Shooting area:

拉 Paired with socks and stretching


Short boots+socks are fashionable and highly used high -routing to wear the world. The stack of socks is equivalent to the extended effect of ankle and alert boots. Against the lining of the socks, it can also enrich the whole. sense.

腿 Paired with nine -point trousers legs slender

The combination of nine -point pants is also a combination of “not falling” in the short boots. It just leaves a position with vacancies in the ankle, but it has an extremely stretching proportion in the sight. Pants are better.

When the pants are too long, you can also use the method of holding the trousers to make the effect of nine points. Instead, it has a little Korean style and a lot of foreign flavor.


◆ Middle boots area:


短 With short skirts/shorts, the legs are long upside down

The boots and short clothes of the middle and long tube are “the combination of heaven”. It shows most of the skin of the lower body. Try to hide the lower dress, and the center of gravity has also been successfully transferred to the position of a pair of legs. This combination of boots is a icing on the cake for tall men, and for the small man, it is a strange effect.

纤 Put your leg trousers slim and straight


When you do not expose your skin, your legs should be guaranteed as much as possible with the boots to play the role of boots. When putting on the pants of the legs, you need to choose a version of the slim -fitting style to wear it, put the fitted pants directly into the boots, and pull the body shape without pressure.

Boots must be necessary for making winter minds. Fashionable wear must not only rely on clothing matching, but also rely on the extra effect of shoes to create better results. Girls of different heights, refer to different directions, choose a pair of boots that are suitable for you to spend winter!