Sisters, I found that Pinduoduo has a treasure nail shop. The shop name is nail witch. The average price is 15 to 30 yuan. Seriously, I really go to the nail shop to do a few hundred yuan at a time, and I will hurt my nails. It will hurt my nails. The nails will be damaged too seriously for a long time. The money for doing a nail is enough to change a few styles, take it when you go out, you can remove it when you go home, it will not affect your daily life at all.

I entered the love butterfly model of their family, and the color of the hand was slightly lighter than the store map. It was not cheap at all.


The photos can’t be taken, but it really looks good. What bicycles do you need this price? It is particularly short like me, and it looks good to post this! Intersection Intersection

I also entered the French butterfly model of their family. The price was 23.88RMB, which was super beautiful and long. I have a short hand, so I prefer long nails, you can find your favorite style to customize

French butterfly

Then show you how to customize


After the measurement of the nails, you can contact the customer service to customize


I am not a drag, I am not a drag, I am not a drag, I just feel good -looking so I share it

In the end, the sisters must look at the viewing and bad reviews when they buy things. We dare not say that it is not brushing. The shop I bought is really a bad review! Intersection Rest assured