In recent years, there have been more and more women’s workplace dramas.

Girls are becoming more and more influential in the professional field. Film and television works no longer fell in love with the female lead into silly white and sweet.

Try to restore the real “workers”.


Without Mary Su, there is no life, the heroines in the play are every you and me, nor of them.

Of course, each workplace drama is indispensable to discuss the wear,


The reality of the plot is also reflected in the shape of the heroine.

No CBD elite taste,

Easy to do without losing the formal sense.


We follow Zhou Yutong’s ideological ideas in the play,

Talk about how to wear the light workplace style.

Scene 1: casual or not

If your company does not ask for dressing, but because of the consciousness of the migrant worker, if you want to look so casual, then you can understand the method of improving the “dry practice” in the workplace.

The first principle -emphasizes wearing lines.

What is the sense of line? The difference between Zhou Yutong’s home and work in the play is perfect contrast.

Lazy and lax, lazy and lack of lines without lines, are easy to give people a sense of not professional in the workplace.

The second principle -color is not eye -catching.

The heroine is smarter in color choice, the color is lively but not eye -catching.

High saturation may be good on other occasions, but it is not stable enough at work,

The low -saturation color with a slightly gray tone is more suitable for the workplace.


On this basis

Combination formal sensor+casual item


You can wear the feeling of “casual and not casual”.

Look1: suit+T -shirt

Suit is synonymous with line sense,

The wide -shoulder version helps to improve the women’s aura, and put on a T -shirt to make the whole look more casual.

in addition,

The light design of the hidden mystery pulls the fashionableness

At the same time, it was justified.

For example, this front is flat and unique, with colorful black suit on the back.

In the same way, compared to the color of Zhang Yang,

Details design and special tailoring are more suitable for secretly poking show clothes.

With a suit support scene,


Do not emphasize the formal sense of the next installation.

With straight jeans and tough fabrics, as long as it is not loose.

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Look2: shirt+T -shirt/high -neck base

No matter what shirt, it will look serious when wearing strictly, but it is not appropriate to show the skin in the workplace.

A idea with the previous suit,

A T -shirt will be randomly improved and will immediately increase a lot

, Sublute and decent.


It is also very temperamental wearing a high -necked base

, Especially suitable for autumn. If the weather is cold, you can add a coat directly.


The color scheme in the play is relatively DRAMA, it is possible to daily

Choose a near -color or neutral color inner adaptation


, Soferal visually.

The under -packed suit pants is more beautiful


The fabric is smooth and there is no wrinkles, and the lines are strong.


Look3: knitted Polo shirt+jeans

Zhou Yutong also wore a lot of knitwear in the play, but I felt that the line was not strong enough, and it was suitable for private wear.

But it made me think of another single product “knitted POLO shirt”.

This collar design first comes from the European aristocratic circle,

It is more suitable for occasions that need formal sense.

In addition, knitting belongs to a warm single product, strong affinity, and easy impression of people in the workplace communication.


Add a sense of line with denim single items


The whole set of look gives people feel clean and neat without strong aggressiveness.

Scenario 2: Formally Non -Radin

In fact, there are still many companies that cannot wear T -shirts and jeans to work, so the above clothes may not be applicable for some sisters.


This part is for the company’s dressing requirements


, Share a few formulas that are both formal and not rigid.


In terms of color selection, it should be low -key


White, gray, and blue are recognized business colors that are definitely not errors.

In addition, the low -saturated earth color is more stable, which is conducive to improving the sense of trust in the workplace.


There will be different combinations of single product, and it will be different.

All use the formal sensor to match,

Use changes in accessories and versions to break the sense of hardness.


Look1: shirt+silk scarf

In order not to make these colors look too monotonous, it is a good way to match the scarf, and it looks like a shirt in minutes.

Simply put into the neckline

, Low -key and delicate.


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Fold to triangular decoration on one side

, Stronger layering.

This way of wearing is more exquisite, which is very suitable for matching skirts and proper Officelady.

Look2: suit suit

The formal sense of the set is very strong, but


It is 100 million points in the figure as shown in the figure

, Still, the more formal items, the more you have a gap between the body.

In addition, there are more than one optional form, and the colorful wide -leg pants suit is available.


As long as the length is suitable, the workplace is okay,

The lines of pleated skirt are clean and the sweetness of girls


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Look3: Celine wind jacket+suit pants


The uniform jacket is also a very sense of workplace. With suit pants, the whole set of bosses can never pick up, but colleagues will feel that you can wear it.

The conventional model is more well -behaved,

Short models will be more personalized

, Slayer Sister Sister.

The current temperature may be a bit hot, so you can choose a suit fabric in early autumn.


Are the sisters in the light workplace get?

Wearing beautiful clothes every day is also the motivation to work. As a humble worker, this is exquisite!

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