In the dark, people can’t see anything, and it will be very inconvenient to move forward. Therefore, in order to see things in the dark, the sunlight played a significant role. There are many brands in the market in the market. When many friends choose to light the light, they think that as long as it can be turned on. In fact, if the fluorescent lamp is not purchased well, the damage to the eyes is very great. Today, let’s take a look at the top ten brands of fluorescent lights and sunlight purchase guidelines.

十大品牌日光灯有哪些 日光灯选购指南

What are the top ten brands of sunlight?

十大品牌日光灯有哪些 日光灯选购指南

The fluorescent lamp is a common product for home lighting lighting. So what are the sunlight lamp lamp brands? Philips, Osram, Op, FSL Foshan Lighting, Tinseng Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, TCL Lighting, Panasonic, and Yuzhong Gaohong are the top ten brands of sunlight.

Sunlight Lighting Guide

First of all, the LED fluorescent lamp tube is divided into two models: T5 and T8. The length of the T5 is divided into 5 types: 330, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, and the T8 is only 600, 900, 1200, 1500 When choosing, please select the length, size and size you need first, and choose the length according to your needs.

Then it is to see the core of the LED fluorescent lamp, that is, the light source. Choose a good light source light to decay and not flashes in frequent. It is good for the eyes. So how do I choose a light -emitting chip? At present, the best light -emitting chip is a sapphire chip. First of all, the production technology of sapphire substrate is mature and the device quality is good. Second, the stability of sapphire is very good and can be used in the high temperature growth process. Easy to handle and clean. Therefore, most processes generally use sapphire as substrates. So when buying, you can ask what chip of the store’s product is and whether it is a sapphire chip.

十大品牌日光灯有哪些 日光灯选购指南

The thermal conductivity of sapphire is not very good (about 25W/(m • k) at 100 ° C). Therefore, when choosing LED sunlight, its material and heat dissipation performance are particularly prominent. Generally speaking, the material of LED fluorescent lamps is mainly divided into two types, high -aluminum aluminum or acrylic. It is recommended to choose aluminum materials, because the acrylic board is slightly higher than the light transmission of aluminum material, but it is flamored, non -combustible, but is flammable, and does not have self -extinguishing. For the radiator and mask, it is necessary to bear high heat, so it is recommended to use aluminum.

Through the above editors, what are the ten major brands of solar lamps and the content of the lottery purchase guide, everyone knows the brand and purchase of the sunlight. I hope the content introduced by the editor can help everyone buy the sunlight better.