I remember that I had encountered a car before, and I have never changed the oil since I bought a car. In the end, the car ran 50,000 kilometers to the engine because the engine was not lubricated enough to hold the engine and was scrapped directly!

The oil consumption of the oil will continue to cause the oil to be greater and thicker and worse. In the end, the engine will not be lubricated, and the engine shaft tiles will eventually hold to death!


You can see by disassembling the engine. The normal -maintained car engine is clean and the color is generally yellow. There may be mud inside the engine that replaces the engine tens of thousands of kilometers, and the color of the engine tends to be black!


Many scratches can also be found by looking at the working surface of the bearing. This appears that the oil lubrication does not change without changing oil for a long time!

How to judge whether this car is missing oil?


You can judge the amount of oil through the oil label. If the Audi A6 does not have a scale, you can check the oil level sensor through the car computer to see the oil volume!

If the engine lacks oil, the engine may usually occur in the abnormal noise. At this time, the first thing to do is to check the oil!