What is a rock panel dining table? What is the difference between rock plates at different prices?

First of all, we need to know that the rock plate is actually a large tile plate, which is the 2.0 version of the tiles. At present, there is no false rock board on the market, because now there is no uniform standard in the country in China, and the market is within 3000 on the market. In terms of material, the rock plates are similar, but they are only different from the tonnage of the formula and the use of the presses, but the difference in actual use is actually not large. We need daily life.

Take the hundred -dollar rock panel table we actually purchased online as an example. Use a screwdriver to draw it on it, or open a coconut chopped meat on the desktop, which will hardly have any impact on him. The effects that the rock panel table bought by thousands of dollars can actually be the same. And as long as it is a qualified rock plate product, it is made of tens of thousands of tons of pressure, and then made of thousands of degrees high temperature, so his surface is very dense and has no oil seepage. The characteristics of antibacterial wear and wear resistance, knife -resistant, high temperature resistance, fire resistance and other characteristics have become a material that is very suitable for tables and cabinets.

And the price of different rock panel dining tables is actually the main brand and marketing of the store. Whoever markets is good, and who sells the price is high, whoever has a big brand, whoever dares to increase the price up. In addition, some of the differences in their prices are their workmanship. They do not refer to the workmanship of the rock plates. They are similar craftsmanship and materials. The differences will not be too large. Mainly refers to the workmanship below the rock plate. I watched a blogger I particularly liked two days ago. A video about the rock table table I posted. The main difference between more than 3,000 rock dining tables is the bottom bearing and table legs under the rock plate. More than 1,000 rock dining tables. The bottom bearing is a wooden board. Sexuality is slightly worse.而3000多的岩板餐桌,底座则是用的严丝合缝的全托加倒边的设计,桌腿用是钢板的,相比较1000多的岩板餐桌来说,肯定是更重也更稳定一些,并且It also beautified the design of the appearance.

It is precisely because of the differences in these aspects that the different prices of the rock panel dining table are really distinguished. If your budget is sufficient and pursue quality and value, you can choose a high -priced rock dining table. If you are more pursuing cost -effectiveness With practicality, the rock version of the rock version of 1,000 yuan can actually meet your needs. It is not as small as the characteristics of the middle rock plate material. This is the same truth as the rice cooked rice cooker that we bought at dozens of dollars on a certain treasure, and the taste of rice cookers bought in the brand store. The taste is the same truth. The important thing is not how much money to eat, but whoever eats with, love life, but also loves the family. I hope that this video can help you, drink ice for ten years, it is difficult to cool the blood, I am A Bing, we see you next time.

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