The application and working principle of PIG tube clearance

1. Beijing Haifeng Technology’s PIG Tube Clearance

The super sanitary tube cleansing or sanitary pipeline clearing ball provided by Beijing Hanhaifeng Technology is a specially designed elastic emitter. It is slightly larger than the diameter of the cleaning pipeline, which can promote the product through the pipeline. Food -grade tube cleansing is made of “Silicon material approved by the FDA (which is one of the reasons for them to be called” hygiene “or” sterile “). We also provide oil -resistant and solvents design. They are “completely in contact with the pipeline”, which means that they are clean and clean. Even when they are turning, they are flexible and very effective. They can pass through 1.5D, 3D, 5D bending pipes. Product recycling rates are usually generally recovery rates. Up to 99.5%.

Second, the advantages of clearance instruments

1 Compliance with food hygiene regulations and FDA certification

2 is a uniform pig ball, which will not be broken due to too fast speed

3 Green environmental protection, saving resources

5 The system has speed regulation and pressure regulating device to make the ball PIG can run at a constant speed

6 The hygienic Pig ball clearance system is composed of unique launch stations, clear pipe ball valves, sensors, pressure regulation, speed regulation devices, recycling stations and other devices.

Applicable industries: beverages, dairy wine and pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics industry, shampoo, cleaner and other daily chemical industries, lacquerware and varnish industries, lithium battery industries

Third, what is “Pig” Pig cleaner:

Pig cleaner uses aseptic pipeline clearance in food, drugs and other production pipelines can save products, time and money. The residual high -value products using it and cleaning the inner wall of the pipeline almost completely avoided the cost loss caused by the waste of raw materials and products. Special materials can be cleaned by CIP cleaning and SIP steaming sterilization. The SIP thermal steam temperature can be as high as 140 ° C.

Food -grade Pig cleaner is used for food -grade Pig cleaner to clean or recycle the inner wall of the pipeline to avoid waste of raw materials and reduce cost losses. There are two types of tube cleansing in Hanhai Peak.

Two types of Beijing Hanhaifeng Clear Tube: Cut line and lips.

The driving medium required for “Pig” can be: water, pure air, sterile air or product

DIN11850 second series standard:

DN25, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150

ISO standard (commonly used in China):

1 “, 1.25”, 1.5 “, 2”, 2.5 “, 3”, 3.5 “, 4”, 5 “, 6”

The tube clearance of other sizes can be customized

Beijing Hanhaifeng provides customers with customized services. According to your equipment and production status, designing the clearance system scheme, providing good installation and after -sales service. Please contact us to get the clearance system plan that suits your management system!

Types and applications of tube clearance: One of the key factors for choosing a pipeline ball is to ensure that it can effectively be compatible with the processed products. There are generally three types of pipeline clearances for processing applications. They are:

1. Compliance with food requirements: It is used in processing food, beverages, chocolate, candy, etc.

2. Oil -resistant type: It is mainly used in the manufacture of personal care products and home products containing trace silicon, such as shampoo.

3. Solid -resistant: Apply to chemicals, solvents, paint and similar products.

Like any system component, the clearance has a long working life and low use guarantee. They should have a series of size to adapt to different pipeline specifications. In order to achieve fully automation, scraping the ball should be fully checked, and ideal cases should be equipped with a specially designed tube locator or clearance detection system.

In order to reduce the risk of pollution, the clearance ball should not contain any solid magnets. When used with beverages and food, the cleaner needs to be manufactured with food -grade materials. If you use locally cleaning (CIP), the clearance ball should be compatible with your crafts and allow steam to clean to a reasonable temperature without being melted.

Although scraping the ball is flexible (in order to be able to bypass the bending pipe and still effectively recycle the product), ideal, the scraping clearing should be integrated and full contact design, not assembly; Including a cover, wing, or assembly component that may be stuck, broken or off off.

The important thing is that they should be effective. They should always be fully contacted with the internal pipeline and recycle more than 99%of products.

Fourth, the working principle of the tube clearance system:

Beijing Hanhaifeng Technology Design and Production Customized Clear Solution according to your needs

This system includes a pipeline clearance transmitter (launch device)

Including pipeline clearance and receiving device

Phase 1: Product transmission

Open the valve next to the ball and the valve next to the serve.

Product transfer starts

The gear in the serve device fix the pipeline clearance in the station body.

Phase 2: Pipeline clearance was pushed into the product pipeline into the product pipeline

Turn off the valve next to the serving device, and the pipe clearance device enters the production pipeline.

Promote the pipeline clearance in the pipeline in the pipeline to reach the receiving station, thereby recycling most of the products in the pipeline.

The pipeline clearance device reaches the ball collection device at the end of the itinerary. The pushing agent gas valve of the serving device is closed.

Before the pipeline clearance is returned, the valve next to the ball collection device is turned off and the exhaust waste valve near the kick device is opened.

Phase 3: Pipeline clearance returns

Promote agent gas to push the pipe clearance device back to the serve.

Promote agent gas to discharge through the exhaust valve.

After the pipeline clearance is returned to the serve, the gear returns the backup position to keep the pipe clearance in the station stable.

Fifth, pipeline hygiene tube cleansing “Pig” applicable industry

Dairy, liquid medicine, beer, wine, drink, chocolate, syrup, jam, condiments, cosmetics, detergents, softening agents, sauce, hot pot base, lithium battery pulp and other industries.

Product Recommendation: Cleaning in Place System for Food and Pharmaceutical