Some poor friends may have a relatively rude classification of laptop computers: those who pay attention to business are called light books, and performance is called gamebooks. In the case where the processor performance is similar, I like to divide it from the graphics card.

With the continuous excavation of manufacturers’ technology, today’s thin and light books have also begun to embark on high -performance roads. This stereotype that cannot play games is broken, such as the light and light version of the GTX 1650 and RTX 3050 version of the hot version this year. Essence Essence

But in the case of, the laptop’s RTX 1650 graphics card is also able to get started with the game. Although the 3050 brought a pursuit, the effect really made people feel a little down.

So some time ago, the graphics card giant Nvida


Quiet Mimi issued three laptop cards, namely: RTX 2050, MX 550 and MX 570.

Then I will work hard. As we all know, the performance of the RTX 2060 in Nvidia’s N card camp is more than 3050, so a member of the 20 Series, how to look forward to the high performance lightness and lightness of next year, the price ratio will be higher.

The thin and light performance is about to take off?

After reading the general parameters of the GeForce RTX 2050 graphics card, I just want to say a word to NVIDIA:

“It deserves you! Leather Knife Boss Huang!”

This year, the knife method has improved a lot. Half of the “RTX 3050” memory has become a new product, so can I also say that it will become a new one

“IQ Test Card”


We don’t rashly conclude, and the friends listened to me slowly. From the parameter table, “RTX 2050”

CUDA core size looks larger than 2060. Essence Essence

This is also a place where many people feel surprised. If you know the knowledge of the graphics card, it is likely to make people play you as a monkey.

The larger the core size, the stronger the graphics card performance. This conclusion itself has no problem, but there is a prerequisite that it must know its core architecture.

N cards generally have two architectures. The previous 20 -series graphics cards are used




Essence Can

The card of RTX 2050 “is the same as the 30 -series graphics card.



Lao Huang did not clearly mark this in the parameter table, just to play “text games” with everyone. So what is the impact of these two architecture on the graphics card?

Ampere architecture

Turing architecture

The biggest difference in these two different architecture lies in the ranking of the core unit. The ampere architecture is the form of “FP32 + INT32”. The two units of “FP32” and “INT32” in the Turing architecture are separated.

To make it clear that the significance and relationship between these two units is slightly complicated, you can simply understand the duties of two different positions.

For example, “Edit + Operation”, the Turing architecture is equivalent to the departments of the department editors and operations in the department; the Ampere architecture is that some people must be responsible for editing, and they must be responsible for specific operations.

Then when the statistics of how many people in this department, Boss Huang used a very vague way: the statistics of the editors and operation work accumulated the number of people, and replaced the actual number of people with the number of positions.

In other words, the core number of CUDA, which mainly determines the performance of the graphics card,

Some part of the Andbi architecture is calculated twice.

Then the CUDA core size of “RTX 2050”,

It should be far below the 2060 graphics card of the same department

It’s positive solution.

It’s more interesting. If you check the RTX 3050 graphics card previously released by Lao Huang, you can find that the memory bit width of the “RTX 3050” is 128 bits, which is twice as high as 2050 and the changes in the memory frequency. Its core size, architecture, etc. are almost the same as the 2050 new card.

So this graphics card is basically comparable to 2060,

In terms of performance, it can be said that it is almost completely hanging.

In view of the very weakened light pursuit performance of 3050, I don’t think the friends don’t have to look forward to the light pursuit effect of new products too much. If you do not turn on, it is the level of “GTX 1650”, which is no different from this year’s products.

In terms of parameters,

The RTX 2050 should be hugged by someone at birth, it should be called RTX 3040. Essence Essence Or according to the difference between GTX and GT, this new card is called RT 3040 more accurate.


Unfortunately, there are no “XXX XX 40” graphics cards in recent years.

So what about the other two card MX 550 and MX 570?

The MX 550 card is obviously an upgraded version of the previous MX 450.

And this generation is unified into GDDR6 form.

In addition, GeForce MX 550 has only increased the core number compared to the previous generation

(128 more than MX450)


It is really squeezing toothpaste.

You can see the poor situation of MX 450 in the face of GTX 1650 and RTX 3050. My suggestion to give you is that the appearance of MX 550 products next year can basically do not need to consider, because performance improvement is very limited.

Another new graphics card “MX 570” is different. It belongs to a relatively embarrassing situation: it is very “chicken ribs” to take it out alone, but if it is combined with the product, it is not unable to consider it.

The 570 graphics card uses the same architecture as “RTX 2050”, and the core size is exactly the same.

The difference between the two is that the former is 2G memory, the latter 4G memory and supports the light chase

(This is also good to see)

Essence Therefore, when you talk alone 570, you find it

Except for lower power consumption, there seems to be no strengths.

I prefer it to call it: “2G RTX 2050”.

However, if there is a conscience manufacturer next year, he is willing to match this graphics card with a good processor. So in the light and light products around 5,000 yuan, there is still a chance to replace the MX 450 to become the new “leek harvester”.

In fact, the MX series is in the graphics card array of the laptop, which is a product between the nuclear display and the GTX 10 series graphics card.

Therefore, in recent years, I like to use this series, and then take out the independent display as a selling point, but they are also active in playing games. According to this year’s situation, as long as the budget of about 1,000 yuan is added, the computer can be upgraded into a “GTX 1650” high -performance light and light game book.

From the current point of view, it is difficult for a leather swordsman to show any exquisite swords after “MX 570”, unless the “GTX 1650” on the notebook is completely eliminated. Essence Essence

In order not to make bad friends feel messy, I summarize:

“RTX 2050” is wearing the skin of 20 series, but it is not an order of magnitude as 2060. It is about the same as the GTX 1650.

“MX 570” can be regarded as “RTX 2050 “‘s lightless pursuit of lava;

“MX 550” belongs to traditional squeeze toothpaste.

This is the “true face” of the three new graphics cards this time.

Some people may ask: “So what level is the GTX 1650?”

I just say that, using this graphics card to play with Jedi, LOL, DOTA2 and the like.

If a stand -alone masterpiece can meet the majority of 1080P image quality needs, a small part may need to be converted to medium and high -quality quality or reduce special effects. In addition, if you force the smooth operation of 2K picture quality, and some of the 3A new works today are a bit difficult.

If you want to say the positioning of these three graphics cards, in my opinion, this is to create consumption upgrade conditions for next year’s light and light notebooks. The main product must be “RTX 2050”.

In the world of Nvidia Independence Graphite, GTX represents a mid -to -high -end gaming graphics card. MX is an entry -level graphics card. When RTX is the strongest king.

Because the words “RTX” represent “Light Chase”. In the eyes of game enthusiasts, whether the same game can be chased is the difference between the two worlds.

Even if the 2050 graphics card is not much better than “GTX 1650” in terms of performance, “R standard” is the last stubbornness of some people, representing the card of computer performance.

For this face, it is not impossible to pay a few hundred dollars. This can also be regarded as Lao Huang’s heart. Essence Essence It is really a master of marketing.


After all, electronic products “buy new and not buy old”.

If the two processors are the same laptop in front of me, one is marked with graphics card GTX 1650, and the other says RTX 2050.

What else is not performance, the product in 2022 does not want anyone to do 2019? Still the sentence: “Is there” and “use no use”, it is always a two -code thing.

In fact, Nvidia’s marketing method is not wrong, but when you go to the knife method, you can play text games, which is a bit unspeakable. Essence Essence

Lao Huang, it’s still you!