Fortunately, I live in Guangzhou, which is very inclusive, which brings together foods around the world. As Asia’s largest gourmet paradise, friends who have been there will definitely have its food, and I have n’t been to Singapore, I can only find a Singapore restaurant first!

Since Taiku Cang has become a national 3A scenic spot, the surrounding catering industry has also developed vigorously. Many friends have finished the Taikoo Warehouse or watching movies. They like to find a restaurant nearby to sit down and gather. Very authentic Singapore restaurant


Xingzhou Da Coconut

Luxury glass burning big platter,

When I went out for dinner, I liked some platter. Especially when there are only 2.3 people, I want to try a few different dishes, and there are too many single points, and a platter can completely solve my troubles. This platter of Xingzhou Daococale is very rich: chicken steak, barbecue shrimp, autumn saury, fish steak, polychu fish, spring rolls, enoki mushroom fat cow rolls, can satisfy you 7 wishes at a time!

Compared with ordinary iron plates, glass burning can better control temperature, and light wave fever is also more environmentally friendly. The surface is crispy, the meat can be kept fresh and juicy, and the price is also very close to the people.

98 yuan,

Whether in terms of types or portions, it is worth trying, PS:

This platter is only available in the renovation road stores at present

Xingzhou fried big chop

Another good choice for meat enthusiasts, and this large plate of miscellaneous steak is only sold

68 yuan,

Pork chop, beef steak, chicken chop, fish steak, and bone cow small steak, there are so many pieces! Friends play a joke, and I have arrived in the city! Nearby D fast food boxes are robbed of business!

Xingzhou coconut chicken

I believe that friends who have been to Southeast Asian countries must not forget the taste of roast chicken on the roadside. Here you can regain the old flavor. The chicken skin is crispy, covered with shredded coconut on it, and tears with your hands to flow out of gravy. The chicken is tender and the coconut flavor is sufficient.

The most important thing is:

Get at noon at noon!

Winter Yin Gong Guifei Bao Rice

Winter Yin Gong usually eats a lot, and it is the first time to use rice. The rice absorbs hot and sour soup. The taste is just right and appetizing!

You can also do it by yourself and cook in person

Ming Over Furnace Light Curry Boil Pass Bass

The sea bass is fried first, the fish skin is scorched, the fish is solid, and the fish will not loosen. It is matched with a strong fragrant curry, cooked in the flavor, and the bottom vegetables are cooked.

Mediterranean salt roasted beef tongue,

The surface is burnt and crispy, the beef tongue is tender, and there is no excessive seasoning. It is sufficient with a faint sea salt and the taste is very fresh.

Pineapple, pork neck,

How can I eat Southeast Asian cuisine less pork neck meat? Everyone can eat the most charcoal pork neck, so let’s turn it to the taste. The pork neck meat is fleshy tooth, the jackfruit is sweet and delicious, the taste is fresh, it will not be greasy, the creativity is full ~


After a meal, desserts are essential protagonists. Since it is a Southeast Asian cuisine, the protagonist is coconut jelly! Coconut flavor is very strong, it will not be too sweet, the taste is refreshing and not greasy, it is best to have a coconut jelly after eating!

discount information:

Consumption over 98 yuan at noon

That is, a coconut shochu chicken

Xingzhou Big Coconut Innovation Store


No. 49 Jinsha Road, Haizhu District (Border Evnamopsis Road)



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