The operation and maintenance of the woven bag gonorrhea machine

The operation and maintenance of the gonorrhea machine

Operation 1. Prepare work A. Energy turn on the power switch to check whether the voltage, current, and circuit are abnormal; turn on the circulating water pump, cooling tower switch, check the cooling water cover of the extruder, the cooling water cycle of the magnetic powder brake, and the low water temperature areas to be treated. After booting, the surface temperature of the cooling roller meets the compound requirements and then open the circulating water of the cooling roller, pressure roller, and supporting roller to prevent the cooling roller, the surface of the pressure roller is exposed or the temperature is too low. Turn on the air compressor switch and check to confirm that the gas storage tank air pressure meets the production standard. B. The extruder checks the extrusion machine barrel, flange, filter, melt pump, connecting tube, mold head, whether the temperature control of each heating section has been opened and heated normally, whether the temperature control instrument is sensitive, whether the current size normal. Check the squeezing machine and the baking device without abnormalities. Check the oil level of the deceleration box, whether the cooling water and the cold water cover of the reducer and the cold water of the barrel are circulated normally. Confirm that the mold head lip and the border limit adjustment device is not abnormal. Check that there is no foreign body on the orbit of the extruder, and the car is not abnormal. C. Is the composite, traction inspection and roll -up system, correction device, tension control system, and magnetic powder brake. Check whether the squeeze and warm -up roller temperature control system is normal, and the preheating heating temperature is abnormal. Check whether each guide roller is cleaned and remove all the adhesion, tape and other debris on the guide roller. Check the rotation of each guide rotation bearing flexibly without failure. Check the cooling water and cooling water circulation of the composite part. There are no exposure, no debris on the surface of the cooling roller and pressure roller, and the surface is clean, flat, and no scratch. The pneumatic action is normal. Check the work of cutting edge devices, fans, and border collection machines, and the static elimination device works normally. Whether the receipt device, tension control, traction device, and pneumatic movement are normal. 2. It is necessary to warm up 2 hours in advance to prepare for the extrusion machine. After the mold head is heated in advance to 200 degrees, the mold lip plane is cleaned up, and the carbon surface area of ​​the lip lips is cleaned with copper plates and copper balls. The backward angles on both sides of the outlet are cleaned up to prevent the membrane surface uneven from the accumulation of carbon. After the mold is cleaned up, the temperature continues to rise to the production temperature. Squeeze the ingredients and turn on the feeder. Start the extruder, and the screw speed is about 10R/min, allowing the melt to flow slowly from the mold port, observing whether there is a bright line and color difference in the falling membrane. For the plastic line caused by the scorching of the inlet, the co -knife made with a copper plate hooks the focus. The requirements of the color cloth for the mold are very strict, and the cleansing model is the key to ensuring the quality of the product. If there is a color difference caused by uneven gap between the mold head, adjust the gap between the lip. Adjust the fastening film flat, colorless difference, and light lines before entering the coating film. According to the production requirements, the mold port size is adjusted, and the tent tent cloth melt film is slightly narrower than the base cloth, and the melting membrane of the bag is slightly wider than the base cloth. Depending on the requirements of squeezing compound video. When the main operation is adjusted, the other personnel do the following preparations: install the scroll tube. Put the base cloth. Wear the base cloth and align the position. Wipe the silicone roller at the end of the car to prevent the melting membrane sticky roller after entering the car. 3. Open the coating film to turn on the preheating roller, composite, roll drawing, the device runs at low speed, the line speed is 8 to 15m/min. Enter the car when the silicone pressure roller and the support roller are turned on to prevent the input of the car from shaving the silicone roller. Squeeze the machine forward, the position of alignment head and substrate, press the composite roller and support roller. Increase the line speed of the same segment, control the difference between the traction speed each section, adjust the composite and the screw speed ratio, and maintain the tension appropriate. Take the thickness and weight of the finished product, fine -tune to the production instruction requirements. The fans, cutting the knife and cutting edges, closing the edge. Open the cooling roller, silicone pressure roller, and support roller cooling water circulation switch to control the cooling temperature. (The reason why the cooling water cycle now is opened to properly increase the temperature of the cooling roller over cold.) Gradually speed up to the production speed and control the tension. Prepare the curls, put the roll substrate to stick the tape, and close the tube to the tape. 4. Taking the traction at each section of the downtime to reduce the speed reduction. Open the composite silicone pressure roller and support roller. After the speed is reduced by the speed, the extrusion machine is exited. Create the extrusion machine cylinder and the mold heating power before stopping, so that the raw materials in the barrel rely on residual heat extrusion and reduce the temperature of the coating material in the barrel, which will reduce the formation of carbon deposits. help. The formation of carbon accumulation is the result of air oxidation in the mold cavity of the gap. Some companies add anti -oxidation rods and anti -oxidant blockers at the mold port to prevent the production of carbon deposits. Turn off the power supply, cooling water circulation pump, cooling tower, air compressor. 5. Safe operating coating film machine is coated under the high temperature melting state of plastic, and it is produced at high -speed line speeds. Safety production is particularly important. Employees must wear long -sleeved work clothes, tight cuffs, work shoes, do not wear sandals, and wear dry gloves at work. Relaxing is to prevent high temperature melting film from scalting into the skin and dry gloves. It is to prevent water from contacting high -temperature parts with water to produce steams to be burned. When cleaning up the mold port and the network, due to the continuous flow of high temperature melting fusion, wearing thick asrets should be worn to prevent scalding. Because of the stop, the base cloth should be relaxed at the preheating roller to avoid directly contacting the hot contact. If the substrate is broken during the composite, pay attention to prevent burns when the new cloth passes through the preheating device. When using a solvent to wipe the roller surface, the solvent should be flammable to prevent bright fire. The composite rubber roller and squeeze rubber roller are in danger. The gum roller and steel roller press the cylinder pressure is very high. The rubber roller has viscous elasticity. Once the hand is rolled in, it is difficult to draw out. Especially when cleaning the sticky roller, be sure to open the support roller and pay attention to safety. When cutting the knife, pay attention to safety. Prevent your hand from being cut. When using a crane up and down rolls, pay attention to safety, and the stations are strictly prohibited. Use cranes to prevent crooked stretching to prevent the crane wire rope from dislocation. 6. Restaurant to keep the machine surface, conduct rollers and silicone rollers clean and hygienic. Check the work of the heating areas to ensure normal heating. Check whether the cooling water is smooth and whether the water temperature is normal. Keep each guide rotation rotating bearing well. Keep the automatic feed machine running normally and do the health and safety of ingredients. To prevent any debris from mixed with the material, the particles sprinkled with the ingredients were cleaned in time. 2. Maintain the clean and hygiene of the machine surface, various guides and silicone rollers every week. Add lubricating oil to the bearing rotation site. Observe the oil level of the reducer, observe the preheating thermal oil level, and prevent oil deficiency. Check the drainage of the air compressor. 3. Make -up and inspecting the mechanical tightening of the mechanical parts. There are loose screws to be tightened, and the lack of supplement should be supplemented. Check the tension and life of each transmission chain. Clean the air filter of the device. Whether the gear box of the gear box needs to be replaced if it needs to be replaced. Check the electrical system, sweep the electrical box and the motor case. Check the water and trains, and the leakage is repaired. Check the transmission parts, add lubricating oil and lubricating fat. Check whether the oil and water separators need drainage and drain the water.

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