New Year Gift New Dar, Bulls High -end Digital Gift Box Set help you easily “gift” to get “him”


“Suddenly like the spring breeze, the thousands of trees and pears bloom”, accompanied by snowflakes, finally let us usher in the flavor of the year ~ In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival is about to arrive in two weeks. Children send red envelopes and give the elders a “activity”. There must be a lot of “activities”. This is the world problem- “gift”. So, what kind of gift can be considered a “good gift”?

Bulls high -end digital gift box suit

Generally speaking, a good gift needs to reflect the intention of the gift, but also bring a practical effect to the gift recipient in life. Now just at the end of the year (lunar calendar), many people want to take advantage of this time to invite annual fake travel to travel abroad. At this time, give them a bull -defense USB socket and the Bulls Global Travel USB converter combination I believe that when the ceremony is used, I will think of you ~

In addition to the combination set of Bull defense overcharging USB sockets and Bulls Global Travel USB converter, there are also Bulls automatic defense over -charged USB charger and Bulls Global Travel Converter; Bulls Rubik’s Cube USB socket and Bull car USB charger; Bulls Cube Cube Cube The combination of USB sockets and Bulls Global Travel Converter; a total of four sets of combinations can be given to different people.

The packaging design of the Bulls High -end Digital Gift Box Set is very simple. The overall use of calm and high -end black is used as the main color, and the festive red is used as an auxiliary color to embellish. The color combination of red+black represents the symbol of high -end joy.

After opening the upper cover, a transparent matte oil paper printed with the word “bull” “hides” the product below.

Open the oil paper, the Bulls defense over charge USB sockets and the Bulls Global Travel USB converter are quietly placed in the gift box. The upper left “Bull is a cow” seems to illustrate the high -quality status of these two products.

Bull defense over charge USB socket

Let’s take a look at the Bulls defense over charge USB sockets. This extensive consumer -praised socket uses an integrated design of screw -free seams. Its small and simple appearance will not seem to be disobedient in anywhere. Put in the backpack will not occupy a lot of area, which is convenient for carrying.

Bulls defense over charge USB sockets have a set of 220V jacks and four USB ports. It can be charged for four USB devices at the same time. It can also automatically allocate the current according to the power required by different digital devices to achieve the most reasonable charging efficiency efficiency Essence

Through the internal intelligent control core, it can achieve a 2-10-hour division control timing. For example The computer’s data cable is inserted to the USB socket on the other end, and then press the switch on the opposite side three times. After 6 hours, the power is automatically disconnected. The operation is very simple.

Bulls Global Travel USB Converter

The power plugs in various countries in the world are different, so traveling or traveling abroad must carry converters. This suit is also equipped with a Bulls Global Travel USB converter. The overall appearance is white as the main color, like the appearance of the “relay stick” to make the sense of technology coming.

The converter of the English bid, the US standard, the European standard, and the Australian standard through the full plug -in design can adapt to more than 200 national power interfaces in the world and allow users to seamlessly experience the pleasure of overseas charging.

The edge R corner of each transiter is controlled at 0.3mm, and the integrated design of the strict seams makes us hardly see the existence of the gap.

In addition, each transiter is equipped with prefecture -level protection, which can use electrical appliances with confidence in any country, which can effectively prevent electric shock or electrical damage caused by leakage. After careful observation, I also found that there is a security door protection at the jack. When inserting more footsteps at the same time, the safety door will open. After all, the safety of going abroad is the first.


As far as the gift itself is concerned, its value is not measured by the price of the gift. What can really measure the value of the gift is actually the meaning of its reflection, and this is also the real purpose of the bull’s high -end digital gift box suit. The packaging of high -end atmosphere can make the gift giver more face, and the bull high -quality products in the gift box can bring practical significance to the gift collector. Perhaps this is the true meaning of gift gifts.

Bulls high -end digital gift box suit

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