China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 passenger plane Turn 132 people confirmed crash

On the evening of March 21, China Oriental Airlines Co., Ltd. issued an announcement that on March 21, 2022, a Boeing 737 passenger plane in the company’s subordinates of Dongfang Airlines Yunnan Co., Ltd. lost contact with Kunming-Guangzhou flights. Essence At present, the plane has been confirmed. There were 132 people on the plane, including 123 passengers and 9 units.

The announcement said that after the plane crashed, the company attached great importance to it, and immediately launched an emergency mechanism and sent a working group to the scene. According to the data, the flight registration number is B-1791, the model Boeing 737-800, 6 years old, and a total of 12 business class and 148 economy class seats on board. It is reported that Boeing 737-800 belongs to the new generation 737 of Boeing. Before the launch of 737max, it was the main model of Boeing single channels. It is also the most popular Boeing passenger aircraft in China. It is also one of the world’s most popular single-channel passenger planes. (Surging News)

| Comments | This sad air crash breaks the flight safety record of Chinese civil aviation for 4227 days. The most frightening part of the air crash is that once the accident occurs, it is difficult to implement effective self -rescue. Judging from some scenes of the China Eastern Airlines, a large area of ​​fire occurred at the crash scene, and the body also encountered disintegration. The severity of the accident was self -evident.

It is worth noting that the plane used in the accident flight is the Boeing 737 passenger aircraft. The Boeing 737 series has a very high market share, which accounts for about 40%of the size of the entire fleet in China Southern Airlines, Air China, and Eastern Airlines. But at the same time, Boeing 737 is also the most net for air crash. Among them, Boeing 737 MAX has occurred in two consecutive severe air crash in 2018 and 2019, leading to a large -scale ban on 737 MAX worldwide. For the bad effects of this accident, the degree of trust in the Boeing 737 will further decrease, and the future market share may shrink.

Multiple banks increase the scale of mortgage loans

According to the news on March 21, since the beginning of this year, the good news of the property market has been frequent, the real estate market atmosphere and credit environment have recovered. In many places, the phenomenon of bank personal loan quotas, shortage of loan cycles, and decreased mortgage interest rates.

According to a real estate agent in Beijing, in the first quarter, the amount of housing loans of major banks was relatively abundant. According to the monitoring of the Shell Research Institute, the average loan cycle of the 103 key cities in March was reduced to 34 days, which was shortened by 4 days from the previous month, and the fastest speed of the third quarter of 2020. At present, nearly 50 % of the city lending cycle is less than one month, and the 19 -city lending cycle is less than 20 days. At the same time, 103 key cities across the country continued to relax March in March, and housing loan interest rates hit the largest monthly decline since 2019, close to the third quarter of 2020. (Comprehensive Securities Daily)

| Comments | In the second half of last year, the tightening of credit and the increase in regulation is the tone of the owner of the property market. The loan quota of major banks is tight, the loan lending cycle is prolonged, and the lending generally takes two or three months or half a year. Some banks even say that the mortgage interest rate in many places has experienced a continuous rise. This directly leads to many places in many places. The property market cools down. However, it must be acknowledged that the sharp tightening of credit has also accidentally injured the reasonable housing needs of countless buyers while curbing the real estate speculation.

Recently, the official positive signals of the property market have also been increasing. Based on this background, credit relaxation and interest rates have entered the acceleration period. If it is not unexpected in the future, the decline in mortgage interest rates and the improvement of the loan cycle will continue. However, the improvement of the credit environment is to be observed how much the market recovery effect is. But it is clear that the opportunity to get on the car just needed to buy the car is really here!

March LPR remains unchanged

According to the news on March 21, the People’s Bank of China authorized the National Bank of China Interbank Borrowing Center that the loan market quotation interest rate (LPR) on March 21, 2022 was: a one -year LPR was 3.7%, and the LPR of more than 5 years was 4.6%. At this point, LPR has remained unchanged for two consecutive months.

Affected by this, the large financial sector of the A -share market continued to fall. As of the close of March 21, securities, insurance, and banking sector fell the top. Oriental Fortune, Huaxin Co., Ltd., and Guolian Securities all fell more than 3%. Chengdu Bank, Changshu Bank, China Merchants Bank, and Hangzhou Bank all fell more than 2%. (First Finance)

| Comments | March this year LPR remains unchanged. On the one hand, it is because China’s macroeconomic data performance is bright from January to February, the real economy financing capacity is strong, and the currency environment is relatively loose; on the other hand, it is the MLF interest rate of the LPR anchor. constant.

According to the financial data from January to February, China is still increasing its support for the real economy, but the new credit and social integration in February are not as good as expected, so the future economic trend needs to be observed. Therefore, the maintenance of LPR in March has certain rationality.

Hema responded to the “resurrection” incident of the crocodile sold

On March 21st, a group of pictures and videos on the Internet stated that some netizens bought a whole crocodile online in Hema Xiansheng. The two children in the video were still playing crocodile, stroking and dragging crocodile claws and tails. Still beating.

In this regard, Hema responded that Hema’s crocodile was Siamese crocodile in Inner Mongolia. The goods are frozen products, which are directly hair from SF from the place of production; before shipping, they have been treated in the past, and there is no possibility of hibernation and resurrection under normal circumstances. Hema official also stated that after the observation and judgment of professionals, the crocodile in the video itself is alive, and the specifications do not match the crocodile sold by Hema. Based on this judgment, consumers’ crocodiles are not purchased in Hema. (Broker China)

| Comments | This thing is likely to be a spoof hype of online anchors. Because before this video flowed out, some people on the Internet said that they could buy a whole crocodile from Hema. In fact, Hema Xiansheng has built its own fresh warehouse in major cities, and fresh products with short shelf life, try to pick up and distribute from local. Therefore, the Hema Club in different places is put on some of the local unique fresh products. Hema officially mentioned that the crocodile was breed in Inner Mongolia and was sold in related areas. Some southern cities that are far away cannot be searched for this product.

恒大系公司集体停牌,盒马回应所售鳄鱼复活 | 财经日日评

However, it is better not to joke like this problem that is related to consumer safety. Fortunately, it can be explained clearly, otherwise it may have a bad impact on merchants.

Evergrande company collectively suspend trading for a short period of time

On March 21, China Evergrande, Evergrande Automobile, and Evergrande Real Estate announced that it would stop buying and selling from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange from 9 am on March 21, 2022, to be published in the company. Announcement of the message. This is the second time China Evergrande has issued a short -term suspension announcement since this year. As of the suspension, China Evergrande Newspaper 1.65 Hong Kong dollars.

On March 17, Evergrande Real Estate Group transferred 30%of the equity of Nanjing Hengze Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to AVIC Trust Co., Ltd. Any time, Evergrande Real Estate Group transferred the equity of Nanjing Hengsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to AVIC Trust on March 14. It is worth mentioning that, some time ago, Evergrande Group also transferred the Guangzhou Nansha Sunshine Peninsula project to AVIC Trust. (Comprehensive China News Network)

| Comments | A few days ago, after the meeting of the State Council’s Financial Stability Committee, the China Banking Regulatory Commission claimed that the agency encouraged the agency to carry out mergers and acquisitions loans in an orderly manner, and focused on supporting high -quality projects for high -quality housing companies to merge and acquire difficult real estate companies. Considering the specific situation of Evergrande, many people speculate that this time the suspension may have the possibility of reorganizing mergers and acquisitions or asset liquidation. It is reported that Evergrande will convene a global investor conference on the restructuring framework this week to briefly introduce its restructuring framework to investors.

No matter what the specific reason is, Evergrande’s debt crisis has reached the time that must be resolved. However, it is also necessary to realize that Evergrande, which is 1.95 trillion yuan in debt and does not debt. Even if it is to be reorganized for bankruptcy, the process is complicated. This is not only a test of Evergrande, but also a test of supervision and governance.

BYD’s post -delivery of the owner waits for over April

According to the news on March 21, a number of new energy vehicle products in BYD were postponed. Some owners who have placed orders have reported that they set up a BYD 55km flagship Qin Plus-DM-I at the 4S shop in Pudong, Shanghai. After 120 days of commitment, the ordering vehicle was delivered, but near the end of March, the owner was notified that the car was unable to pick up the car at the original time. Sales indicate that the specific car lifting may be “not necessarily from May and June.”

Except for BYD’s extension of vehicles, there are similar situations in Xiaopeng Automobile, Tesla, and Zero -run cars. A number of consumers who bought Xiaopeng Automobile P5 460 series posted on the Internet that due to the problem of battery supply, they encountered a delayed delivery. (International Finance Report)

| Comments | As the oil price officially exceeds 9 yuan per liter, the advantages of new energy vehicles in energy costs are once again reflected. However, the problem of insufficient chip supply before has not been completely resolved, and now the production of new energy batteries is difficult to produce in new energy batteries due to the shortage of raw materials. As the leader of new energy vehicle companies, BYD also faces the problem of delay in delivery, which means that most new energy vehicle companies have faced quite heavy production pressure. Nowadays, many new energy vehicle companies have announced their price increases, and they are trying their best to cover their production costs in this way.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the Russian -Ukraine conflict directly leads to a large number of high -end manufacturing essential industrial metals and rare gas exports. If the conflict will not be completely resolved, the production pressure of new energy vehicle companies will be difficult to relieve.

Only 7.27%of this year’s solidaries+products have obtained positive returns

According to Wind data calculations, as of March 18, the average decline of 1224 solid income+funds (calculated share computing) on ​​the market was 3.23%. There were 1135 funds for revenue, accounting for 92.73%; this also meant that only 7.27%of solid income+products have achieved positive returns since this year.

Among them, convertible bond funds have fallen the largest. According to statistics, among the 12 funds with a decline of more than 15%, there are 8 funds containing convertible bonds. However, there are also some solid income+funds that still maintain positive returns. As of March 18, the income of the first place was the steady growth of Anxinmin, with a profit of 3.7%. According to the position disclosed by the fund, the position of the stock part accounted for 36.61%, mainly based on financial, real estate, and energy stocks. (Financial Association)

| Comments | Since the beginning of this year, the stock market has retracted a lot, and the market has lost more than 90 % of the stock funds. Some solidaries+funds have a significant decline in net value of the fund due to the configue of stock assets. A few products that still maintain positive returns are also caused by more configured debt assets and less stock assets.

However, the market has fallen and there are rising. On the one hand, solidarity+funds can allocate stock assets to obtain excess returns, and on the other hand, they can also configure debt assets to base their bases. With the gradual stability of the Chinese economy, the Fed’s interest rate hikes and the continuous relief of geopolitics can be predicted, and the trend of China’s stock market will gradually recover in the future.

The three major indexes collectively received 0.4% of the three major indexes on Monday

On March 21, the three major indexes rebounded in the morning, and the GEM finger rose. In terms of sectors, the agricultural sector has risen collectively, and pork, fertilizer and other sectors follow upward, and the concepts of energy concepts and electricity changes are strong; big financial sectors such as securities firms and banks have recovered sharply. After the afternoon index, the bottom of the index rose, and the three major indexes once collectively turned green. New crown treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and other pharmaceutical stocks continue to be strong, and real estate, tourism, prefabricated vegetable sectors are active; digital currency, electronic ID cards, education and other sectors are sluggish. In general, individual stocks rose more and less, and the two cities exceeded one trillion yuan again after a trading day.

As of the close, the Shanghai Index was reported to 3253.69 points, up 0.08%; the Shenzhen Index closed at 12379.64 points, up 0.41%; the GEM index closed at 2726.18 points, up 0.46%. (Sina Finance)

| Comments | Although the three major indexes collectively collect red, the shock and differentiation of the market are still severe. Without obvious sharpness, the market did not show the determination of rapid attack, and it seemed that the previous oversold rebound may end. Next may be re -entered the stage of technical adjustment.

However, the current A -share valuation is indeed at a historical low. At the same time, the growth rate of new social financing has changed, and the impact of overseas emotions has gradually weakened. From the perspective of technical analysis, the characteristics of the staged bottom area are also relatively obvious. If the technical recovery is ushered in later, it is still a good time to suck at a low.

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