There are often friends asking about how to buy furniture! Today, I have sorted out the list of furniture and purchasing strategies, and I do it once!

Let’s use it to divide the furniture of the whole house first.

Types of furniture


Furniture list

Table and chair

Sofa, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, bar tables, desks and chairs, dressing tables, shoe stools



Porch cabinets, TV cabinets, dining cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes, tablets, balcony cabinets



Bed, floor bed, Murphy bed, tatami


In general, it is divided into three categories. Let’s look at it. First of all, it is table and chair furniture all over the whole house.

1. Sofa

Sofa size Select reference ↓↓↓

As for the material, there are mainly cotton and linen, leather, solid wood, and velvet, just choose according to the style.

2, coffee table


The choice of coffee tables can be in line with the overall style.

△ stone

△ Metal process

△ Wood

△ Glass


Stone: light luxury style, French style, Nordic style, new Chinese style.

Wood: New Chinese, Japanese style, Nordic style, modern style.

Metal: Modern wind, simple wind, etc.

Glass: wild.

3. Table and chairs

△ square table


△ round table


● In comparison, the square table accounts for a larger area, but the yield rate is relatively low, which is suitable for four people and below.

● The round table accounts for a small area and a higher yield rate; the residential population is large and the area is small.

4, bar counter

The bar can be used for leisure areas, partitions, and simplified dining areas. It is often a furniture selected by young people. The bar table wants to be more adaptable to space. It is recommended to choose customized.


● Bar table size Reference: It is recommended to choose between 90-120cm and choose according to height.


● It is recommended to be between 45-60cm in depth. If you want to store, the table will extend the space of about 15cm out to facilitate your legs.


● Bar material: stone, wood; more recommended stone, easy to take care of; if you choose wood, choose a fireproof board.

5. Desk and chair


△ Children’s learning desk


If you buy a desk for children to learn and use, it is recommended to choose a professional child to learn desk and chairs, which can freely adjust the height and adapt to different growth stages of different children.

△ finished desk


△ All -in -one desk

As for the ordinary desk, it depends on the choice of space at home.

Buying strategy:

① Buy the finished desk, usually the height is up to 75cm, and the chair is 45cm up and down.

② Choose a customized integrated desk. The height can be customized according to the height.

● Table height = body height*43%+2 ~ 5cm

● Chair height = body height*27%+2 ~ 5cm

6, dressing table

For female owners, the dressing table must be dripped ~

△ Wardrobe Integrated

△ Products dressing table


△ bedside tables integrated

The dressing table can choose to buy finished products or customized integrated design. When designing, note that the dressing table requires a certain storage force.

Design suggestions:

① The dressing table is recommended to choose a drawer style, and the storage power is stronger.


② The storage rack may be placed in the later stage, so there must be a certain depth of the table on the table. It is recommended to be about 45cm and the overall height is designed at 78cm.


③ The dressing table drawer is recommended to choose a honeycomb storage, which is not easy to mess.

If you are a beautiful lady and a lot of cosmetics, you can use the storage space on the wall if necessary ↓↓↓

7. Change shoe stool

Although the shoe stool is inconspicuous, it is also a member of the furniture, and we cannot miss it.


① In terms of material, it is mainly integrated with wood, leather, metal, and porch cabinets; it is good to choose according to the style.


② From the perspective of size, it is highly recommended to be around 45cm.

Storage is crucial for home life. Of course, the cabinet belongs to the big head of furniture! Although there are many kinds of cabinets in space, from the perspective of purchase methods, there are mainly finished cabinets and custom cabinets.

1. finished cabinet


△ porch: turning cabinet

△ living room: TV low cabinet

△ Restaurant: low cabinet

△ bedroom: wardrobe

△ bathroom: Taiwan pot cabinet


△ Balcony: Washing cabinet

The advantages of choosing the finished cabinet are: there are many styles and convenient purchase.

Disadvantages: Low space utilization, and the storage force is relatively not so strong.

In comparison, there is no problem to buy the finished product in TV cabinets, bedside tables, dining cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc. The finished product is not a problem. For wardrobe, porch cabinet, balcony cabinet, it requires more storage power. It is recommended to customize.

2. Custom cabinet


I just said that the storage power of the custom cabinet is strong. Let’s take a look at the cabinet design of each space.

△ porch cabinet

● The depth of the porch cabinet is recommended up to 35-40cm.

● Internal design is recommended. The height of the low-top shoes is between 15-20cm, and the high-top shoes are between 35-40cm.


● Raise 15cm up and down at the bottom, and change the shoe in the shoe.

△ TV cabinet


● If you do not want a finished and TV cabinet, you can choose a custom drawer cabinet with the thickness of the drawer around 20cm.

● Want to make a cabinet on the entire wall, and you can get up and down 30cm.

△ Cabinet


● The depth of the cabinet can be around 40cm.

● Leave the water area in the middle.


△ cabinet

● The depth of the cabinet floor cabinet is up to 60cm, and the depth of the hanging cabinet is up to 30cm.

● The height of the floor cabinet is around 85-90cm, which can be adjusted according to the height.

△ Wardrobe size reference

The wardrobe is up to 55-60cm.

● 2 are recommended for the balcony cabinet, washing cabinets and housekeeping storage cabinets.

● The depth of the washing cabinet is selected according to the washing machine, usually around 60cm.

● The depth of the household affairs storage cabinet is recommended to be up and down 30-45cm, and the vacuum cleaner can be stored.

The furniture of rest is mainly bed.

1. Traditional bed

① Consider cleaning, it is recommended to choose the floor model, or the bottom height is higher than 15cm, otherwise the bottom of the bed is not easy to take care of.

② The size of the bed is selected according to the number of residents and the size of the room. One person lives 1.3-1.5m, and the two live 1.8-2m.


2, platform bed

If you want to upgrade comfortably, you can consider the floor bed.

● It is highly recommended to be 15-20cm.

● Material optional wood.

3. Murphy bed

If you want to squeeze out the guest, you can consider choosing Murphy.

Can be designed in the study, living room and other spaces.

4. Tatami

For small bedrooms, choosing tatami can improve utilization; size reference ↓↓↓


Installing a comfortable home, the face value and practicality are all important. The hard -fledgedness is natural, the icing on the cake of soft outfits, and the comfort of the furniture is indispensable! Do these 3 points, a beautiful and practical home is done!

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