No matter how exquisite the decoration is, a family is inseparable from reasonable storage. Now there are a lot of storage items on the market, and there are not many really practical. We often say that the money is spent on the blade. In order to make the housewife the same as the housewife as me spend the money right, I spent 3 days, from hard installation, soft installation to daily storage. The “artifact” of the home is only a few dollars, which makes our home environment neat and uncomfortable.



The porch is a facade, and everyone must not want to go home from get off work to welcome you with dirty shoes. So how to use the memory space of the shoe cabinet is very important.

1. Rotating shoe rack

The memory of this shoe rack is very powerful, and the shoes can be stored on both sides. The wrong layer of storage method can be used. The space utilization rate is extremely high. Generally, a shoe cabinet with a width of 78 cm and a height of about 1 meter can store 28 ordinary double shoes. Essence The use is also very flexible, and it can rotate 360 ​​° at a glance.

However, this kind of shoe rack must be reserved when the shoe cabinet is designed to be installed.


2, drawer transparent storage box

If the family is “spider essence” and feels that the rotating shoe rack is not very beautiful. You can choose a drawer -type transparent storage box. The premise is to design the aircraft of the compartments when designing the shoe cabinet. Only can the shoe cabinet be stored without waste, neat and beautiful.

3, shoe cabinet support

This kind of shoe cabinet holder, another part is called “shoe cabinet storage artifact”, which can make up for the lack of memory space in the small shoe cabinet. A pair of shoes is proper. This shoe bracket is very suitable for small shoe cabinets and is generally used in Japanese families.


Dining room

4, small cart

If your family likes to eat hot pot, and the dining table is not particularly large, tell it! Your home is suitable for a small cart. Drinks, seasonings, and preparation can be placed on small carts, and the movement is also very light and sensitive.

The function of a small cart is variable. It can be used in the kitchen and used in the living room. It is used for the storage table and other places, which is omnipotent.



The kitchen pot and bowl can be stored in the cabinet. The annoying is some tablespoon, seasonings, and the cabinet of the cabinet is too high, and it is not convenient to put anything.

5, storage rod+S -shaped hook

Use the wall space near the sink. A storage rod with the S -shaped rod on the wall. As long as you have a hole in a hole in your hand, you can store it on the wall. No space.

6, multi -function seasoning storage box


Various seasonings of oil and salt sauce vinegar, a bunch of bottles and cans, it is not so convenient to use it in the cabinet, and it looks particularly messy on the operation table.

In fact, you can start a face -value online and practical seasoning storage box. Not only can you store and store seasonings, some style knives, cutting boards, and chopsticks can be stored together, and it is convenient and convenient to put it near the stove.


And the bottom comes with the water filter basket, which can keep the table dry and tidy. It is convenient and not bad.

7, the storage box with the handle


This kind of storage box has all kinds of cabinets of various sizes. I have started with a few uses in my house. It is more convenient to storage some of the relatively light dry goods ingredients in the hanging cabinet. It is more convenient to take the box down each time. Worried about overturning.


8, telescopic storage rack

I have to boast that this storage rack is a “artifact” that uses the secondary use of the abandoned space. Under the sink of the cabinet, or the inner layer of other cabinets is too high, it can be used to make a second partition and rotate by twisting the telescopic rotation. Installation, nail -free exemption, is very convenient.


9, magnetic knife frame

However, don’t choose the kind of bamboo or wood on the knife rack, which is easy to mold after the water.

The magnetic knife rack is installed on the wall with nail -free punching, and it is installed on the wall near the cut area. It is convenient to use and does not take up space.



In the wardrobe, we all design some folding area, but the scenes presented in the wardrobe are usually like the right side of the picture above, messy! The clothes folded below are not easy to take, and it will be chaotic.

10, storage drawer

The storage drawer is one of the ways I have been recommended by the wardrobe. The layers of drawers are classified and stored in classified underwear, socks, etc., and they are divided into gender storage. They are no longer afraid that pig teammates will not pay attention.


Moreover, how to put the wardrobe is also particular about it, replace it with it, so you don’t have to worry about Zou Ba.

11, air compressed bag

As soon as the season changes, all kinds of quilts, leggings to leggings means that they will be temporarily “retreating”, and the wardrobe at home will become more and more “inflated”; We can storage through the air compressed bag. Don’t look at a bag for a few dollars. After compression, the cabinet can really release a lot of space.



12, nail -free toothbrush stand

Although the picture above is a bit exaggerated, it has to be admitted that there are indeed many things on the table of many family bath cabinets, mouthwash cups, toothbrush toothpaste, facial cleanser, etc.

In fact, we can add a capacity of a nail -free toothbrush to install it in a convenient position. All these small items on the bath counters are put on the wall. Clean and tidy countertop is also easier to clean up.

The home is beautiful because of good things. I will share here today. I hope to solve some of your storage problems. See you next time!