Lipstick is the most obsessed with girls. No matter how much lipstick has you already on your cosmetic table, you always want to include your own bags when you see more beautiful. Number, Dior 999, TF16, Armani 405, Chanel 58, Givenchy 306, Mac’s small peppers are very beautiful big lipsticks. So, in addition to these popular popularity, which big -name lipstick do you know?

1.Chrisetian Louboutin#215

CL is the lipstick of the carrot head that women dream of, Maserati in the lipstick world, and luxurious and beautiful oversized brand. Its appearance is like a scepter, also called the queen’s scepter. This 215 color is a very beautiful smoky rose bean color. The matte texture has a high sense of sense. The moisture can be smooth and not stuck. It is also very good. It is easy to push it open and apply the cup slightly, and the durability is good. This bean paste color is very red -brown in autumn and winter, which is white and white, and the low -key temperament is low -key. The more intriguing it is!


2. Temukura Xiu#MOR01


I usually pay more attention to the little fairy who Takamura Show, and I will find that the lipstick of Shimura Show is more amazing than other big -name lipsticks, and the color is very unique and difficult to replace! This soft mist matte lip glaze is a new color of Zhicunxiu. It has been tested by many beautiful makeup bloggers as soon as it is launched. Feeling, the design of the brush head is great. The color is a very popular jujube mud this year. The color is very saturated. It is less orange than orange -red. It is more reddish brown than tomato.

3. Shiseido#223

Does anyone notice the 233 of this Shiseido Ginza Tube Series? The very authentic reddish brown is red, deep and unforgettable after seeing it. Its cream texture is very moist, and the upper mouth is smooth and not sticky. It will become matte texture after a while, and it does not show lip lines. The color rendering and saturation are excellent, and the durability is also good. The color has a soft and glutinous red bean feeling. The thin coating orange is gentle and sweet, and the thick coating is reddish brown and cold and gorgeous. It is also white!



Everyone should be familiar with Nas’s loose powder, concealer, and repairing pens. In fact, their lipsticks are also good, practical and beautiful. This chestnut color can also be said to be an old net red. The 16 -year Christmas color is very suitable for autumn and winter. Although it is matte texture, it is still more moisturized. The degree and color rendering are good, dipped in the cup slightly, and the durability is great. The color diagram is heavier in color. In fact, it also has some orange tones.


There are many niche big -name lipsticks with good -looking colors and high -level textures, such as CPB311, Daike RD454, Lancome 196, Estee Lauder 333, CT lip glaze, etc., they are not as popular as other six major brands of lipstick, but they are unique His style, such beautiful lipsticks can’t be discovered! Do you want your favorite lipstick?

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