You also have this trouble: the corner of the entrance, there is no time to revenue cupboard umbrellas scattered on the ground; finished home, hand tools aside, next time find particularly troublesome?

It seems there are always some corner of the home position is very sad, not only full of debris often ash, as long as the method to get this corner housed in a small house area instantly doubled!

First, how to use the corner?

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Case ①

Location: Interior entrance # #

Design ingenuity: Corner open grid

As the conversion to go out and go home everyday places, because we are always hectic and tired, too easy to let the porch filled with debris.

In addition to the indomitable spirit of the entrance configuration storage cabinets, might increase one side open grid, to commonly used items divided into many categories, but also you a clean and beautiful porch ~

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Side open grid extending stool changing his shoes, it is a good choice.

This not only saves time opening and closing of doors, you can also sit changing his shoes, every morning eager to go out for a race against a friend took too!

Design ingenuity: Corner narrow shoe

Caught between the door and wall also you do not miss!

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Such a conventional shoe caught inconvenient to do, but you can make do 20cm diagonal style shoe, Low shoes and children’s shoes sideways put no problem.

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Side leaving the position of the suspension of long-handled umbrella, put on top of ornamental plants increased to hand down the door when the key, or just retrieved Express is also very good.

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Case ②

Location: # bedroom closet and hallway corner #

Bedrooms also a lot of odds and ends, wardrobe and dressing table made only storage is not enough!

Why not take advantage of the corner, the increase in open grid side or back of the closet?

Do not underestimate this area 1m² not open the storage grid, put the newly purchased bags, cosmetic bags, Bluetooth speakers, air humidifier …… just right.

Form is also in contrast to the full wall closet, bedroom also enhance the value of the color ~

Case ③

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Location: bedroom bay window # #

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Design ingenuity: corner storage cabinet

There are windows along the wall of the room to create a corner storage cabinet, wall space do not waste!

Corner storage cabinet, bedside cabinets, windows and body, covered with comfortable padded pillow is casual deck.

Sitting on this deck, whether it is playing with flower arrangement on the nightstand, or enjoy a glass case displays, are very exotic.

Case ④

Design ingenuity: one bay window dresser cabinet design

Bay window dresser cabinet extension, in the form of a unified and practical, but also the use of a common position to select a good corner bay window.

Dresser made on the flip together is the desk, more powerful combo.

⑤ Case

Location: Corner # # kitchen cabinets

Design ingenuity: Corner Baskets

With corner cupboard drawer, if want to take a position in the corner cupboard Laocu, no longer have to put out a piece of something else, and then put the piece back.

Baskets have water tray, pots and pans and pot with a clean finish, directly put inside no problem. With the basket, the kitchen becomes a senior ~

Second, how to use the wall?

Case ⑥

Location: Kitchen cabinets # # # # Restaurant dining side cabinet

Design ingenuity: Lara cupboard under the basket, the next turn storage box

Meal side cabinet wants more overall aesthetic design, the use of cabinets and wall cracks “hidden” under a basket Lara is a good choice.

In the above put jars of coffee beans, jams, pull down to spend the time to eat breakfast, very sense of ritual; can not usually rise when, hidden out of the way.

* In the case of the figure, in addition to pulling down the basket, the bottom of the cabinet also designed a flip-down storage box, storage items are well-organized get up, do not rummaging more seasoning.

⑦ Case

Location: # # kitchen wall

Design ingenuity: Wall Shelves

Kitchen window position is often considered very tasteless, can not play does not mean that the cabinet can not be used, in particular, as well as countertop sink, the recommended supplement storage space with racks.

Case ⑧

Design ingenuity: combination of wall cabinets and wall systems, shelf design removable wall system that can make a hundred percent operating space for kitchen countertops, clean and tidy.

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Pendant can also devise intelligent socket, then do not worry both want to cook pancakes, you need to boil water outlet not enough.

By customizing the right corner lockers, rational use of home “nook and cranny”, not only to increase storage space, storage can become coherent.

8个超经典边角收纳案例:照着学,储物空间翻几倍!| 囤!干货

Design ingenuity: Corner open grid

Location: bedroom bay window # #

Location: # # kitchen wall