Hunan Satellite TV’s “I’m a Singer” breakout game has been coming recently. Li Jiawei, Li Ronghao, Chen Jieyi, Gu Juji, Hu Yanbin, Tan Weiwei, Zheng Chunyuan, Xiao Huangqi, and Li Jian appeared on the stage and sang, and the fierce battle was wonderful. In order to seize the only four finals, Li Ronghao, who became popular overnight in the dark horse, brought a song “Little Fang” this time. “The little brother who sent takeaway”, but the hoarse and delicate voice and unique personal style of singing still moved many audiences.

The rolling soil comes from the talent of the bouncing self -singing exhibition

On the night of the competition, Li Ronghao, who came back to the scroll, brought a song that made the audience and host Sun Nan that shouted the unexpected song- “Xiaofang”. This popular love song that was all over the country in 1993. The melody was popular and the lyrics were almost spoken. The original singer Li Chunbo became the hottest singer at that time, but in many people’s hearts, this “Xiao Fang” should be with Li Ronghao was contacted, but he could only use his song title- “Not Clip” to describe it. Therefore, when the host Sun Nan introduced a singer who was good at singing this “Little Fang”, the audience thought it was Hu Yanbin, who was known as the “Music Magic Master” until Li Ronghao from the circular aura behind the stage. Slowly walked out, the audience returned to the exclamation.

Li Ronghao, who sings in front of the white piano, is as melancholy and charming as the prince, and the “Xiao Fang” re -arranged is also unique. The melodious piano and the strong drum sound correspond to each other. The hoarse sound makes the whole song look both retro and popular. The subtle modifications in the melody and rhythm make the song with the power of touching the heart. When I did not forget “, it triggered the chorus of the audience.

The casual style was criticized by Li Ronghao and shouted wrong

Although the response of the performance of the competition is good, Li Ronghao’s retro song selection is still slightly different among the singers. When asked why this “Xiao Fang” was used as a bidding song, Li Ronghao said that he was mainly because he was because he was because he was his own. I love too much when I choose. I also sang this song on the stage of “Everyday Up” last year, but compared to the comparison of the breakthrough match, it is more refined. Taking into account the characteristics of the song itself.

In addition to the amazing selection, Li Ronghao’s style of the night is also quite “willful”. The simple dark gray T -shirt with black casual pants, only a simple silver nameplate necklace, is free and easy in the cleanliness. Essence However, this relaxed and casual shape is very ordinary in front of other singers who attended other dresses. In an interview with reporters, Li Ronghao was also ridiculed by the media as “the little brother who took a takeaway”. Introduction but I have carefully prepared. When asked if the eight strong opponents would be under pressure, Li Ronghao admitted that “I don’t think this is a game of life or death, but everyone played together.” He said that he would use yourself the best Singing in the state, but not putting pressure on yourself.

《我是歌手》自弹自唱求突围随性造型被批李荣浩大呼冤枉  湖南卫视《我是歌手》突围赛近日精彩来袭,李佳薇、李荣浩、陈洁仪、古巨基、胡彦斌、谭维维、郑淳元、萧煌奇、李健依次登台火爆开唱,激烈战况精彩绝伦。为抢占仅剩的四个总决赛名额,以黑马之姿一夜爆红的李荣浩,此次自弹自唱带来了一首《小芳》,虽因轻松随性的造型被媒体评价为“像送外卖的小哥”,但沙哑细腻的嗓音和独具个人风格的演唱依然打动了不少观众,演唱全程掌声不停,超高人气可见一斑。

Under the new interpretation of Li Ronghao, what kind of music charm will the classic love song “Xiao Fang” be rejuvenated? At 22:00 this Friday night, “I am a singer” reveal the answer for you. Mango TV is broadcast on the entire network.