In summer, even if it is a delicate zhuzhu girl, who hasn’t worn denim shorts? That’s the most indispensable cool pants in summer, with T -shirts, shirts, and small shirts, I feel beautiful and cool ~


However, as I grow older, the simple and daily match like T -shirt+jeans has begun to become a past style of wearing. I can rarely watch her match on the streets and alleys. Moms have begun to dislike all kinds of pants.

For example, in the past two years, Bermuda shorts, seeing that it is actually no different from denim shorts, it is slightly longer in length and a little more material.

However, it is the latecomer. He killed a bloody path in all pants categories in the fashion circle and became a TOP1 in the hearts of countless beauty. He did not hesitate to abandon the denim shorts that had witnessed his scallion years, and fell in love with the beauty of Bermuda shorts.


So the question comes, why is Bermud’s short models who are fortunate to be so preferred by Jimei? In fact, we also have to explain from fashion aesthetics and the understanding and expansion of fashionable understanding of fashion, because it must have more advantages than denim shorts, and can mobilize the appetite of the public to love beauty.


Bermuda shorts vs denim shorts ‍‍

If you want to follow the source, both pants are actually very old. But at the moment of fashion aesthetics, in addition to the beauty of Bai Mu, there are many pretty men who like it. It can be worn by men and women.

Denim shorts, here refers to the ultra -short and mini jeans shorts above the thighs. The crowd chooses more feminine.


In addition, the overall style trend that everyone is concerned about, Bermuda shorts are more visually eye -catching in the uniform denim shorts. Xiao Chen analyzes this point. Change the visual effect ~ You all know ~

Secondly, there is a more important point. Bermuda shorts are stronger than denim shorts. Strong in both men and women, strong in girls want to cover their leg meat, how to modify the leg shape, and Bermuda shorts.

We take the figure as an example, everyone will compare. Shen Mengchen’s figure should be the ideal figure in the hearts of the girls, tall and thin. But even if her legs are slender and slender, they can still be unable to perceive, and there is still some distance from the “chopstick leg”.

It may be a bit abstract to understand this. We can look at Han Xinglin Yun’er, denim shorts, (no meaning of slander) Anyway, every time I look at her in the shape of shorts, there is a sense of hardships, because the leg itself (although thin but slightly bent), this is worn. It feels a bit affecting aesthetic.


If you replace it with Bermuda shorts, it will be much better. Because the length of Bermu’s shorts is longer than that of denim shorts, it grows from two to 3 cm of knees, which will avoid the imperfections caused by the short leg itself.


Therefore, in summary girls who are tall but not particularly straight, wearing Bermuda shorts can avoid the short board of your legs, and grow your superior figure proportions.


Seeing Shen Mengchen put on Bermuda shorts and modified details, the state of the whole person seemed refreshing and covered the shortcomings of the figure. Isn’t this just the beauty of the beauty?


Hundreds -scene pants are not friendly to short girls


Maybe I saw the above analysis, and there was a doubt about Jimei. Although Bermuda shorts cover the meat, it is still a disaster for short girls, which is still a disaster, which is quite reduced, showing short legs and short legs.


In fact, Xiao Chen also has a deep understanding of this (after all, Xiao Chen is also really short). But in addition, we also need to understand that in addition to the length of Bermuda shorts 2 to 3 cm, in fact, it also has a version. With fashion cognition and many designers catching the trend, they will also consider the practicality of wearing.

That is, you can choose the most suitable version for you. The current common white curtain pants can be divided into these categories. A -shaped silhouette, slim H silhouette, loose H profile, tight silhouette shape.

But the above lists are not every one for the small man. First of all, like the most classic A -shaped, loose version of Bermuda shorts, it is a disaster for the small man. Xiao Chen suggested that you start with the following two, one is a slim H outline white curtain, and the other is a tight -fitting silhouette.

Why do you recommend this: Because from a visual perspective, at least these two pants can seem to modify the leg shape, and it will not extend the width of the lower body on the loose wide legs, that is, the length of the legs. At the same time, you can also avoid the proportion of five or five points.


Yang Yuying, although the face value and status are very young, but everyone knows that she is not tall ~ When she wears a Bermu tight five -point shorts, I also deliberately found a picture of her different angles, and I would not feel that I would not feel Very low -body height.


Because of the right trouser legs, she just tolerate her leg shape, and she visually adds points.


In fact, in the small man, choosing a tight Bermu shorts can be used with loose T -shirts and shirts in summer. It is no longer five or five points, but there is also the opportunity to modify the proportion of the figure shape, which is still worth trying in the small man.


Bermuda shorts matching

When it comes to the matching of a certain item, it is nothing more than a variety of T -shirts and shirts, that is, the combination of some common items and styles. Bermuda shorts are actually these daily matches. Xiao Chen is tired, you are tired too. Today I want to change my mind to talk about the matching ideas of Bermud’s big shorts.

Idea 1: Start from style

Bermuda shorts first appeared in a neutral style, but in fact it can shape a lot of styles. Our daily match with Bermuda shorts can actually start with our favorite and suitable style.

Minimalist wind


First of all, the minimalist style is the essence of minimalist style lies in simple styles and simple color matching. When Bermuda shorts appear in minimalist wind, what kind of details should we pay attention to?

Taking this white shirt+khamimu Big Short Yantu as an example. Summarize her matching ideas, color matching: The classic simple is basically not wrong. Type: The white shirt has a shoulder -pad design, which shows that the temperament has extra points, especially for petiteness.

Details are most worthy of praise: The clothes are embellished with black belts (I personally recommend that the wine red belt is also very good).

This type of combination is suitable for scenes in and out: out of the street and commuting can be feasible. Simple color matching, basic selection, basic silhouette, regardless of suit suits, or shirts and small shirts are basically versatile daily.



The matching of casual style is casual and unrestrained, and the color matching will be relatively minimalist and more active. But the leisure style is not casually worn, and it also has some details that need to pay attention at all times.

I found two Xiao Chen who thought it was very good, lake blue+denim, dogwood powder+milk white, two colors were playful but not too small and fresh, and the color sense was low.

And the details they can echo them. For example, the dogwood powder+milk white, the color of the T -shirt and the socks is definitely a touch of the eye.

Summary: Bermuda shorts appear to pay attention to leisure wind. One point is the echo between colors, the use of the waist line law on the second point, and the three points are whether to choose a T -shirt and pants models. It is more conducive to improving the practicality of wearing.

Neutral wind


The combination of neutral style Bermu’s pants is nothing more than seemingly not so feminine. It is in the dividing point of men’s and women’s clothing, but it stops too masculine.

From the summary of our daily wear, we must first avoid too feminine elements, including the minimalist of color, and we all choose to refuse.

Idea 2: Attention in details

Looking at the whole, a certain detail and a single item are selected, which does not mean that the whole is good -looking. The important matching principles depends on the details of the details. Of course, the white curtain is the same.


In fact, I have seen the shape sharing of so many Bermuda shorts. I do n’t know if everyone thinks,

Light -colored Bermuda Short model is more suitable for summer cooling

Essence Especially with a variety of items, its fit is also very high, which is more in line with the hot mood in the hot summer.

In addition, when the Bermuda shorts are matched, whether you will choose the jacket to lift the waistline, a belt is very necessary. The same color is embellished with color. Essence


Well, this issue about the wearing and sharing of Bermuda shorts is here. If you have any items you want to see, a certain style of style, welcome to leave a message below. In the next issue, Xiao Chen will continue to write …

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