Underwear is intimate and close -fitting clothing. Consumers generally choose underwear stores or mall counters with reputation and quality assurance for purchases. You can wear it with peace of mind.

The underwear is not good and looks good, and it should be easy to wear


Women with high functional demand for underwear generally choose to buy in professional underwear shops. Women’s bodies are growing with age and attractiveness. Some parts will have drooping and deformation, and a combined underwear can effectively alleviate this. This underwear is very suitable, which can provide strong support for the body and offset the influence of downward gravity. This type of underwear requires professional design, and the size specifications are rich in order to meet the needs of women with subtle differences. Therefore, only professional underwear stores have such a rich category, and related sales staff have professional knowledge to assist customers to choose.


Purchase preference

The young woman with a good figure has a good body, has a good body, and has a small effect of being gravitational. The functional demand for underwear is more casual. When choosing underwear, it pays more attention to color and style. The colorful and stylish categories are more popular. Young women are accustomed to online shopping, online sales products, displayed in photos and videos, with good -looking visual effects and attracting attention to young consumption. Therefore, many young consumers are willing to buy underwear on the Internet.

Generally, women who do not pay much attention to underwear will also choose to buy in traditional supermarkets or Dalian underwear. Generally, the problems that are just needed, do not pay attention to function and style.

Women buy underwear frequency

In terms of purchase frequency, the proportion of buying twice and four or more a year. The physical store operators can analyze the purchase behavior of consumers, and achieve a certain degree of control of the product band and preferential activities of the product. When consumers have the desire to buy, the store has sufficient goods and corresponding marketing activities to promote sales and achieve profitability.