The new Chinese style, a popular style that has emerged in recent years. Suitable for various industries, clothing, beauty, decoration … Today, we must talk about new Chinese decoration styles.

The new Chinese -style popularity is not no trace. It comes from the wind and elegance of Chinese people and the romance of Chinese aesthetics. If you want to design the unique new Chinese style in your mind, in addition to choosing a professional designer, it is best to start with three aspects: color, furniture, and Chinese elements.


Color matching

In terms of color selection, the new Chinese style has abandoned the heavy color of Chinese style, focusing on simplicity, combined with modern decoration style, and the proportion follows background: theme color: embellishment color = 7: 2: 1.

● The background color is the wall, the ground, and the ceiling, which occupies most of the indoor space. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the four colors of white, gray, log, and black. It


△ White+gray+logs


△ White+gray+brown


● The theme color is the color of the furniture, commonly black, brown, and wood color;

● The color selection of color is widely selected, and it can be briefly summarized with four colors of red, yellow, blue, and green;


△ Yellow embellishment

△ Red embellishment

02 furniture selection


In the selection of furniture, first of all, we exclude this expensive and heavy traditional Chinese furniture ↓↓↓

a. Most of the traditional Chinese -style furniture materials are mostly mahogany, elm, etc., which are visually more heavy. The main materials of the new Chinese -style furniture are used for tramps, rubber wood, etc., and modern materials such as metal, marble, and glass are enriched.


b. The new Chinese style should choose the furniture with concise lines and narrow -edge thin legs as much as possible; the curvature can be selected in the style, combined with soft bags to increase comfort.

△ Modern wind sofa+Chinese circle stool and seat


△ Modern wind dining table+Chinese seat

If color and furniture are new Chinese -style “shape”, then element matching is the new Chinese “God”. In the same way as the landscape painting focuses on, the new Chinese design should pay attention to the creation of atmosphere.

03 element matching

“Shu Ying’s horizontal and oblique water is shallow, and the dark fragrance floats the moon and dusk.” I think that there is no more attention than the Chinese people. If you want to create artistic conception, Chinese elements must not be missing.

# #

This design originated from Chinese gardens. The scenery is looming and implicit. The leakage can be a leakage wall or a window.


◇ The leakage wall can effectively enrich the sense of space layer. In fact, there are virtuality, virtuality, and more suitable for large spaces;


◇ The leakage window can also be called a flower window, which is relatively suitable for small spaces, which can reduce the sense of space in the space and make small views.


“Still hug the pipa half -cover”, the implicit beauty of Chinese style is inherited in the new Chinese decoration. The new Chinese -style mid -screen is mostly woody, and it is partitioned.

# # #博

The same Bolu frame with the screen is practical and decorative, displaying some decorations, which can set off the elegant temperament of the owner.

# 字 字 字


Calligraphy and painting are also the representative of Chinese style. Whether it is flower, bird painting, Zen ink painting, or traditional calligraphy and painting, it is appropriate, and it is selected according to personal preferences. The combination of this kind of Chinese painting and modern art can be adopted. The collision of the two design elements can be more artistic.

△ Splashing ink painting

However, decoration should pay attention to blank, whether it is simply decoration or background wall design, it is not recommended to be full.

△ landscape painting



“There is nothing in Jiangnan, and you can talk about a spring.” If you want to create a Chinese -style meaning, you must not have Zen green plants. Bamboo, maple leaves, plums, snow willows, etc. are very adaptable with the new Chinese style.


The highly recommended point of the green plants to be flat with people, which can achieve the best effect of viewing. The specific height is adjusted according to the residents.


There are green plants, of course, porcelain is indispensable, and the two are often matched. The price selection is wide and the style is diverse, I can’t help but want to say: Choose it to choose it

But many people hear the new Chinese style, the first reaction is, expensive! Indeed, the new Chinese furniture mostly use solid wood. It is really expensive to buy good quality, but if the budget is limited, you can choose a minimalist and Chinese style.

Minimalist new Chinese style


In the design of the design, the combination of Chinese elements with soft outfits is created to create a sense of atmosphere, and the new Chinese style can also be easily grasped.

▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ 留


Frankly speaking, pay attention to the selection of flexible Chinese elements to reduce expensive new Chinese furniture choices. For example, Zen green plants, antique landscape paintings, etc. are all new Chinese -style atmosphere elements.

▌ Large area leave white

Leave white is a more prominent point in the new Chinese style. The minimalist new Chinese style must make this to the extreme. The main color can be white, the pair of color gray, and the log color are good, and then decorated with unique decoration.

It is precisely because of the new Chinese -style innovative design, coupled with the collision of Chinese unique and charming beauty and modern design elements that our generation loves it deeply.

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