Many jeans are easy to fade after washing. Before the first cleaning, in order to prevent them from changing color, they were soaked in thick salt water and washed them within more than an hour. If they still have a slight discoloration, soak them with saline before each washing to avoid losing the original color in a short time.

However, most dark jeans fade. What should I pay attention to when I wash it to prevent fading?

First of all, the jeans must be protected by some basic colors before washing, otherwise they will be washed into white soon.


The first:

Pour white vinegar in the water for the first time

When you buy it for the first time, pour some white vinegar into the water (or the concentration of salt is the saturation when the salt particles are no longer melted). At the same time, flip the pants over for about half an hour to lock the color. Because dark pants will fade a little, and white vinegar (salt) can keep the blue as much as possible.

The second type:


Turn over

When washing, you must remember to wash it in, which can effectively reduce the back color. If jeans are not greasy and not dirty, try to reduce the amount of detergent (neutral) (as much as possible, do not use detergent, alkaline detergent can easily fade jeans), and even wash with water.

Third type:

Don’t soak your pants in hot water, please don’t soak your pants in hot water. It will be largely reduced. Generally speaking, the water temperature is about 30 degrees. If conditions permit, do not use the washing machine to wash jeans, which will damage the wrinkles of the pants. If you touch the primary pants, the natural whiteness of the pants will become unnatural. Don’t iron, keep natural.

Fourth type:

Get up from the waist and turn it over to dry

Get up from the waist, turn it over to dry, hang in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sunlight, which can easily cause severe oxidation and fade.

Four situations that need attention to cleaning jeans

Pay attention:

Never soak jeans in hot water. Some people may soak jeans in hot water when cleaning jeans, but this will cause jeans to shrink. Generally speaking, we should control the water temperature to about 30 degrees. If conditions permit, please do not clean jeans with a washing machine, which may damage the wrinkles of jeans.

Note 2:

In order to keep the jeans strong, do not add soft or other bleaching agents when cleaning jeans. After the jeans are dry, you don’t need to iron, and then dry it naturally.

Note 3:

If we need to dehydrate with jeans, we should turn them over to dewater. Remember not to spend too long, just one minute.

Note 4:

If you buy second -hand jeans, you should wear more. If we clean them, we cannot use ordinary laundry powder, which will erode the color of jeans. Add a spoonful of coarse salt to the water, soak for a day, and then clean it. This will not only remove the oil on the jeans, but also fade the jeans.

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