As a popular way of healthy sports at the moment, yoga is loved by people, especially female friends are more willing to take the initiative to understand and learn. Although everyone practiced yoga different purposes: some people are to enhance the flexibility of the body, some people are to lose weight, and some people are to cultivate their own body … No matter what everyone’s original intention is, in the process of practice, they have I found my own gain. In long -term yoga exercises, some female friends are always puzzled by a problem, that is, whether yoga needs to wear special sports underwear.

As a fitness coach, I often ask some questions about some questions. Several students today ask me if I need to wear professional sports underwear when practicing yoga? Is it okay to wear your own clothes? For this issue, we all know that you need to wear suitable clothes on the right occasion. Prevent the effect of drooping chest.

Although some people think that the less clothing wearing when practicing yoga, so that the body can get better stretching; Meet certain requirements.

1. Choose steel -free underwear

The existence of steel ring underwear is to better fix and support the chest shape, but during the yoga movement, the coach does not recommend wearing steel ring underwear. First of all, the steel ring underwear is more restrained by the breasts around the breast, no ductility, and cannot change with the change of posture during exercise. If female friends continue to wear steel ring underwear while performing yoga, they will hinder local blood circulation in the breast, and they will also stuck some breast glands, but instead of health and disadvantages. Like Sanfu’s yoga bra, it is a steel -free design. The ductility and elasticity of the lower circumference will not be restrained during exercise and give the breast healthy care.

2. Choose good supporting sports underwear


Ordinary underwear can combat the impact of gravity, and it has certain support in static, which can help us maintain a good chest shape. But when such underwear is put in exercise, it seems vulnerable. Although yoga sports are not more intense exercise such as bodybuilding and fast running, its exercise intensity, physical extensibility and action amplitude are relatively large, and it is by no means supportable for ordinary underwear. Therefore, when practicing yoga, female friends must choose a sufficient supporting sports underwear to protect our breasts and chest shapes from damage. The intensity and elastic nylon ammonia blending fabrics, the elastic upgrade of the two can effectively buffer the impact of motion. In addition, the design of the whole cup is also very helpful for the stability of the breast, and the wrapped breast shape is also very beautiful.


3. Choose underwear with good skin -friendly breathability

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, more and more clothing fabrics have been developed. The emergence of each new fabric has its unique advantages, such as moisture -proof, fire prevention, cold protection, etc. So what basic functions do we need to wear in sports underwear wearing yoga exercises? Generally speaking, skin -friendly, hygroscopic, and breathable are the basic functions that yoga sports underwear should have. During the exercise, clothing and skin friction, coupled with the effects of sweat stains and skin secretions, are prone to skin problems. Therefore, choosing low -sensitive and soft skin -friendly fabrics can effectively avoid skin damage. In addition, during the movement, the human body’s metabolism accelerated, the amount of sweating increased, and a large amount of sweat gathered in a short time. If the clothing cannot be absorbed in time, it is prone to eczema to the skin of the skin that is infiltrated for a long time to damage the skin’s health. Professional sports underwear materials are made of soft cotton cotton with strong hygroscopic and breathability, which can quickly absorb sweat absorption and moisture, and effectively protect the health of the chest skin.

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Suitable underwear can help us with less effort when practicing yoga, and can also promote female breast health. Therefore, everyone must choose cautiously for sports underwear.