What clothes do friends usually wear at home? Is it the same as when you wear it outside?

I prefer how comfortable to wear at home. I do n’t go out anyway. I do n’t need to say hello to others. I do n’t need to take care of the image. Sometimes I wear old school uniforms. Anyway The suit collar is stretched with a face.

The protagonists in the Disney Princess Series usually wear them very formally. Like Queen Aisha, it is a dress -like dress. So what do they prefer to wear in private? In fact, in the “Invincible Destruction King 2”, which was officially launched by Disney, showed us their wearing at home. Mulan was dressed like a student, and the words on Aisha’s chest were very eye -catching.

Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Mulan

Looking at these girls at home, they are all very casual. Princess Tiana is wearing a green suit, her upper body is a short -sleeved T -shirt, and she is still drinking coffee. Princess Anna is a small vest outside the black T -shirt inside, wearing a pair of hot pants underneath, and still eating snacks there. The small mouth looks bulging.

Mulan’s dressing feels a bit like a student, very sporty. I also liked to wear it during the student days. Don’t say, although the school uniforms are not very good -looking, but it is quite comfortable to wear. The clothes looked not school uniforms, and the Chinese style elements were sufficient, but it was very suitable for her.


Elyer and Baojianti


Little Mermaid Elier and Bao Jiakangti look like a daily feeling. A short -sleeved T -shirt and a long -sleeved T -shirt feels very interesting. I don’t know if Elier itself is a mermaid. Will you put a large fish tank or something at home?


Symapaida, Princess White Snow, Princess Lepei

Cinderella Xiandu Ruila’s posture looks so comfortable. Lying on a large pillow, it is very relaxed and casual. It can be imagined that the clothes she wore should also be very comfortable, otherwise there is no way to relax.

Princess Bai Xue’s dress is quite different from the shape in her original animation, and it is actually an alternative style. It is actually an apple looking like a skeleton.


Princess Lepe itself is a girl who does not like to go out. This long hair is a bit difficult to take care of. The clothes I wear on it feels nothing. This pants are a bit like pajamas.

Princess Moana, Queen Aisha

Princess Moana itself is from tropical regions, and she is super cool at home.

Queen Aisha’s hairstyle and hair volume should be extremely enviable. The words on her body are very dazzling and unforgettable. They write “Just Let It Go”, which is in line with her theme song.

The screenshots above are all from the official Disney movie “Invincible Destruction King 2”. The girl in the middle is the protagonist of this anime. Yunni, a large number of Disney princesses gathered in this work. I went to Disney’s daily home costumes, very cute, I recommend friends to take a look.