Baby sleeping problem is a big problem, because the baby sleeps well, my mother can sleep well. So many mothers give the baby to choose a sleeping bag, improve the quality of sleep, then how to choose your baby sleeping bag?

According to age selection

1, newborn

1, newborns can choose a letter-sealed sleeping bag, the envelope sleeping bag is like a letter seal, which is equivalent to a small quilt. Pull the zipper is a sleeping bag, turning it into a small quilt.


2, wrapped sleeping bags are also suitable for newborns, newborns lack security, like to be bound, wrap the child’s arm to help sleep, and when the child is awake, you can put it out, it is easy to use.


No legs sleeping bags for 6 months within daily wear, and within 1 year old baby sleep. If you don’t break your sleeping bag, you can sleep when you don’t walk independently, and you will not be able to wear warm during 6 months. If you don’t break your sleeping bag, you can be divided into sleeveless and sleeve, some will also wear a hat, suitable for use.

3, after 1 year old

Fitting the legs sleeping bags for children over 1 year old, after the child starts crawling, it is easy to do in the day, and the baby is not limited, and the baby over one year old does not have to say it, and must buy the legs.


4 or 3 years old

The type of sleeping bag in the formula sleeping bag is generally relatively large, so it is more suitable for children around 3 years old. Instead of it is a sleeping bag, it is more like a closed quilt.

5, full age stage

The lower part of the vest open sleeping bag is open, no shortage of children short, so it can be used very much, extending the time of use.

According to the season selection

Summer in the air-conditioned room, choose gauze sleeping bags, insulation and breathable, and sleeping bags in summer purchase of two gauze are enough. Choose thin cotton sleeping bag or four gauze sleeping bags in the spring and autumn, winter can choose a thick cotton sleeping bag.


If the temperature is particularly low in the winter, it is possible to add a thin layer of thin layer outside the sleeping bag.

Selection according to material

Experts recommend that it is best to use cotton sleeping bags so that breathable is better. And there will be no stimulation and allergies for your baby’s skin. The most popular is a cotton clothes type sleeping bag. Sleeping bags with a cotton pad will create a sense of binding to the baby, preferably with a thin warm sleeping bag.

Don’t forget this when you buy a sleeping bag! Smell the smell of sleeping bags, if you feel pungent, there is a strange (including fragrance), it is recommended to give up your purchase, even if you send you, you don’t use it. This type of sleeping bag is not in printing and dyeing is that the filler has problems.

Selection according to the workmanship and design

1. In addition to watching the baby’s sleeping bag, it is best to touch it in addition to the logo of the sleeping bag. Feel the texture of the sleeping bag, thin, softness. Pay special attention to some small parts design, such as whether the two heads of the zipper are protected, to ensure that the baby’s skin will not be scratched. Whether the buckles and decorations on the sleeping bag are firm, whether there is wired head in the inner layer of the sleeping bag.

2, the baby sleeps in the sleeping bag, pay more attention to safety, don’t let the child’s head in the sleeping bag. So when choosing a sleeping bag, you must not have a big sleeping bag, avoid your child’s head to the sleeping bag.

I have to tell my mother a small detail, if the baby loves to turn, I suggest that my mother chooses the sleeping bag for the zipper design, the warmth is better than the button, the button is easy to walk, the baby is moving, the button will be earned. (图 图 网)

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