Double twelve, Rongma has brought some discounts from the usual cooperation store. Use it, it is a bit cheaper. Not much to say, go directly to the coupon.


Because different brands in the article are different e -commerce companies, involving Tmall and In order to avoid making mistakes, I will attach to the store or buy links. Everyone can copy it in the browser and paste and jump.

Everyone pays attention to the validity period of the coupon. On the day of Double Twelve, basically all the coupons are 1 ID that can only be received. If you want to buy more, you can only change the ID ~


1. Jingdong Sestecage Children’s Flagship Store


In Double Eleven, I cooperated with Sikecic. This American children’s movement comfortable and casual brand was also very sincere, and the discount was also great.


1. Platform coupon first: 300-30, 600-60, 900-90

2. Store coupons: 300-30 500-50 700-70 (useable platform coupon)


3. Rongma fan exclusive dark coupons: full 500-100 (find customer service reporting the code)

4. Twenty -disc -clothing and 3 pieces of clothing in the whole store, a single piece of a single piece of a single piece of 10 % off the area in the first 1 hour

Friendly reminder: Double 12 0-1 o’clock product price is the best! Don’t miss it!

JD’s activities have always been complicated. Before buying things, take all the coupons, and then start buying it ~


This coupon is worth mentioning by Rongma specially applied for a special application. It is 500-100 yuan of dark coupons. This page cannot be led.

I personally think that the most cost-effective thing is to buy 600 yuan, so that the platform coupon can be reduced by 60, superimposed and the Rongma 500-100 dark coupons, which is to minus 160 yuan. The price of Sikecci’s shoes is also adjusted a lot. The original price of 300 or four hundred shoes is generally more than one hundred to two hundred. Buying three doubles can reduce 160, which is only 150 yuan for a pair of shoes. Don’t be too cost -effective.

Sikecci’s design style is the playful style of American -style, sports and selling cute. For example, for example, Skeckey’s famous classic panda shoes.

There are 4 colors in total, pink is very beautiful, a bit like dad shoes, especially suitable for the small public to put out the concave shape, the original price is 369, the double twelve is 269, 0 points, and another 30 yuan, which is 239. The 20 yuan coupon is the focus of the store. If you only buy this pair, the shop can also reduce 20 yuan, and the price is 219. But if you buy a pair of more, more than 300 yuan, you can use the store to overlay 300-30 of the Jingdong platform coupon with 300-30, and the price may be less than 200.

Another example is the three -dimensional head of animals, with a total of three colors, which are basically the most beautiful in the eyes of the entire street. The exaggerated animal head will envy other children. The original price was 399, the double twelve was 269, and the previous hour was 30 yuan, which was 239. Buy a single double and ask for a 20 yuan to follow the coupon. If you buy two pairs, like the above, the platform coupon superimposed store coupons can be reduced by 60. If you buy the three doubles, you can use Rongma’s dark coupon to superimposed the platform coupon by 160.

In addition, winter boots are also currently available products. It contains velvet. There are three colors. The beige gray is also very good -looking. It is well matched with clothes. Anti -foolpiece, the soft and light EVA outsole with a sweet ribbon decoration, it is completely okay to wear snow in winter, and the maximum number of this shoe is 37 yards. Adults can also wear parent -child shoes with children.

The price of this shoe double twelve is 259, the previous hour was reduced by 40, and it was 219. The part of the coupon is still the same. A single and double can only minimize the shop’s 20 yuan follower coupon. When you buy two pairs of 300, you can use the discount of store coupons+platform coupons. Buy three double coupons 100 yuan+platform 600-60. You can use it. Subtracting 160 yuan, the average pair of shoes is only 165 yuan.

In addition, there are children’s clothing in the store, 2 pieces of 20 % discount, and a single part of the first one hour to a 10 % discount area. The down jacket is also very cost -effective. Shoes heel children’s clothing can also be used with coupons together, especially pants. Two pieces are the money to buy one. It is easy to get 600 yuan to minus 160.

Copy the link below and open it in the browser. You can enter the store and report to the customer service. “


Rongma fan

“Receive 500-100 Rongma fans to enjoy the discount coupon ~

2. Jingdong Moon Star Flagship Store

I will not say much about this moon star event in Jingdong ~ Yuexing’s shoes. Everyone may be more familiar than me. Those who need to buy coupons can be directly on the same way. I won’t have any shoes for any shoes before the New Year.


On the 10th to 12th, the platform activities are 10 % off 300

2. Overlay 70 % off vouchers exclusive to Rongma fans, all store products can be used


Click to read the original text at the end of the article, or find the Jingdong customer service report.


The 70 % discount on the 40 % off of 300 yuan, which is basically 40 % off, which is almost the same as that of our usual group discounts.

For example, this pair of Japanese award -making shoes, I went up and looked at it. This year’s three colors of red and blue rice and white code are still very complete. The other colors are serious. The price of 379 yuan is 10 % off and then 50 % off is only 230 yuan, which is about one price of a pair of Chinese system.

Yuexing’s shoes have always been good reputation, 0 bad reviews, no matter what kind of feet, fat and thin can be compatible, and the comfort and exercise performance are very good. Do not miss it if you need it.

Copy the link below and open it in the mobile browser to open it to get the ticket:


Or find a customer service report “

“Large 70 % off, the link to enter the store is:

3. Jingdong Kuangwei Children’s Shoes Flagship Store

I said in an article in the shoes before. I said that I was Converse. Basically, Li Darong and Li Yiyi had Converse every spring and autumn.


Since the one -year -old step, there is a Japanese version of Converse’s scholarship and concave shape. Until now, Converse is also a good -shaped shoes. So the Converse flagship store is so strong that I am excited to tell you.

1. 1) 10 % off the commodity in the area before the twelve 12 hours, 2 pieces of 2 pieces of products in the area after 1 hour

2. Folding platform vouchers at 300 to 10 % off.

3. Rongma fans exclusive dark coupons: over 500 minus 50, over 900-90 (reporting coupons to customer service)


The above three discounted discounts are equivalent to the actual 500 minus 250, a 50 % discount, the discount is very strong, I can’t help but my little paw.


The most cost-effective purchase of Double Twelve 0-1 points, you must join the shopping cart in advance!

I like this pair of dinosaur printed canvas. I like it very much. The color is not dirty. It is still a magic post. Don’t worry about the kindergarten teacher not letting you wear it, you can wear it in spring. Here is a reminder that Converse’s good children’s shoes are all shoelaces. If there are children who have kindergartens in the family and they will not have their own shoelaces, they must buy magic stickers, otherwise the daily utilization rate will be very low ~

Points! Converse’s 70 % off products, or 10 % off at 300, are some products, not universal in the whole store. Be sure to pay attention to the watermark on the picture when adding a shopping cart. For example, the pair of small dinosaur -color canvas high -top gangs above, it read on it with a 40 % discount of 229 yuan in the previous hour.


This shows that it can be used for 10 % off 300, but it is not a 50 % discount.


For example, these two pairs of magic stickers, the left is straight+90 % off, and the right is 50 % off+90 % off. There are differences. Just look at the watermark of the picture.

Another example is this down jacket, as shown in the green frame, a 50 % discount on the previous hour, and there is a red circle with a 90 % discount (such as the basket) beside it (as shown in the basket) that it can be superimposed with a 50 % discount on top. Actually, it is 40 % off, the most cost -effective.

Another good news to pay attention to is that the 90 % off coupons and store coupons are parallel. Regardless of the price, they are calculated by the price before the price. The coupons over 500-50 can be used as long as the price is enough for 500, regardless of how much money is after discount. Including the same as if it is 300 % off. Look at the price of the double twelve twelve, you can hit the 10 % off at 300, you don’t need to calculate the discount.


For example, the price of this down jacket is 549, which is already 500, and you can directly minus 50 with a dark coupon, which means that after 70 % off and 10 % off, 329 can be reduced by 50, no need to make 500 yuan with other products … This is this … This … This is 500 yuan … This is … This … This is 500 yuan … This is 500 yuan … This is 500 yuan … This is 500 yuan … This is … For strength, if this face value, if it wasn’t for Li Darong’s clothes, I would like to come.

Converse’s clothes, shoes, and girls can wear them. This is where I like it. If my brother is not broken, the sister can wear it.

I found a few models that can be folded and 10 % off (actually 40 % off). It is estimated that the price of the hand is the price of 40 % off, so you need to get 300 to have this price.

Converse’s pants are very easy to wear. Last year, I bought a piece of velvet for Double Eleven. The velvet is not very thick. It can just add autumn pants to facilitate putting and taking off in the kindergarten. The picture below is a real shot.

Too thick pants, but it is not suitable for the temperature of the kindergarten room, and the autumn pants are hot.

After wearing it for a year, the knee was not worn out of the hole, and the quality was quite good. It is expected to leave it to my sister. One or two hundred bids are 300 to get 10 % enough. Picking up the price of double shoes can be reduced by 50.

Two clothes are also picked up, including Converse and accessories such as socks, hats, and schoolbags. It is easy to make up 500. Rongma, this 500-50 dark coupon is common in the store, even if it is not participating in the event, it can be reduced by 50 as long as 500.

The cheap price is inevitable that the number is not very complete. The clearance is more expensive. There are a lot of strength and a lot of money, but you need to choose carefully and take time.

All the coupons of can only be used once, as well as one ID, as well as other shops. The above are also used only once. If you buy a lot at once, the price is more than 900 yuan, you can also contact customer service for a store coupon with 900-90.

Such a festive down jacket like the New Year, the face value and Fan’er are online, the price is 600 or 800+, and the pair of shoes or pants will be 900 casual. Essence Knowing that there is not much demand, I will mention it, just find customer service if you need it.

Copy the link below and open it in the mobile browser. You can enter the store and find the customer service to report the secret code “

“You can get the coupon ~

4. Tmall MagicPanda flagship store


The following is a Tmall ~ MagicPanda flagship store I cooperated for the first time. It mainly focuses on shoes and clothes of the Mikihouse brand.

The fifth main picture of each product has a picture of authentic authorization. There are also authorized books at the end of the details of the details. The quality can be assured.


The main reason to push it exciting is that you can pick up. The difference between this shop and Mikihouse flagship store is that it is a “shop that loses money”, because the price is too cheap, I don’t think it is true …


For example, this pair of Mikihouse’s Japanese -based shoes.

Copy the purchase link in the browser and open:


The price of this shoe is 269, 10 % of the 0-1 point is 242, and the store has a coupon of 200-20. The price is 222 yuan. If you are buying something else 300 yuan, you can also use Tmall’s allowance, which is cheaper.

Notice! The cheapest price is between the 0-1 of the dual twelve, and the 10 % discount can be played. After one point, the price is 249.

If it is only a low price, it is actually nothing. After all, Mikihouse has many Chinese foundry or auxiliary cards to do activities. The point that makes me tempted is that this shoe is made in Japan! Not in China! It’s not a sub -brand!


As we all know, Mikihouse is controlled, especially in Japan. It is very rare that Double Eleven can float to 300 pieces.

Rongma fan

Rongma fan


However, this shoe is not awarded shoes. Although it looks like, it is different. Because I haven’t seen this model in Mikihouse’s flagship store, so for the sake of insurance, I asked the person in charge of the flagship store of Mikihouse Jingdong I have collaborated before. of.

Therefore, this shoe is indeed there, but the models of different shops are different. At present, the Mikihouse flagship store has not yet been on. It is a relatively new model.

It is not uncommon to be so low in Japan. The three models that are pushed in this time are losing money. It is to promote this shop, let more Baoma know, trust it, and become its permanent customers! Therefore, it is not necessary to sell fake goods, not only losing money, but also to die, so this time I really picked up the money ~

However, to say, Japanese handmade shoes are produced by craftsmen with decades of handmade shoes. After half a century, the complicated process processes are produced only for half a century. If there is a gum or an unevenness of the sole, you will tell you that this is normal when you go to the customer service. These will not affect normal wear.

Then there is this snow boots, which is also the main card of Mikihouse, but the Chinese foundry’s Ha ~ Original price 969, the price of Double Twelve is the same as the learning shoes above. Essence Similar shoes on the official flagship store of Mikihouse are only a second -card cards and 200+.

Copy the purchase link in the browser and open:

The shoe is all in the imitation wool, which is relatively warm. There is no problem with the three provinces of the cold Northeast.

In addition, this Mikihouse’s HB classic positive and negative coat is also very cheap. The price of the hand in the first hour before the twelve twelve is only 279 yuan, and it is 319 after 1 o’clock, so the previous hour is the most cost -effective.

This Tmall’s flagship store is available, Tmall International’s direct -operated stores are also available, and online purchasing prices can also be understood. It is not the lowest and lowest low to the dust.

In short, it is also possible to buy new clothes and new shoes for children to buy it for the New Year.


5. Tm TTJ flagship store


The preferential policy of TiptoeyJoey flagship store is quite interesting. This time it is a blind box game. The nature is a bit similar to the blessing bag. You can only pick a size and men and women. You ca n’t pick the style. They are randomly issued.

The children’s 299 pair, 399 pairs of Zhongda children, cannot pick the color, but can pick a variety.


There are four types above. When shooting, pay attention to whether it is boys or girls’ shoes, like sports models. There are girls and boys, don’t make a mistake.

This gameplay is actually a heartbeat. You don’t know what shoes will receive, but TTJ, a handmade leather shoes in Brazil, uses super soft head layer organic cowhide. Organic skin uses natural substances extracted from mimetic trees. There is no chemical treatment. No toxins will be produced during the process. Naturally, it does not contain any chemical heavy metal residues, retaining the original state of the skin.

Therefore, the handicraft of TTJ mainly reflects not sewing, but on the processing of the leather. When you get it, you can feel that it is really soft and tough. The most important thing is that its face value has always been online, don’t worry about shoes that are not beautiful when they receive it.


I roughly read the comments, and everyone was basically satisfied after receiving it.

The comments are basically surprising, so the blind box of TTJ is still very real. The models are also sold in the store, not shoes such as the bottom of the box ~

Compared with the children’s shoes bought in the store, the basics are basically more than 400.

Many of the big children’s models are five hundred. Therefore, this blind box is actually a disguised price reduction. If you want to give your child a pair of cowhide shoes, you may wish to consider TTJ’s magic box.

The above are the discount information that can be used on the day of Double Twelve. Many of them are the most cost-effective 0-1 o’clock, so I rush to send on the 11th in advance. I also want everyone to go to the store first. Just quickly pay, and the night dream of the province missed more.

Finally, Taobao’s double twelve red envelope link will be given to you →

Copy this link in the browser to open, and you can receive a red envelope. Although the collar red envelopes in the past two years have issued a variety of coupons, but what if you get a large red envelope? Anyway, it is just my hands, and I do n’t want money. Today I may be able to use it at night.

Pay attention to the WeChat public account [Rongrong Mom Raising Children], more childcare essays and ultra -low -cost group buying are waiting for you. See how an ordinary second -born mother cried, smiled, and had the older child, the most grounded parenting and dry goods to ensure that it was different from ordinary glamorous goods.

Copy the purchase link in the browser and open:

Copy the purchase link in the browser and open: