The painful expression was full of face.

The first job is to organize the collected tape. Sometimes because the tape is years old, or the environment during the recording is not very good, often a small paragraph of text must be repeatedly listened to it 10 times to get it. Thinking of the past, I wrapped a bed quilt on a deep night, turned off the lights, and listened to it. Now because of work, the thirty or forty plates are turned over all day, thinking one by one. This day lasted for two or three months.

However, the memories of that day were very sweet. Sometimes my colleagues felt that the work was tired, and they opened it. “Beautiful things should not be exclusively!”

So everyone crushed around, smiled slyly, someone reached out and pulled the headset plug, and I was happy to take the opportunity to rest. Then, a room was flowing with Chai Jing’s voice, and all the noises slowly quietly, or stopped or sideways or tilted their heads … but the expression on the face was the same: gentle, peaceful and intoxicated.

I think there may be a sound in this world that can surpass time and space, let us feel soft and quiet at a quiet moment! That day, what I put on the “helplessness” strap of Niu Da Ke “helplessness” straps that day Essence

After many days, I would like to hear my colleagues sang softly from time to time from time to time. “How do you tell me that the beautiful commitment is a lie, and the smile you give me has passed away …”

The book finally met with you, and it is considered a long -lasting wish for listeners and themselves around the world. From this, we may be able to see our once gorgeous and painful youth.

Yan Wenjuan