Speaking of Meng Jia, I wonder if everyone knows her? She is a female singer in Mainland China and an actor and host. She was originally a member of the female group who made her debut in South Korea. She entered the Korean entertainment company JYP as early as 2007. She is active in the circle as a trainee. After several years of trainee life, Meng Jiajiu has rich stage experience, and is active as a member of Zhejiang Satellite TV “more beautiful” variety show in Zhejiang Satellite TV. Really walk into the entertainment industry. Later, Meng Jia followed the group to be active on various stage, and won many awards. In addition, she has also embarked on the road of actors. So far, she has appeared in many film and television dramas. Approve.


Since the contract with South Korea JYP Entertainment in 2016, the contract expired, Meng Jia has gradually turned its focus to Mainland China. Although the development speed has been slightly slow in recent years; And add X-Sister. Now Meng Jia has developed well in the circle, especially to join the X-SISTER combination to get more popularity in the circle; now people have more attention to Meng Jia, and many netizens have also found that Meng Jia not only has business capabilities not only business capabilities Excellent, all kinds of fashion clothing are more praised.

Meng Jia challenged the 14 -story princess cake skirt, and the gradient color was sweet and smart, like falling into a dream fairyland. Recently, Meng Jia has shot a fashion blockbuster and shared the beautiful photos of private server on social networks. This set of look is very beautiful, challenging the 14 -story princess cake skirt, and the gradient color shows the dynamic temperament. The skirt style is not complicated. The tube top design outlines the beautiful curve. The gradient color effect is sweet and smart. The purple -blue gray and green gradient color tone shows the sweet and smart temperament.

Meng Jia was bold in dressing and the bravery of all kinds of clothing items. This time, wearing a set of black Look appeared in the photo, it burst into super fashionable charm, showing a strong aura. I saw her wearing a stitching skirt look. The shoulder collar and sleeve were spliced ​​with a vertical veil hollow fabric. , Show a pair of long legs, straight and superior to the eye.


Pink items are not uncommon, especially in women’s Look, it is a must -have element that many girls like, but this time Meng Jia challenged bright pink items, which is not easy to control for ordinary people. This pink The T -shirt is beautiful and eye -catching, and the cartoon printing is full of childishness. If it has not had a “cold white skin”, it will be easy to turn over when you put on it? Below is paired with pale blue jeans. The five -point pants style is more legs. The overall look is beautiful and stubborn, which is really attractive.

Meng Jia has a strong sense of fashion and has a unique charm of all kinds of look. This time, wearing a pale purple T -shirt to appear in the photo, embellishment with white stripes, and white tight -fitting long sleeves, forming a short and long stacked effect, paired with black casual trousers, with black casual trousers. Stepping on sports shoes, the overall look is quite eye -catching. Do you like Meng Jia’s fashion style?