I believe that many mothers have such troubles. These domestic milk powder is a relatively hot brand on the market. Moms do not know which one should choose. Today, I will compare it for everyone.

Milk source

Junle Baohong flag’s milk source comes from Hebei, Xingfei Fan milk source comes from Heilongjiang, Zhenhu milk source comes from 45 degrees north latitude in China, and the source of the stars is from France. Although the milk sources in Heilongjiang and other places are also good, compared with the well -known golden milk sources in the Netherlands, France and other places, there are still gaps. The performance of the flag milk sources is average, and Hebei is a developed area of ​​heavy industry.

In terms of raw materials, the red flag and the stars are produced directly at the stage of fresh milk. The freshness is relatively good. Both Zhenhu and Xing Feifan are produced with fresh milk. It has declined, and at the same time increases the chance of pollution of milk powder.

In addition, it should be noted that Zhenhu, Red Banner and Xing Feifan have added water -free cream in the 1st paragraph. Milk fat is added from Pai Xing 1 section. They are extracted from cow milk. If the amount is sufficient, it can also reduce the chance of constipation, but for newborn babies, milk fat and water -free cream are relatively not so absorbed.

It is worth noting that after the 3rd section of Pai Xing, the glucose has been added after the 3rd section, and the fragrance is added in the 4th paragraph. A dairy product of about%to 40%, high sugar content) Mother who minds can pay attention.

Nutrition formula

The basic formulas of the four milk powder can meet the normal growth and development of the baby. I wo n’t say much here. Let ’s take a look at the six conventional enhanced recipes and characteristic enhanced formulas.

In the six conventional reinforcement formulas, Zhenhu, Xingfei Fan, and Red Banner Milk Powder 1-3 are relatively complete. Paidi 3 and Zhenxuan 4 stages lack nucleotide. Acid; in terms of DHA added quantities, Zhenhu, Xingfei Fan, and Red Banner have only 1 segment, and Pai Xing 1 section and 2 sections meet the standards, and the rest are lower than the market average. For details, refer to the figure below.

In terms of special enhancement formula, Xingfei Fan adds OPO structure fat, tentinoproteine ​​phosphate, lutein, and the banner adds OPO structure fat, milk iron protein, probiotic components, lutein, and the star adds OPO structure fat, and the stars have added OPO structure fats, and the stars have added OPO structure fat, Natural milk fat, α-milk protein, and treasures are added the most, including OPO structure fat, α-milk protein, probiotic, probe yonic combination, MFGM milk globial film, milk source saliva.

Regarding the nutritional formula of milk powder, the principle that milk powder is always adhered to is to pay attention to it. A milk powder pays attention to the balance of overall nutrition. What is the content? How much can a baby absorb? Milk powder is not a deaver. The addition of nutritional elements does not have much effect on the overall nutrition of the baby. Especially after the age of one year, daily diet is the most critical.

In terms of price -refer to the price of the International Mommy APP


The price of the Xingfei sail at each stage is 270-320/700g, the price of the cherished stages is 280-320/900g, the price of each stage at each stage is about 330/800g, and the price of each stage of the flag is about 250/900g.


It can be seen from the above that these four milk powder has its own advantages and disadvantages. No milk powder is perfect. Overall comparison, milk powder courier feels that the cost -effectiveness of the Junle Bao Red Banner is higher. It is also good to add, that is, the milk source is slightly worse.