During the two days of surfing these two days, I was given a photo to the beauty–

Excellent right -angle shoulders, perfect nine -headed ratio


Isn’t this the body that girls dream?

Only the deviation of our aesthetic existence may be the skin color problem. In our past aesthetics, all

“One white cover hundreds of ugliness”

This has also caused most girls to try their best to whiten. I want to ask:


Isn’t it beautiful and elegant if it is not white?

Of course not, Ms. Ad Akech is a good example. With the Black Barbie, she is confident and beautiful at any time, making people unable to look away from her.

(Can this leg line really have it?)

Even if it is a supermodel, if you want to create this sense of atmosphere, you need to double your hard work and practice. How can ordinary people be lazy? Intersection

Before that, the grains told you that the most elegant and feminine items in winter are dresses, but maybe everyone will still step on the mine when choosing a style and buy a style that is not suitable for you.

So I want to share today

What kind of skirts should I choose for the little cute people who should choose for different figures

, Today is also very

Welfare day

, Must see the last ~

Before looking for ourselves, we must prepare a tape measure

Measure your own measurement

I don’t know how to measure the little cuteness according to the position marked below, and then I can do it myself, and then myself

Write down the data

, Let’s use it below.



Pear -shaped figure


Why put the pear shape in the first one, one is because of this figure

Most of the Asians

The second is that most of us are office workers now.


Develop into pear -shaped figure the day after tomorrow


So little cute, exercise fitness is really important!

If you are a pear -shaped figure, you should be able to see that the biggest feature on your body is


PP is big, thighs are thick

And most of them are width, what is this time

Tights and hip skirts dare not wear at all

In fact, the pear shape should be

The best suitable for wearing skirts

Because of the pants, the skirt can cover the wide and thick legs. If the calf is thin, you can choose a short skirt to expose. If the calf is thick, the long skirt is OK.

It is just right to choose a length to the middle of the thigh, and then with a pair of boots,

The thinnest part of the knee is exposed

The pear shape can also be hidden instantly.


Rectangular body

This body is also called a flat figure, most of them

Supermodels are typical

The rectangular body, because the skeleton looks good, although there are no lines, it can be well lined with the clothes version.

“Walking Holding”

In fact, I like this kind of figure very much, basically there is no thunder area, just pay attention to the wearing process


Focus on emphasizing curves and layered sense

It is perfect to highlight the femininity.


For example, I like Qiao Xin very much. She is a typical rectangular figure. Simple clothes and pants will feel too flat, but as long as you pay attention to the layering between the clothes, you will have a qualitative leap.

(It’s important to wear it!)

Girls with rectangular figures can not pay attention when choosing a dress, but

The waistline must have

And the higher the better, it is already thin enough. You have to create a sense of visibility below the waist.


Apple -shaped figure

This body is actually more common in life. The older female or the baby who has giving birth to a baby will be more likely to have abdominal fat accumulation.

But fortunately, the legs are still slender, so just pay attention

Hide your own shortcomings and zoom in your body

It is also easy to become a sexy beauty.

The choice of top must be

concise! concise! No matter how simple!

Especially don’t wear too tight clothes, it is possible to make several layers of swimming rings.

We must focus on the eyes below. At a glance, the upper body is direct

From 120 pounds to 90 pounds.

Because the leg lines are still slender, we want to show it.

It is recommended that everyone is more recommended for everyone

Choose a style with a strong sense of design

In terms of color or tailoring, you can try boldly to play a role in diverting attention.

If it is a small fairy who wants to try this set,

Add a belt to highlight the waistline and the proportion will be more beautiful


Hourglass shape

This figure should be the strongest curve, and it is also a kind of sexy and feminine.

In my impression,

Hourglass -type women are very suitable for wearing cheongsam

, Show the charming and elegance of oriental women to the fullest.

There are not many restrictions on the style, and the personal model will better highlight your good curve, so you must try to try.

This slim sweater dress feels that I wrote the name of the hourglass shape. Is it just tailoring? I ca n’t think of it and other things that can be controlled.


The waist is slightly tightened,

Let the overall protruding backward

It is also very practical as a base, and it will not look bloated with down jackets and coats outside.


Inverted triangle figure

This figure is what we say in our mouths

“It looks strong”

Obviously, it is very light when the weight is, but how to wear clothes and how to wear clothes is because the shoulders are wide, so they are full of whatever they wear.

In fact, it is also better to solve it, because you only need to weaken the upper body, like some light -colored clothes, complex styles,


Such as bubble sleeves, or high -necked clothes

Just stay away.

In order to attract sight, the lower body can choose a skirt or pants of the hem, such as

Umbrella skirts, or wide -leg pants, lantern pants and the like



If you want to wear it inward, you can try this set

Basic base+A -line long skirt

, Just as the figure is reverse, use it

【Upper narrow and lower width】

The rules of wear to modify the body shape.

This is the difference from the apple shape that the inverted triangle can wear tight clothes, because the skeleton is large but not the meat.

Tight -fitting will not appear swollen


If you want to wear skirts, this kind of windbreaker umbrella skirt is particularly suitable for inverted triangle figure.

The upper body is almost not decorated, and the waistline is also high enough.

Below the waist is completely dispersed


, Make up for the shortcomings of the upper body.

If you want to wear a coat outside, remember

Don’t choose the shoulder pads

, Choose the shoulder model is more suitable for your body.

Ordinary people’s figure and appearance may be very different from the stars, but this does not prevent us from finding our own style and charm.


If the facial features are not perfect, we will make up and repair it. If the figure is not perfect, we will improve it by wearing

, Everyone really doesn’t have to be unconfident for a little imperfect, and does not hope for life.


Today is a long time of the granules. About

[How to choose a skirt with different girls]

The topic of the topic, I just use some items to give examples. The specific little cute people can give up to enrich their knowledge of knowledge.