Under the cultivation of the soil of Shanghai Fashion Week, the entire fashion industry in the fashion capital of Shanghai is booming, which has also caused the emerging rise of the city in Shanghai to occupy the highland of the Asian fashion industry. OntimeShow is based on the west bank of Xuhui Bin, gathering fashion design forces, and continuously encouraging new design, creating new brands, and cultivating new kinetic energy. In the process of jointly creating “Asia’s largest order”, the tenth season has also ushered in unknowingly.

Looking back at five years, from the earliest 1,000 square meters to today

25,000 square meters

; From the earliest 48 brands, to today’s more than

400 brands

; From the earliest hundreds of people, to last year

12085 people


ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

↑ Ontimeshow SS2019

This speed was not dared to imagine before doing onTimeShow. How can there be so many designer brands in China to participate in the exhibition? However, after creating OntimeShow, not only found that China has high -quality designer brands, but also has an increasingly broad retail market. It is willing to pay for the designer brand for “continuously upgraded” -from the analysis of audience data analysis over the years, the mainstream population has already been From the gradual development of the first and second -tier cities to the third and fourth -tier cities -in turn, this has further attracted the overseas designer brands and buyers to settle in. Today, the proportion of overseas and Chinese brands in OveradationShow is about 4: 6.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

↑ AW2019 brand area distribution

↑ AW2019 brand category distribution

At the same time, the rise of new brands should not be smaller. In the 10th season, OntimeShow has expanded again on the basis of last year’s 318 brands. It will fully open the six major exhibition halls. At present, the main store A Hall has exceeded 350 brands.

In Hall B1, OntimeShow has selected a lot of domestic pioneer designer brands, such as Nicole ZHANG, KKTP, W.RONG, The Owner, FAKE NATOO, Angel Chen, Percy Lau, Vega Zaishi Wang, Annakiki, ETHOR, ZHANG YUHANG YUHAO, ReinEren Wait. Gathering many creative pioneers, naturally collided with bright sparks. In addition to the traditional booth presentation, Fake Natoo and Ye’SByyesir will host dynamic and static exhibitions in the courtyard of Hall B area. The three -dimensional presentation forms to make the buyers, media and professional audiences in depth contact works.

Hall B2 is HCH Showroom, the largest buyer store in China, Hch Showroom, which brings a series of high -level brands with business and art to buyers across the country.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

At the same time, OntimeShow has always been open -minded, actively introduce competitive international brands, and further improve its comprehensive level in order to integrate with the international market.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

This time, TRANO ï, the largest 20 -year history and the largest Paris Fashion Trade Fashion Fashion Fashion Exhibition, has also been reached in depth with the London Fashion Association BFC. In Hall B3, you will be able to see the designer brand that is selling well in the British market -the brand of the same name Roksanda founded by British female designer Roksanda Ilincic, because of a series of gorgeous modern dinner skirts, it is widely received by Princess Kate and the United States. The first lady Michelle is sought after; Peter Pilotto, who graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy, worked for the Vivienne Westwood brand and won the Swarovski Best Newcomer Award as early as 2009. For the first time, the Finnish Pavilion, which takes the country as a unit to enter OntimeShow, will also bring 6 excellent Finnish designer works to make everyone appreciate the original taste of the Nordic style.

↑ Tranoi Paris

Qiu Hao, a designer who has won the Woolmark Global Global Award, is now constantly precipitating and converging. The state of mind seems to be overwhelming. On the fifth anniversary of this OntimeShow, he rounded Hall C as the one -week Showroom of the Qiuhao brand 2019 autumn and winter series. At the same time, he also moved out of many previous works, “self -introduction” for the public, and focused on showing the design of Luxury materials such as fur and leather. It is hoped that more people will understand the differences between Qiu Hao and Qiuhao.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

Every year, the scale of OntimeShow has repeatedly expanded, and the number of brands has continued to double. The growth of the fashion exhibition is inseparable from the brand’s big and stronger. Wang Changrong, who had worked with Ban Xiaoxue and Ma Kai in the exception brand, came out and founded the same name brand W.RONG. In the autumn and winter 2017, the first work was placed on OntimeShow. Because of the first time of exploring sports fashion style, the first time was applauded, most buyers have not yet broken through the original market style. However, after four quarters, it continued to consolidate the brand image. The autumn and winter 2018 increased by 130%. The spring and summer of 2019 doubled. Nearly 60 buyer store channels have been expanded in 50 regions across the country, with annual sales of 50 million. This year, the brand’s independent store will be officially launched.

↑ W.RONG SS2019

Not only the mainstream clothing category, the accessories category is also showing potential. Participating in the 4th session of the women’s shoes brand Dymonlatry and the three sessions of glasses brand The Owner are similar. Hand shop channels, annual sales climb to tens of millions.

↑ Dymonlatry SS2019

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

↑ The Owner SS2019

Many new friends are ushered in, but you must not forget old friends. Women’s design brand GeorgetteQ has participated in the fledgling OntimeShow since October 2015, and has participated in 7 seasons along the way. Today, it has also settled in more than 30 buyer store channels across the country, with annual sales of more than 18 million.

↑ Georgetteq SS2019

In addition to becoming the “cradle” of the designer brand, OntimeShow has also jumped out of the original rules and regulations in addition to the role of the industrial chain. In response to the development and changes of the Chinese designer brand in the past five years, the white paper has been released for the first time. For the first time, the market size and future prospects of the designer brand have been sorted out. It will also be officially released during the exhibition. If you have comments, you are welcome to shoot bricks. After all, a slap will not be shot, and the industry needs more voices to make a hundred claims. OntimeShow is willing to do the first one with bricks.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

For many friends in the industry, there are not only six major exhibition halls for you to visit. We are sorry to occupy more valuable time for you. OntimeShow will also hold a professional forum with the theme of “Globalization, the Future of Digitalization” in the main hall this season. Ye Li, CEO CAROLINE RUSH, Paris Senior Public Public Relations Ritual Projects founder Robin Meason, Paris Fashion Trade Fair Tranoï CEO David Hadida, Monura general manager Xing Yun, HCH Showroom founder Hu Chunhui, and cooperative media platform Iziretail founder Huo Hong and other fields of various fields came to the scene.

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

With the overall trend of consumption upgrades in China’s retail market, the economic proportion of the tertiary industries such as cultural and creativity has continued to increase, and the cultural expression of China is becoming more confident. Although the global macro environment is cold and frost, the Chinese designer brand is ushered in a wave of Yangchun. This increasingly abundant market needs to work together to create success on OntimeShow and exhibitors.

● Special author, Wang Xiaoyao

● Hall A / B3 exhibition time ➝

3.28 ~ 3.31 / 10am ~ 6pm

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

● 3.28 VIP Day

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

● Hall B1 / B2 / C, Hall / D exhibition time ➝ 3.28 ~ 4.2 / 10am ~ 6pm

ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

● Address 市 No. 2555, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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ONTIMESHOW | 五年,2千品牌5万人流,突飞猛进的中国时尚设计

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