In the summer, if you want to wear youthful vitality, the strap pants cannot be selected less. In addition to being born with the magic of age, its loose abdominal design can not only cover the meat but also move the movement conveniently. The love of more girls.

1. Retro cotton strap pants, a piece of strap pants that can be inclusive, a straight tube design, free and handsome. The cotton cloth with a good texture is solid for a long time, and the thickness is moderate. There are two pockets in front and back. It has a cute square pocket, which increases interest. The strip strip is put together with a little playfulness.

Meizi is familiar with 2016 new retro cotton strap pants summer literary and artistic Japanese loose solid color casual pants female

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2. Casual drawing rope waist strap pants, jumpsuit has a benefit, and it shows high after putting on, covering a certain aspect of the body. The hip shape and leg shape are hidden without a trace, which can be beautiful and playful when wearing it. The strap is fixed with the button of the button, which is full of innocence. There may be a few brooches on the shoulder strap. The waist is the pants legs that can be waist and seven -point length.

Golden Daban 510/Mario/Korean version of loose casual drawing rope, waist strap pants female 2016 summer dress new

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3. Janewen arts and blue loose back trousers, loose tailoring, easy to wear and not picky figure, nine -point pants design, roll the trousers legs slightly, expose slender calves, playful but not sexy, middle waist pants and loose loose The design, modifying the waist, charming double pocket design, the red set process on the Tibetan blue, with personality in the contrasting color.

Lu Sheng | Mario Xia Xingye Minimal Art Collection Blue Loose Back Tibetan Pants Female Nurgee Pants KF0097

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4. Denim Haron strap pants, light and light denim fabrics, suitable for summer, wearing unrestrained sense, big plugs on both sides, scrape stitching of the foot mouth, casual casualness, fine shoulder straps can be adjusted, and the body is not too much on the figure. For more restrictions, the side seam is buckled with a zipper design, practical and beautiful, versatile and very fashionable.

Syrian K4108/Misty corner/literary denim Haron strap pants female loose, simple casual jeans


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5. The strap drawers conjoined cropped pants, the knitted house pattern on the front placket, the workmanship is very detailed, the roof is buckled, it looks very fun and interesting to the contrasting color design. Taste the waist drawing design in detail. You can tie it to show the version of your slender waist and wide leg pants.

Monkey Family Pants Spring and Summer 2016 New Belt Pants Pants Specifications Specified Pants Summer Belt wide -leg pants female

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6. Seven -point camisole pants, like this kind of small texture fabric, light and soft, elegant and cool, loose version, collar and waistline, all folds, timely, exquisite, intimate, intimate, intimate, intimate, intimately Make cotton lining, do not have to worry about glowing or stuffy, not picking up, hidden blue with a faint literary temperament.

Glip/Tap Lang/Art Retro Loose Various Skin Tibetan Tibetan Pants Female 2016 New Summer New Summer


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7. Retro water mills make old -fashioned backbelt jeans. The thin denim fabrics will not feel sultry in summer. The handsome work pants type is wild and practiced. Pocket, can be placed with small things and hands, and you can wear it with a T -shirt at will.

Mustard | Summer new product | Mori retro water grinding old adjustable backbite jeans roll -edged workpiece trousers female pants


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8. The versatile can be adjusted with cotton and linen comfortable leggings. Naturally -quality racket fabric is a natural atmosphere. It can adjust the strap design to adapt to more figures. Free freedom is filled with casual freedom, and it is a must -have for the details of the artistic Japanese girls.

百 闲 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 哈 哈 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 漞 k0009

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9. Military green wide -leg back pants, handsome work style, loose strap design also have a little yellow man, cute and cute, a very foreign green design, the strap pants itself is the single -age -full single single single Product, directly with T and small white shoes is very foreign. One can make you fashionable and full. Traveling on the street is definitely the most eye -catching one.

Korean military green wide -leg strap pants female cropped pants loose Student jumpsuit thin casual pants thin trousers

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10. Yinglun good version of loose back pants, loose, large BF feel, black is good and cool, but white is also super clean, and the white strap pants are refreshing in summer, red The color is very positive, and the vitality is one percent. Although it is a strap pants, the material will not be hot, very breathable, suitable for three seasons of spring, summer, autumn.

Homemade 4-19 British good version loose back pants women’s trousers student casual pants Korean new 2016 summer


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11. Loose cotton and linen nine -point strap pants, literary gray, low -key and not dull, is a small loose basic model. The surplus on the upper body is unrestrained. The adjustable strap has a strong practicality. The minimalist solid color system has small square pockets on both sides, which is convenient for use.

Fusheng Summer New Literature and Art Fan Loose Cotton Nine -point Back Tibetan Back Tibetan Pants Simple and Thin Leisure Pants Children


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12. Loose backband wide -leg pants, light and soft cotton cloth texture, without the heavy restraint of denim cloth, the pants have made irregularly grinding design, with the small personality of the patterned girl, the decoration of the single -breasted buckle at the placket, and the placket with a single deduction. , Make the overall more beautiful and gentle, adjustable shoulder straps, very user -friendly. Girls can roll out the appearance of eight -nine -nine -nine -point pants, youthful and vibrant.


Xiaoyu Liangpin College Wind Fresh and Loose Back Belt wide -leg pants Liech pants female summer trousers nine -point pants

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13. Big pocket without buckle rope high waist pants, drawing rope strap pants and different t -tied rope shoulder straps, hit a beautiful knot, full of three -dimensional sense, a big pocket in front, the stitching of the back straps is slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly pocket. There is a small cut, which is very similar to two small ears, ultra -Q, two pocket design, which brings a sense of layering to the pants of the light. The nine -point pants are long, and the rolling pants feet are very capable.

Monkey home Japanese women’s pants casual back pants big pockets without buckle rope high waist pants female summer cropped pants

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14. Printing casual strap jumping jumpsuit, shoulder strap -type collarless design, revealing good -looking neck and collarbone lines, more charming temperament, there is a loose design behind it, considerate of various bust of girl paper test, no need to need Worried that wearing it will fall down, the design of the wide -leg, the left and right size asymmetry, adding the taste of fashion streets.


Sjia original 2016 new European and American fashion casual strap jumping jeans female thin seven -point jacket tide

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15. All -cotton workers’ jackets, the straight version of the straight body, the loose and loose appearance, the upper body looks very small, the contrasting strap design is different, and the elastic adjustable shoulder strap is also comfortable comfortable. High, the four metal buttons of the front chest are lit vision, and it is also very thin. The English letters under the left chest embroidery, the details reflect the quality.

Deer and birds Japanese original letters print all cotton workers clothes pants leggings 791#

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This summer, there are many changes in the silhouette, so that the strap pants can not only wear neutral beauty characteristics, but also play a playful and lovely new charm, let you transform the heroine of life.